James 2

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Did not My Son declare that the greatest commandments are to love Me with the whole heart and to love one’s neighbor as he loves himself?  Did He not declare that the law and the prophets are summed up in these two commandments?  But you see that My servant James declares here that the fulfillment of these great commandments is not a matter of mere profession.  It is not enough to declare and acknowledge with the lips that you love Me with the whole heart and that you love your neighbors as yourself.  For you see in this portion how My servant James demonstrates that when you show favor to the rich man and show disfavor to the poor man, that conduct denies both.  I say both that you love Me with your whole heart, and that you love your neighbor as yourself.  And he shows further that such a profession is empty when you disregard the need of the one who is without adequate clothing or food.  Indeed this too is a breaking of the commandment.  This too is sin.  And such failure was not uncommon, even among those who as it says here held faith in My Son.  For if it were not a common failure and a common misconception of what true faith really is there would have been no need for My servant to write these things.  But because it was more than a rare occurrence My Spirit prompted him to address this matter.  And because it remains even until today all too common a failure among those who profess the name of My Son, and because you too have fallen short in this matter, I have brought you again to this portion not only to remind you, but to draw you into that which faith really not only requires but produces.  And have you not wondered why My Spirit prompted My servant James to hold up Abraham and Rahab as examples of those who truly manifested by what they did that they possessed a genuine faith.  For neither one was instructed as you have been and as so many of My servants and My people have been through My Word.  For what did they have that so prompted them to manifest such genuine faith in such extra ordinary circumstances?  Was it not that in each case I simply revealed Myself to Abraham and to Rahab, though the ways in which they experienced that revelation were different.  Yet Abraham heard My voice and believed My Word and acted upon that contrary to all that his background would have confirmed, and even contrary to what his heart might have chosen apart from My revelation.  But could he not, according to man’s ways and reason, have reasoned himself into a different course of action that was contrary to what I told him.  And you know that it is in the record that in the case of the birth of Ishmael he did this very thing.  But it becomes evident that this was contrary to My revelation and contrary to the way of genuine faith.  And is it not remarkable that having been immersed in a life of pagan idolatry and immorality, that nevertheless in ways not recorded in My Word, Rahab came to believe that I am the true God and that Israel was My chosen people.  And that faith, without any more instruction than the mere observation of what I was doing in and through My people, prompted her to believe and to stake her very life and the lives of her family upon that private and hidden revelation that was working in her heart.  And so you see that genuine faith, as My servant James declares here, is born out of revelation that is strong enough to produce the kind of faith that manifests itself in extraordinary works.  So what can you say would be an excuse for falling short of manifesting your faith in the ways that are presented here; ways which demonstrate that you truly love your neighbor as yourself?  And you can be sure that over and over again your profession of faith will be tested and proven out by opportunities and challenges that will come your way.  And as it was with Abraham and Rahab those opportunities may call you to defy the very circumstances that you face by believing and acting upon My Word in such a way that calls you to go against those very circumstances.


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