Luke 4:14-32

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I want you to observe from this portion that My Son faced both popularity and hostility almost from the beginning of His ministry.  And you see that in the midst of the popularity He was willing, in fact determined and dedicated, to declaring the truth to those who heard Him, even though he knew that by such declaration he would provoke rage, hostility and efforts to kill Him.  Is it not amazing to recognize that the appreciation and acceptance by those who heard Him was so quickly transformed into rage and even an attempt to kill?  What does this mean?  Surely you must understand that My Son was never seeking to be popular.  He was never motivated by the desire to be approved by men, and so He spoke the truth even when that declaration prompted hostility and rage and even an attempt at murder.  Notice from the words recorded that My Son brought no accusation.  I want you to understand that while He proclaimed that the truth sets men free, you can also see that when the truth is rejected that rejection produces greater darkness and greater bondage.  And in all of this recognize that My Son, as it declares here, was operating in the power of the Spirit.  Nothing that He declares in the synagogue or in any other place was calculated as an effort to please men.  Even when for a season the truth seemed to please them, My Son well knew that the whole truth that He would proclaim would have the effect of provoking rejection, hostility and the outpouring of wrath.  What does this mean to you?  What do I want to say to you through this?  I could say many things, but today I want to emphasize to you that you might desire with all your heart to be filled and empowered by My Spirit, not so as to gain popularity and the approval of men, but rather to be bold and uncompromising in speaking the truth, even at the cost of rejection, persecution and attempt to destroy you.  Will you determine in your hearts to be so faithful and so committed to the truth that you will reject the desire to please men, even to the point of displeasing and enraging them?  Will you do this because you are committed to pleasing Me; you are committed to being faithful to the truth?

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