John 18-19:6

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If you were to look upon these events in which My Son was being judged before the Roman governor, accused by the chief Priests and the other Jewish officials, rejected by the crowds, and you would consider it from the perspective that His disciples considered it, would you not be overcome with disappointment and the sense that all of your hopes and expectations were being destroyed?  Would you not even wonder how it could be possible that I would allow My Son to be treated in this way?  Would it not seem perplexing to you that He who had spoken such wonderful words and had performed such powerful miracles, would seem so helpless in the face of the accusations, the condemnations, and the cruel treatment that were being heaped upon Him.  Would it not seem to you that perhaps I had abandoned Him?  But for what purpose this had occurred you could not tell.  And in the midst of all this there would be the things that would impress you and would govern your feelings and your thoughts.  Gone from your recollection would be the words of My Son predicting that these very things would happen to Him.  And beyond your ability to observe would be His firm confession before Pilate concerning the character of His kingship and His Kingdom, the purpose of His mission and the true nature of His power.  And if even you could observe what took place between Him and Pilate, would you have been able to understand truly what was going on?  Would you have been able to find any comfort or assurance in it?  Was it not after all that took place following these events and the coming of My Spirit to reveal their ultimate purpose that the understanding of the disciples was completely transformed?  So then, what is the lesson for you in the light of what is recorded here and that which I have spoken to you about it?  It is certainly important that you understand that the coming of My Spirit and the revelation that He brought to My Son’s disciples made a great difference in their perception of what had happened.  And it was certainly My Spirit’s coming and that revelation which not only transformed their perception and their understanding, but strengthened them inwardly for the fulfillment of their calling, for the working out of My purposes in their lives that resulted from all that was accomplished in the suffering the death and the resurrection of My Son.  And as it was for them, so must it be for you that in the midst of the outworking of My purposes there shall occur many things that will only perplex and disturb you if you consider them from a natural perspective.   What then, you may ask, will bring to you that true perspective by which you will come into confidence about the outworking of My purposes, even though the circumstances may seem on a natural level to contradict those purposes?  But unlike the original situation you always have the choice of turning to Me, of bringing your perplexities, your doubts, your fears; to Me so that I by My Spirit may grant you revelation of what is the true perspective.  And that will bring you into the place of peace, confidence and of the ability to walk out My purposes, even in what may seem to be very contrary and impossible situations.  And you will remember as this takes place how My Word reveals, even in this portion, that which seems to natural eyes to be the defeat of your expectations and of My purposes is instead the very means by which they are being worked out.

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