Romans 8:1-18

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I want you to notice that My servant Paul declares in this portion that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.  Everything that flows in blessing, in freedom, in the victorious life flows to you because you are in My Son.  It is your living connection with Him that provides the blessings, the freedom that My servant writes about here.  But I want you to notice that it is not an automatic flow of blessing that results from just believing.  And I want you also to notice that life in My Son does not take place without the necessity of your choice.  So My servant declares that those who set their minds on the things of the flesh experience death, while those who set their mind on the Spirit experience life and peace.  Therefore your choice of what you will set your mind upon is absolutely vital and necessary if you are truly to experience all that is yours in My Son.  The flesh, though it declares here that you are to put it to death, will not by virtue of that disappear and cease to be a problem and a challenge to your life in My Son.  But then by death My servant means that you are to separate yourself from what appeals to the flesh and what satisfies the flesh.  You will find that you must do this not just once, but over and over.  My servant declares that because you have been given the Spirit of My Son you have within you both the prompting and the power of the Spirit to turn away from the mind that focuses on the flesh and from the deeds that will result from such a focus.  But once you have made the choice to do what the Spirit prompts you to do, you will experience the enabling power of My Spirit.  And, as it declares here,  I who raised My Son from the dead will give life to your mortal bodies through My Son.  This means that you will as a result not experience separation from My fellowship, which is what is involved in the death that comes from the mind and the deeds of the flesh, but instead you will experience what My servant declares to be life and peace.  And you will recognize how great a difference there is between what the flesh produces and what the Spirit produces.  It is only as you walk in this way of dependence upon the Spirit that you will really know what it is to be a true son to Me.  The Spirit will bear witness to your spirit that this is who you really are.  And you see that My servant recognizes that this choice to walk in the Spirit, to depend upon Him and His enabling power and to receive true life as a result does not mean that you will escape sufferings in this time.  This life is not a fantasy or an ideal that allows your escape from  the reality of what it means to live in a world that is hostile to Me and deeply affected by sin.  But though there is suffering involved, it is not the same quality of suffering experienced by those who choose the mind and the deeds of the flesh and the ways of the world.  For having been joined to My Son whose life is within you, you are joined to Him who suffered in order to carry out My will in a world that is contrary to it.  And so shall it be for you as a true son.  But your suffering accomplishes something truly wonderful.  My servant declared that the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace, and that life and peace is sustained even in the midst of suffering.  This is because He dwells within you and you have chosen to embrace His suffering.  You have a joy in knowing that the suffering that you experience in the present time is very small compared with the glory that is going to be yours, and all who trust in My Son, when He appears.  And the more you set your heart upon this hope, the more you will be prompted to choose the mind of the Spirit and to turn away from the mind of the flesh.  And you will find that even in the midst of suffering there is that wonderful sense of peace and that assurance that the life within you is truly enduring, eternal, and glorifying to Me.  

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