John 4:43-54

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You see that the official approached My Son out of desperation, for his son was near death and had a sickness that was beyond the power of man to heal.  And you see that My Son’s words tested him, because the majority of those who came to him were demanding or at least desirous of seeing miracles.  But in the face of this test, this man insisted that My Son as far as he was concerned was the only hope for the sparing of the life of his child.  Are you not surprised that My Son said to him that he could go back to his home because his son would live?  And you see that the man took My Son at His word and departed.  What does this indicate?  Does it not show that there was something more than desperation that was working in the official’s heart, for he not only begged My Son to come and heal his son, but he put his trust in My Son’s word without the evidence of a miracle?  Then ultimately you see that his faith did not depend on the evidence of a miraculous work, but rather upon the word of My Son.  And you see that initial faith was carried farther, so that he and his household believed in and became followers of My Son.  It was not the desperation alone or the interest in seeing a miracle performed that secured not only the healing of the son who was near to death, but the on going faith of the official and his whole household to become followers of My Son.  And you see that the test that My Son laid before this man was intended to determine whether the official’s appeal was merely out of desperation, or one of genuine faith.  I want you to understand that desperation is not necessarily a bad thing, for when it is mingled with faith it can not only gain a response that resolves a desperate situation, but it can also be the spring board to an even greater step of faith.  You do not know the fruit of those who may come for help to My Son or to you as His representative.  But it will be surely seen whether their coming is out of mere desperation or even a desire to see a miracle, or whether it is also mingled with genuine faith, even if that faith initially is only born out of the desperation.  I point this out to you so that you may be confident that My work in the heart or the lack of it will certainly be manifest by tests and by time.

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