Hebrews 10:19-39

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In this portion My Spirit is speaking through My servant to My people who happen to be in very trying circumstances.  And they are encouraged to persevere and to remain faithful even when they are tempted to give up and to turn back to those ways which are a mere shadow of the reality that I have given to them through My Son.  To some extent, though the circumstances may differ, this is also the experience of every true believer. There are times when you and all those who are truly Mine are severely tested, and they are tempted to give up and to turn back, to say in their hearts, it is too much, the price is too great, and you would prefer to embrace what the world offers as comfort and release.  But I want you to see from this portion what I have declared is a sure foundation upon which you may depend, and by which you may persevere.  In all of these there is one firm declaration about Me.  That is indeed the sure foundation that you can depend upon in order to persevere, and that foundation is that I am faithful.  I am who I have revealed Myself to be.  I will do what I have promised to do.  And if you will depend upon this, you will most assuredly persevere, no matter how severe your trial may be.  This is expressed first of all in that I have made a way for you to enter into My holy presence.  This is no longer manifested in an earthly tent or temple.  But that holy presence is represented in My Son, and He has become both a sacrifice and High Priest so that you may be cleansed from sin and be sustained by faith in that new life which you have been given in Him.  My faithfulness is also expressed in that you are not alone.  You have been placed in a body of those who also have entered into My Holy presence through My Son.  And you see from the words here how important it is to gather together with those who share the life of My Son.  And do you not see that the emphasis here in the gathering is not placed upon worship, although that is very important, nor upon instruction, but upon mutual encouragement and love.  For you see that I also choose to manifest My faithfulness not only to you, but in you and through you to others.  And so you will not only receive the manifestation of My faithfulness through your brothers and sisters, but also you will be enabled to express it to them.  And you can see also as they struggle with the trials that they are reminded what grace and faith they were given in the past, both to stand firm in the face of great trial and to stand with and encourage others who are being tried.  I want you to recognize how important it is to remember and to recall how I have enabled you to stand firm in past trials.  This too is a very important manifestation of My faithfulness.  See that My servant declares that I am the true and righteous judge who will vindicate My righteousness.  And see that godly fear is altogether necessary in order to stand firm, to persevere.  It is also necessary to exercise godly fear, for in such you not only recognize the necessity of trusting My judgment to deal with those who oppose Me and defy My ways, but also that godly fear will be a safeguard against the temptation of your hearts to stray.  Though it declares that I have no delight in those who shrink back, I want you also to recognize that I truly delight in those who persevere in faith.  And you see in what is revealed here that there is a sure foundation to persevere, but will you choose to do so?  Will you depend upon My faithfulness and all that flows from it, or will you choose to shrink back?  The choice is always yours, but I have shown you the sufficient foundation by which you may make that choice in which I delight and by which your own souls are preserved. 


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