Mark 13:1-12

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At first glance the words of the parable which My Son spoke may seem to be an indictment of those who oppose Him, but it is much more than that, for you see that in the parable He not only portrayed their resistance to Him, but ultimately to Me also.  And when He chose to support what He had declared in the parable with the word of the Psalms, you see that neither My Word nor anything else He said brought conviction unto repentance. This was not only an indictment of their outward opposition, but it was as well an indictment of their hearts.  When My Son showed them, in the light of My Word, what I had declared about Him as the cornerstone and about them as the builders rejecting My chosen cornerstone, it did not produce a change of heart, but rather a determination to do away with Him, even as the vine dressers in the parable determined to do away with the vineyard owner’s son.  In their attitude and in their decision to do away with My Son they thus proved themselves worthy of the judgment of which My Son spoke in the parable.  Now what would I have you learn from this?  I would have you see that while the truth proclaimed can set men free, it can also expose the hearts of those who like the vine dressers are determined to oppose Me and to claim and possess what is Mine for themselves.  And does this not show that by doing this they are truly what My Son declared them to be:  children of the evil one whose works they would do.  And was it not the evil one who declared that he would set his throne above Mine?  Is it not said of him that he is a thief.  I want you to recognize that the truth when faithfully proclaimed will both bring conviction unto repentance of those who truly receive it and strong resistance and reaction, both against the truth and against those who proclaim it, by those who reject it.  And even as it was the experience of My Son to provoke both conviction unto repentance and determined resistance and rejection, so will it be your experience as you faithfully, boldly and uncompromisingly declare My truth.  

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