Isaiah 46:12-47

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From the human standpoint, from the observations of man, it would seem that everything is in turmoil that the foundations of the whole earth are shaking.  And even those who profess to know Me wonder and cry out, “Where are You?  Don’t You care?  Don’t You see?  Are You not concerned?”  Was it not so among My people in the day spoken of in this portion by My servant Isaiah?  Is it not so that My people, those whom I have called and chosen by My sovereign hand and for My sovereign purpose, are nevertheless stubborn minded and far from righteousness.  Do they not call upon My name?  But is there yet in their hearts a desire to truly yield to Me, to listen and to obey and consider how over and over they are plagued by their enemies?  Consider how arrogant, how proud, how determined those are who seek to destroy My people.  And with what, with what do My people face this threat: with religion, with tradition, with self-righteousness!  If they really would listen, if they really would take heed to My Word, would it continue so?  Would they not come and sit in the dust and cast aside their self-righteousness and their dependence upon the arm of flesh?  But you see in this picture of My judgment upon their enemies that though My people were themselves worthy of judgment, yet because I had set my love upon them, out of that judgment would not come utter destruction, but as it declares here, salvation and the extension of My glory. But for those who have been captured by the spirit of Babylon, for it is not dead, there is no turning away.  They have become altogether drunk, fully enticed, completely given over to that spirit.  And even as I dealt with Babylon of old when it seemed that she was invincible, impregnable, finding security in her sorceries and imbued with a determined hatred for all that is truly of Me, for all that even to a limited degree reflected that they are Mine, so will I deal with the same spirit in it’s modern form.   As suddenly as that judgment came to arrogant, implacable and wicked Babylon, so will it be visited as suddenly and as thoroughly upon those  imbued with that same spirit today.  So do not be despairing concerning the tumult that disturbs, for it presages that sure judgment that you see in this portion and that you will surely see.  I do not ask, I do not require that you rejoice in the judgment.  But I give you these words to encourage you to look beyond the turmoil, beyond the judgment, and then rejoice in that which it will accomplish.  

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