Mark 10:46-52

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Before, when I gave you words on this portion, I emphasized how that like Bartimaeus there are many who are needy, waiting on the road to receive help.  And I also emphasized that though My Son no longer lives in the flesh on the earth, that He is represented through you who believe.  You have been granted not only to know Him and receive salvation through Him, but you have been called to manifest His life in the earth, and authority and power to do this has been given to you by My Holy Spirit.  But I want to point out to you that in very important ways Bartimaeus represents those who are needy and who are drawn to My Son.  You see from the words in this portion that Bartimaeus was simply sitting by the roadside in his darkness, in his blindness.  It does not say what he was doing by the roadside, but that was the station that he took in order to receive the handouts of those who passed by.  But he heard that My Son was walking down the road, and this stirred within him, based on the reports that he had heard, that he could receive more from My Son than just the hand outs he had been begging for before this.  And that is the first real step that he took, for he had heard what My Son had done for others and he believed that My Son could do something to meet his need.  And you will notice that first of all, in order to gain the attention of My Son, he cried out for mercy.  He knew he had a need, but the only demand he made, if it can be called a demand, was to cry out for mercy.  He did desire help, but not on the basis of his own merit.  And when those around him rebuked him, considering him a disturbing element, he would not be deterred by their rebuke.  He was persistent in seeking the help of My Son, and surely he gained His attention.  And notice that My son asked him what he wanted.  It was not because he didn’t know, for it was obvious that Bartimaeus was blind.  But this question gave Bartimaeus the opportunity to express his faith in My Son’s power to heal him.  And that was the key.  My Son gave him the opportunity to express his faith in the power of My Son to heal him.  And it is true that like Bartimaeus those who truly seek My Son, yes, truly seek Him, must do so in faith.  Why do I bring you again to this portion?  Is it not to remind you that it is indeed the faith in My Son that will make the needy whole?  But does it not declare in this portion something more than just that Bartimaeus received his sight.  Does it not declare that after he received his sight he followed My Son?  The record shows that there were many who received healing and deliverance from evil spirits from My Son, but having received they were not moved to follow Him.  When He gave command to His disciples to heal the sick and to cast out evil spirits, His commission to them was not limited to that command.  Did He not also declare to them that they were to make disciples, baptizing and teaching those who would follow all that He had taught to them?  So this picture of the needy receiving healing and wholeness from My Son, as represented in Bartimaeus, is not complete with just the healing, for there were many who received such blessings but did not follow. And it is the following that truly opens the door to the fullness of life that My Son came to bring.  While you may long for and pray for those signs and wonders, which My Son declared those who believe would perform, yet did He not say that there would be greater works than these?  And those greater works include the moving of My Spirit to prompt those who receive those blessings truly to follow Him.  And it also includes, in addition to the authority and anointing to perform those miracles, the enabling of My Spirit to help those who are empowered to do the works that He did; also to do those greater works in behalf of the ones, who like Bartimaeus not only receive their sight, that is both their natural and their spiritual sight, but also to enable them to follow.  Let it be the desire of your heart and your prayer not only to see the signs and the wonders, but to see and to help those who would follow.

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