Isaiah 15,16

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They never thought that it could happen.  The people of Moab and their leaders felt secure in their wealth, in their pride and so they took security in those things which they had made and those customs which they had practiced.  They worshipped idols, false gods, and the representation of demons.  They heaped up earthly treasures.  They sought influence and power and they scorned My people and on occasion attacked them.  They paid little attention to the words of My prophet.  And here you see their judgment, their end is foretold.  But you may ask, “Father why this word to us today, for it happened long ago?”  And shall I not ask you as you think of this question: “Do you think that it cannot happen again?”  Do you think that My judgment cannot come swiftly and unexpectantly even as it did upon Moab?   Does Moab only represent that ancient nation whose judgment you see described here in the words that I gave to My prophet?  Does Moab not represent the spirit of pride, of idolatry, of rebellion against Me, of enmity towards My people, of the willingness to receive the benefits without recognizing and submitting to Me as their source?  I would ask you, can you recognize in the spirit of Moab something other than that which existed long ago?  Is there today that same spirit which shows complete pride, idolatry and enmity towards My people?  Would you think that many would say, including those bound by that same spirit, that it is working today, even in ever increasing measure?  And if so, would I not set a day and a time for judgment that will come suddenly, unexpectantly, in full measure of devastation that will leave those who have embraced the spirit of Moab as desolate and overwhelmed?  And if you should find it difficult to believe this, what does that mean?  Do you believe that I have changed My standard of measurement so that what Moab and other ungodly nations received in judgment would not then fall on those who manifest that same spirit today?  And would you not, by doubting the sureness and the suddenness with which I will judge as indicating that you have come to believe that I have changed and My standard for righteousness and judgment have changed?  Would you judge that I would not do again to those who manifest the spirit of Moab today what I did in former days and ancient times?  Take consideration of these things when you observe the arrogance, the idolatry and the enmity against My people of those nations who today like Moab of old would say, “Who is to call us into question and judge us?  Who indeed is able to compare with our wealth, with our might?”  Shall not their judgment come as suddenly, as unexpectantly, as completely as awesomely as did that of Moab?  

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