Matthew 15:21-28

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I want you to observe the contrast between the way that My Son judged and valued people, and the way that His disciples and others, who judged by human standards, may judge.  Consider that when My Son departed from the region of the Galilee where He had encountered the persistent opposition of the scribes, the Pharisees, and the Herodians, that He seemingly withdrew to the district of Tyre and Sidon only to avoid further conflict and to obtain relief from its pressure.  But consider that in that period of time that He was in the region the record shows that He only ministered to this one gentile woman, and as a result to her oppressed daughter.  And you see from the record that the disciples considered her a nuisance, someone to be sent away, and even initially My Son seemed to indicate that she was unworthy of having her request fulfilled.  But you see that He carefully explained to her the conditions of His call to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  He did not simply send her away as the disciples plead with him to do, but He graciously explained to her the boundaries of His call that seemed to exclude her as one whose need He should meet.  But you see how His resistance was met not only by her persistence, but by her humble response to the challenge that He had laid before her.  And so it was that He commended her for her great faith and granted her request.  And you see in this way not only the compassion of My Son, but the way He dealt with this woman so as to illicit the great faith that was in her heart.  Do you recognize that when judged by human standards, this whole episode is quite amazing, for there is no record of any purpose greater than His response to this woman occurring in the course of His visit to this region?  And so you see how My Son valued this woman, how caring and attentive He was to each individual; how willing He was to seemingly go out of His way just to meet with and bless one gentile woman whose need was great, but also whose faith was great.  And you see what barriers, what natural barriers were overcome by My Son as He responded to the persistent faith of this gentile woman.  Are you, in the way that you conduct yourselves, willing to be controlled by natural limitations and natural judgments, or are you willing to receive a heart of care and compassion that will draw you like My Son was drawn into strange and even remote places?


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