Psalm 15

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There are those whose outward conduct may seem to indicate that they are acceptable in My sight, for they do things outwardly that would seem to identify them as those who walk in My ways.  But notice that in this portion the Psalmist declares that those who walk with integrity and work righteousness do not merely have an outward display of religiosity, for they speak truth in their heart.  And yet recall that My servant James declared that faith without works is dead, therefore what My servant David recognizes here is that truth in the heart will surely have a manifestation in the conduct of the one who possesses it.  Do not be misled into thinking that those who speak religious words, even those who may quote My Word and diligently pursue religious activities and even what the world may call good works, are necessarily those who dwell in My Holy hill.  My servant David recognized that beyond outward religious devotion one can recognize the person who is truly walking in integrity and speaking the truth in his heart as one, is one whose tongue avoids evil and resists speech that harms.  He is one whose relationships are characterized by the kind of gracious way he treats others.  He is one who recognizes those who do or do not deserve honor, those who draw near to Me or who walk far from My ways.  He is one who will never seek to take personal advantage, but is even willing to acknowledge his own short comings and wrong doing.  His money is not used at the expense of others, nor will he be compromised by the offer of a bribe.  There are many other ways in which the conduct of the one who walks in integrity may be recognized.  But after all these things are considered, that which is the most beneficial for the one who walks this way is that he abides in the place of fellowship and worship with Me.  And it is truly out of this relationship that these good things that are mentioned here will flow.  Treasure in your hearts the desire to abide in My presence and you too will have a life, a walk which is characterized by integrity and by works of righteousness.  David closes this Psalm by declaring that he who does these things will never be shaken.  It is not because he does them that there is such stability and security, even though they are the outward manifestations that necessarily prove his righteousness.  It is rather because in his heart, in her heart, in your heart you really desire to dwell in My holy hill, to know Me, to worship Me, to please Me, that such stability and security is established so that you are among those who will never be shaken.  But consider this: that though a man or a woman who does these things will never be shaken, yet surely he or she will certainly be tested.

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