Romans 12:9-21

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As you consider these words you can recognize that they present attitudes and conduct that is surely not in conformity with those of the world.  As you consider closely, carefully, you can see that in most of them they are actually the opposite of the pattern and attitude of those who conform to the ways of the world.  But I want you to see more than just the contrast between these and the ways of the world.  First of all I want you to recognize that as My servant Paul admonishes the believers to offer their bodies as living sacrifices and to be transformed by the renewing of their mind that he urges them to do this because of the mercy that I have bestowed upon those who truly believe in My Son.  Recognize that when you consider what mercy has been bestowed upon you that you will be motivated to offer yourselves as living sacrifices, and you will desire to have your minds renewed so that you can be transformed, that is changed from the pattern of this world to the pattern of My Kingdom.  I want you to take note that the underlying motivation of your heart, of your life, then becomes the desire to please Me, to do My will.  And this desire is what enables you to follow the pattern and to embrace the attitudes that are presented here in this portion.  It is only when you regard yourself as a living sacrifice, and when you are being transformed by a renewed mind that you can live this way.  As you are challenged by the pressures that come from the old nature and from the world, it is the willingness to please Me above all other considerations that will enable you to do what is so different and so opposite from what the world does.  You see when it declares not to take revenge that the words are added “on the contrary”, and you will be able, willing, even determined and pleased to do what is contrary to what the world does.  The world seeks its reward in the satisfaction of personal interest, in the fulfillment of fleshly desires, of immediate satisfaction.  Those who desire to please Me, as it declares here, are joyful in hope even though what they hope for is not immediately fulfilled.  They are also patient in affliction because as living sacrifices they are willing to suffer what Paul declares in another place is a comparatively light and momentary affliction, in order that what glorifies Me may be accomplished.  And those who live in this way are faithful in prayer because they are truly dependent upon Me and not upon the world, and not upon their own human efforts and natural powers.  If your heart is truly moved by My mercy, the pattern presented here will prove to be the outworking of that motivation.


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