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Titus 2

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Are there not many words being noised abroad in these days?  With the great means of communication that have been developed, words upon words are multiplied.  People can read them, people can hear them, but with all these words consider, have they made life better?  Have they accomplished a good purpose?  But you will say to Me, “But Father have you not sent your Word?”  Indeed I have, for in the beginning I spoke and My Word created and brought order.  But you know that also at the beginning My Word was disobeyed, and from that point disregarded and even discarded.  But I did not stop speaking and My Word has continued to speak.  And when it is received there is a great difference in its effect from other words.  Here you see in this portion that My servant Paul in writing to Titus recognizes the importance of that difference between what My Word accomplishes when it is truly received and what the other multitude of words may accomplish.  For in the multiplication of many words has not the world on the whole not been truly blessed by them?  But you see here that My Word not only calls for a change in the life of those who receive it, but it imparts to them the grace and the power to make that change.  Yes you see that the admonition to teach it faithfully is followed with the expectation and the promise that this grace will indeed be imparted so that those who receive it will indeed be prompted and enabled to become truly godly.  Notice the description of what that redeeming process accomplishes; it delivers from wickedness, it purifies those who are redeemed, it promotes within them an eagerness to do what is good.  It causes those who are thus motivated to influence others in the same direction; the older men towards the younger men, the older women towards the younger women, slaves or servants towards masters or employers.  Every segment of My people who live this way is enabled to have a redeeming affect on other members of the community.  And through this they become much more than people who merely receive words and who may be taught.  Yes indeed they become what My servant Paul declares in another place living letters in the midst of so many words, so many messages; the message of truly changed lives that show by contrast a pattern of life so profoundly different from the many who listen to and receive other words.  Those who receive My Word may be truly said to adorn and actually manifest its truth by how they live.  You have a living word, and as you teach it by living it you can be fully assured that its effect will be manifest.


Bible Devotions From Titus 2

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As you look closely to these words and consider them carefully, you will observe how that each generation and every social level within My body is instructed to exercise care for the others, this is especially true concerning the responsibility of the older generation for the younger.

While the exhortation here is limited to commending bondservants to be obedient to their masters, you know that in other places masters were also commended and exhorted concerning as to how they were to relate to their servants. So you see that among My body, everyone is to have a sense of responsibility for others. And if indeed each exercises himself and herself with that care, the results, as it declares here, will be good, both in strengthening the testimony of the believers, thus adorning my doctrine, and in strengthening both the lives of individuals and of families and of My church as a whole. And for you, if you take seriously these words into your hearts, you will know always that the manner in which you live will always contribute, either to the blessing or the hindering of blessing among your fellow believers. As My servant Paul wrote in another place, no one lives for himself or dies unto himself. And here My servant Paul affirms that my grace that brings salvation teaches you to deny all that is ungodly and to live a truly godly life in this present age. And as you truly set your hope in the appearing My son, and as you remember how He gave Himself completely on your behalf, you will indeed be motivated to live this way, to care deeply for your brothers and your sisters and to give yourselves to them for their good, as My son gave Himself so completely for your good. You know that even as you do this, not all will receive what you give. But consider that it was also true that as My Son freely gave of Himself, not all chose to receive what He gave. But since you are exercising these things out of love for Him, you will be enabled to continue faithfully doing so, even though all may not choose to receive and benefit. And since your hope is set upon the blessing and the full reward that you are to receive at His appearing, you will be encouraged to continue caring and giving in love just as he did and as He continues to do through you. And remember that all that you do that is truly aimed at glorifying me shall never be fruitless or in vain.


Bible Devotions From Titus 2

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My servant Paul admonishes Titus to exhort the various members of the church according to their sex, age, and status to live in such a way that their lives will adorn the doctrine. And this is true also for those who are servants in relationship to their masters. And I have already spoken to you at length about this. But I want to raise for you a most important question that underlies the fulfillment of all that Titus is instructed to do. For what can truly motivate the hearts of the older men and women to carry out their responsibilities? And what can motivate the hearts of the young women and the young men to carry out those things in which their elders instruct them? And what can motivate servants to fulfill the admonitions that are addressed to them concerning their relationship to their masters? My servant Paul indicates that there are three basic truths that must possess the heart in order for these admonitions to be carried out. And they are all contained in what is included in the gospel of My grace. He declares that it teaches those who believe to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts and to live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age. Unless the heart is truly instructed and possessed and moved by My grace, there is no possibility that it will be motivated to withstand ungodliness and to live righteously. But the perspective is even more strongly motivated, not only by how one lives in the present, as if it were some severe discipline that suffices to live that way, but it is truly motivated by the hope which My servant calls “the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of My Son.” There is coming an order and a world that will not only vindicate righteous living, but also will reward and establish it forever. If the heart is truly convinced of this and focused upon it, it will be motivated to live for that which is coming which is beyond what can be presently observed. And the final element of motivation that is revealed and taught by My grace is that My Son gave Himself to redeem and purify for Himself His own special people. As the heart continually keeps in mind the nature and the purpose of the sacrifice that My son made, it is surely a great motivation for the fulfillment of all that truly represents the purpose for which My Son came into the world. So then if all that is taught and exemplified in conduct truly manifests My grace, be assured that there is no greater power to motivate the heart to live that life and to maintain that perspective which will prompt hope and zeal for good works.

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