Matthew 6:19-34

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The moment that you begin to think that your life depends upon something or someone other than Me is the moment when you become vulnerable to worry.  When worry arises in your heart because you have turned your trust from Me to things and persons on the earth, you have turned from what is truly sure and lasting to that which is uncertain and which easily passes away.  If indeed you do this, you will find that more and more worry will not decrease, but rather increase.  And even if you should mount up great wealth or receive great promises from men, you will find that these do not bring relief from worry, from the fear that the wealth will fail and the promises will be empty and not fulfilled.  When My Son was not only emphasizing the uncertainty of earthly treasure, he also emphasized the necessity of singleness and clarity of sight, and of singleness of loyalty and trust in Me.  For if your eyes are not single, your focus will produce darkness rather than light in your soul, and loyalty to the things that are passing away will produce disloyalty to Me.  All in all My Son was calling you to trust in Me as He trusted.  But I want you to know that as you choose to trust in Him whom I sent into the world to redeem it, that He living in you will produce and strengthen that trust in Me.  My Son was not declaring to you something that is impossible.  He was not saying that you would not have to battle with and overcome worry, no more than He would say that you do not have to battle with the flesh and put it to death, not once and for all, but as a process throughout your life.  But the more that you are convinced in your hearts that I know your needs even before you ask Me to meet them, you will be convinced more and more in an ever stronger measure that I not only know your needs, but am more than ready to provide for them.  But My Son mentions in this portion that there is a condition, and that is that you seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness.  He meant by this that you will be convinced in your heart that it is in My Kingdom and through the gift of My righteousness that everything that you need, even beyond what you think you need, will be provided for you.  And as you come more and more to experience the truth of what My Son declared, worked out in your lives, then more and more you will become secure in the knowledge that everything that you really need will be lovingly, graciously, even abundantly provided.  And less and less will there be a place for worry in your hearts, and for the desperate seeking of your security in things that are passing away.

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