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I John 2:1-11

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My Son declared “I am the light of the world.  He that follows Me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.”  Here My servant John reminds the believers that if they will truly follow My Son they are called to obey His commands and to walk, that is to live in the same way that My Son walked.  This means practically that there will be a deep and abiding desire to obey His commands, to avoid sin and to live in love.  But My servant John recognized that unlike My Son you have a sin nature which must be constantly overcome.  Therefore he recognizes the potential and possibility of sinning.  But there is a remedy, as is declared here, since My Son is the atoning sacrifice for sin.  So to walk in the light doesn’t mean that the possibility of sin is excluded, but rather if it occurs you can, out of a heart of true repentance, confess your sin and desire to renounce it and turn from it.  And if you do you can be assured that I am faithful and just to forgive you and purify you from all unrighteousness. But also, walking in the light, walking as My Son walked, means walking in love.  And as it declares here, that excludes hating your brother.  Not only that, but since My Son gave the commandment to love one another as He loved you, it means much more than not just hating but loving in a way that you willingly lay your life down for your brother even as My Son laid His life down for you.  You may wonder how you will do this in any and every circumstance.  But the key to knowing how to express such love does not lie in a list of rules and directions that cover every conceivable circumstance.  Rather it requires that the desire of your heart is to fulfill this command.  If that desire is truly resident within your heart, you can be confident that My Spirit will indeed show you how to fulfill it in any given circumstance.  My Son did not just lay His life down for His friends; He also laid it down for His enemies.  So in order to walk as He walked, you also must be willing to love your enemies, for did He not so command you?  But you may say, “Oh how impossible this is; who can fulfill it!”  Yet I would have you understand that the fulfilling of it does not depend on what is naturally in you.  Rather it depends upon the truth that My Son is in you through the Holy Spirit who has been given to you.  And if it is your desire to fulfill His command, He will empower you to do so, especially in those circumstances which are beyond your natural powers.  It is indeed His life within you that even stirs you to want to fulfill His command, to want to walk in the light.  These words are given so that you as sons of light may reflect His life to others so that they may be drawn out of the darkness and into the light.  Was it not such a reflection of the light in others that helped to draw you of the darkness to My Son?  And as you observe the world around you becoming even darker, know how very important will be the fulfilling of these words in you.


Bible Devotions From I John 2

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I have one simple lesson to emphasize to you from this portion. Though it speaks of keeping commandments, though it speaks of overcoming the world, though it speaks of loving your brother and not hating him, though it speaks of discerning the work of the Anti-Christ, though it speaks of overcoming deception, you will notice that My servant commends one thing above all others, as that which is necessary, that which truly enables you to deal with all that is in the way, and that which enables you to embrace all that is commended. And that is that you abide in My Son, and by so doing you abide in Me as well. Without abiding in Him, without remaining in firm and loving relationship to Him, you cannot walk as He walked, you cannot obey His commandments, you cannot resist and overcome that which is contrary to My will. So then let this be your priority, for you can do many things that may seem good, but if you place them above abiding in My Son you will find that ultimately, not only will what you do not bear lasting fruit, but that much of what you do will ultimately be seen as not lasting and not really bearing good fruit. Everything that is commended here flows from abiding. And everything that you are to withstand and overcome depends upon your abiding in My Son. This is the simple lesson that I would have you embrace from this portion.


Bible Devotions From I John 2:1-17

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Consider what My servant John declares in this portion about My Son, about who He is to you. Consider what are the consequences of embracing that life in Him, which I have given unto you. In reference to your sin, that is the act of sinning, it declares here that He is your propitiation, that He laid His life down as a sacrifice to atone for your sins, so that they can be forgiven. But that atonement is only the first step that opens the door for whosoever will come and receive Him as the atoning sacrifice. For it is also declared here that He is your advocate. He is not only the one who has paid the price to make it possible for you to be forgiven, but He has become the one who stands and pleads your case before My righteous throne, so that when you have committed any sin you know that there is someone to whom you may go to find cleansing and restoration. Even though His atonement makes it possible for you to have a living relationship with Me, your potential for sinning disturbs and breaks down fellowship with Me.

It is not on that account because you have sinned that you are cast out, for you have trusted in the one who is righteous and who paid the price to be your atonement, but because sins inevitably come and because they cause a break in fellowship, you need a means of restoration through cleansing and forgiveness. And because My Son is not only your atonement, but also your advocate, there is this way by coming to Him to be renewed, to have the broken fellowship restored. But it declares that because you can be restored, there is also a way to walk that will preserve you and lead you away from the practice of sin. And it is through this way that Yeshua, My Son pointed out to you in another portion the way of sustained fellowship and abiding fruitfulness. The more that you walk as He walked, the dearer that fellowship becomes to you. So then he is not only your atonement and your advocate, but He is the model for your walk. You are being thereby molded in His image. And it declares here that the way you are to walk in the manner that He walked is by keeping His Word. And you see that it declares that in so doing, My love is perfected in you. Now if indeed My love is being perfected in you, you will put aside hatred for your brother.

You will not succumb to it no matter how severe may be the circumstances that provoke you, that tempt you to hate. For since it declares here that by loving your brother you abide in the light, you must remember that it is My Son who is the light. And since you are depending upon Him to enable you to walk as He walked, He will perfect His love within you, and the result will be that you will turn away from walking in darkness, from all evil deeds. You will not be stumbled because He, who is the light that shines upon your path and leads you, enables you to walk safely. And you will not stumble others either, for the light and truth that is in Him will flow out of you. But as much as you will love because you walk as He walked, it will be necessary also to hate, not yourself, nor others, but rather the ways of the world. Yes if you truly are walking as He walked, all that is in the world and that is not of Me will be that which you despise as I despise it. And that which I love working in you will enable you to see the world for what it is in My sight and to place the same value upon it that I place. And the result will be that you will continue to abide in My Son and like Him, you will desire above all other things to please Me.

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