I Peter 5

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My servant Peter declares that he has written this letter to exhort and testify to the true grace of God and to encourage the believers to stand firm in it.  I want you to see from his words how that everyone in the body whether he is an elder or overseer, or younger person, whether he has the role of authority, or whether that person has no special label, that everyone, every single member is called to stand firm in My grace. That in doing so each is called to recognize the degree to which he is to depend upon and be responsible to fellow believers in the body.  In this way the elders who are the leaders are called to serve the members of the body like a shepherd that is called to care for the sheep.  And as such they are warned not to serve for personal gain and not to lord it over those to whom they are called to shepherd, but rather to set an example that they may follow.  You can recognize from what you have experienced and what you are now experiencing how very important it is for leaders to have the right motive of heart in their serving.  For if there is greed, selfish ambition, and imposition of the will of the leaders upon those whom they have been called to care for, then there will be no true shepherding, no genuine care of My flock.  And the orientation of the leader will actually be towards himself, towards what he can gain, towards the concern for self advancement rather than towards the genuine care from the heart for those whom I have called him to shepherd.  But you see that also the others who are to be cared for are called to have a submissive attitude towards those who have been called to lead them.  Not only are they called to be properly related to leaders, but to one another.  And in this respect they are not to strive, but to humble themselves under My mighty hand so that I might exalt them, instead of their trying to exalt themselves.  And you see that My servant writes that exaltation comes not only when the person humbles himself, but also when he trusts My timing for him to be lifted up.  As this is practically worked out there are two very important steps that need to be taken.  The first is that all care, all anxiety, all that comes to distress the soul must be cast upon Me.  One cannot truly walk in humility if he depends upon the arm of flesh, whether his own or that of someone else, to work out his cares and difficulties.  And secondly that he must be aware of the intentions of the devil and of his efforts to devour.  But with that awareness, he is also to recognize the authority given to him through faith to resist the evil one and to know that in whatever suffering he may experience in such a conflict I have given the sure promise that in the midst of it I will impart to those who truly look to Me sufficient grace to perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish the one who trusts in Me.  Now can you not see how inter-dependent I intend My people to be upon one another?  And if indeed each bears in his heart the proper attitude towards Me and towards one another, then each shall indeed bless those who are his fellow members in the body.  And by standing firm in My true grace, you will also manifest My love towards one another and possess My peace no matter what may be the circumstances.  I know that this is not something worked out without struggle, for here is mentioned the possibilities of pride, self interest, abuse of authority, unsubmissiveness, and with it all the efforts of the enemy to overcome the believers.  But for those who truly choose to stand firm in My grace there is given, not only the desire to overcome all of these possible obstacles, but there is also given the joy of fulfilling that which My grace enables you to do.  Will you in your hearts prize what My grace alone can bring about?  If so, then more and more you will know the joy of seeing it fulfilled in your life.  

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