Joshua 6

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You see in this portion the consequences of faith and obedience.  It was faith in My Word that enabled My people to obey Me and to experience the wonder of My power to give their enemies into their hands.  It was faith that brought Rahab to place into the hands of the spies and into the hands of the Israelites the safety and the destiny of her own life and that of her family.  And is it not unbelief and lack of faith that brought and still brings disobedience to My Word?  And is not the consequence of disobedience, defeat and shame and even destruction?  Consider the contrast, the amazing contrast between that faith which was exercised by Rahab. for she believed the report of what I had done for and through My people, even though all the circumstances of her life before that time would seemingly worked against that faith.  Nonetheless she trusted, and that little bit of faith not only saved her and her whole family, but placed her among My people as the forbearer of My servant David and of My Son.  And in contrast, Achan and his family had seen and heard the very wonders and manifestations of My power and My truth in behalf of My people.  And yet the treasures of this world seduced their hearts to disobey and to sin.  And the consequences of their sin brought defeat and death and an everlasting testimony of the cost of disobedience.  And is it not so today that the same blessing would attend if My people would truly believe and obey My Word?  Are not the consequences of unbelief and disobedience glaringly demonstrated by the protracted defeat, shame and continued destruction that are the inevitable consequences of unbelief and disobedience?  And so is it not only for the nation, but for every individual whether they would act in faith and obedience, or unbelief and disobedience?

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