II Timothy 2

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I have been emphasizing to you the importance of knowing Me more intimately than you have ever known Me.  As I have forewarned you about the difficult days that are coming it will not be merely knowing ahead of time about what will happen and making preparations of a material nature, and even of determining by your own resolution to endure and stand fast, that will enable you to do so in these fast approaching days of difficulty.  As I have told you before, preparation cannot wait until those times are upon you.  But as I have admonished you again and again as you draw closer to Me now, as knowing Me and having true and deep fellowship with Me continually, will not only bless you in these days, but it is this that will enable you to stand fast when the floods of great trial are upon you.  For if you are truly finding your reality, your comfort and consolation, your peace, your delight, your deepest satisfaction in Me, then when all else around you is being shaken and the forces of darkness are coming against you, you will not be clinging to what is being shaken.  You will not be seeking your comfort and your security in outward things.  As you see these things being swept away, it will be My nearness; the strong and immoveable confidence that you have in Me that will enable you to experience that I am your true reality.  And you will not be moved or overcome by the collapse and disintegration of all that others who do not know Me depend upon.  Instead of seeking some earthly place of shelter, of succor, of security, you will not need to seek, for you will find all that and more in Me.  And as My servant Paul portrayed here the character, the values and the behavior of those who cling to this world, by knowing Me, your lives will manifest that which is far different, that which reflects who I am and the nature of My Kingdom.  It will be your most glorious portion and testimony to declare as did My servant Paul, “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”


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