Psalm 103

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My servant David begins by commanding his soul to praise Me.  He then rehearses the great reasons for the motivation of praise.  And you see that there are all these things which I have done in dealing with and blessing those who are truly Mine.  Then My servant David goes on to recount My character in the ways I manifest who I am to those who fear Me.  Then he declares the everlasting nature of My love, not only to those who fear Me, but even to their children’s children.  And he acknowledges My heavenly kingdom and My rule over all.  He then declares that all in heaven above, in earth beneath and he himself are to give Me praise.  Thus you see that for David praise is like a belt that girds his life completely.  He understands that for which I should be praised.  Now you know that David was not a perfect and sinless man, and that his life was full of conflicts.  And you see in other Psalms that he wrote the expressions of these things.  But here you see the underlying attitude and perspective of My servant David that enabled him to deal fruitfully, effectively with all that was negative, harmful and conflicting in his experience.  Do you think that these words were written and preserved just so that you can admire David?  Do you not recognize that what he declares here is also My way for you to deal with your conflicts, your sins, with all that is negative and dark that touches your life?  David commanded his soul and even the angels in heaven and all that I have made to praise Me, to remember who I am, what I have done, and who you are to Me.  This is My way for you in the face of all your difficulties even as it was for David.  But even more so can you exercise praise and remember all of My benefits, for has not My Son granted you all of these and even more?  And has not My Holy Spirit brought these blessings to your attention so that the spirit of praise may truly possess your heart, your thoughts, and the words of your mouth?


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