II Chronicles 20

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You might be quick to judge and criticize Jehoshaphat for his inconsistency, for in this portion you see him acting with great faith and utter dependence upon Me in the face of a great crisis.  And you see that his faith is based upon his turning to Me and seeking My Word, for he confesses that he and his people do not know what to do in the face of the threat of the great army that is coming against them.  Nevertheless he declares “Our eyes are upon You.”  And you see how his faith influences all of the people and how it is rewarded with an amazing victory.  But are you not amazed that after all of this and after the rebuke of My servant the prophet for his aligning himself with wicked Ahab that he once again enters into a venture with his wicked son Ahaziah?  You see how that as I judged his alliance with Ahab with disaster and defeat, I also judged his alliance with Ahaziah.  But I want you to notice a great difference in the conduct of Jehoshaphat, for as in the face of the threat of the army coming against him he turned to Me, sought My help, humbled himself before Me, received and obeyed My Word, yet in the case of his alliance with Ahab he disregarded My Word even though he requested it.  And in the case of his alliance with Ahaziah, he did not even seek My Word or enquire of Me.  Now I challenged you not to be so quick and ready to criticize Jehoshaphat, for have you not with more revelation, with greater manifestation of My grace, even with the witness of My Spirit within you on occasion have been as inconsistent as Jehoshaphat?  Have you not in times of distress sought Me, received My Word, humbled yourself before Me, obeyed what I have said, and received the blessing?  Have you not at other times chosen your own way even though My Word has declared that you are not to lean upon your own understanding but to trust Me with all your heart and acknowledge Me in all your ways?  And have you not in such times of disregarding My Word not experienced even the full measure of the consequences of that disobedience only because My mercy is greater than all of your sin?  But recall that My Word declares that these things were written for your instruction so that you may be warned and corrected from going your own way.  And you see clearly that your potential for doing this is no less than that of Jehoshaphat.  So let his life and My dealings with him be both a warning for you to avoid your own way and an encouragement for you ever to seek My way.  Just as surely as you see the consequences of both choices in the life of Jehoshaphat, so shall you be warned and kept more and more from the inconsistency represented in him, and also encouraged towards the faith, submission, and obedience also represented in him.   

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