Psalm 88

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In the other words that I have given you on this portion I mention the difference between the perspective of the Psalmist who wrote these words and your perspective as those who know Me through My Son.  I mentioned the limitations of what had been revealed to him in contrast to what has been revealed to you in My Son.  Now I want you to take a closer look at those differences, for I want you to appreciate by contrast what has been given to you that he did not have.  And this is not only the difference of your perspective from his, but the difference of the blessings.  I want you to recognize that this is also a difference that pertains between all those who truly know Me in My Son and many of those who just know about Me.  First of all you know and are sure that I hear your cry.  You know that My ear is ever inclined towards you.  And while you may like the Psalmist feel at times that you are without strength, you know that you will never be forsaken, never cut off from My hand, never consigned to dark places.  Through My Son you have been brought into the light and I have promised never to leave or forsake you.  You know that My wrath has not and will never rest upon you, for there is no condemnation because you are in My Son.  He has borne away all wrath and condemnation.  You do not need to question Me concerning My loving kindness and My faithfulness as did the Psalmist.  You know that My loving kindness is ever with you, and My faithfulness has been proven over and over again, even in those days when you did not know Me as you now know Me.  You are able to look back and recognize how faithful I have been.  There is no need for you to think for even a moment that I have rejected you or ever will reject you, for have I not declared that you are accepted in My Son?  There is no trouble that can come against you, however severe it may be, that I will allow to do you real harm or to separate you from My love.  You need not struggle as the Psalmist did about doubt of My faithfulness, of My love, of My kind intention towards you.  Does not My Word declare clearly that nothing in heaven above or earth beneath shall separate you from love in My Son?  And is not my invitation to you to come boldly to Me with the confidence that you will always find grace to help you, especially in times of great need?  Can you see the enormous contrast between the condition and position of the Psalmist and what he expresses in the midst of his troubles and your position and condition in My Son?  And while he declared in the midst of his troubles that his friends had forsaken him and darkness had become his close companion, can you not say truly that you will, with the Psalmist of Psalm 89, sing of My love forever and declare “Blessed be the Lord forever!”


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