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I Kings 22

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You may wonder as you read the words of this portion why My true prophet did not appeal to Ahab to repent of his ways, and why he did not rebuke and correct Jehoshaphat for his alliance with Ahab.  I want you to understand first of all that it was plain from the beginning, even before My servant Micaiah was called upon, that Ahab was not at all concerned about My will.  I have told you in My previous words on this portion that his heart was totally committed to his own will.  So when this is the case, there is no place any longer for repentance.  It was for the sake of Jehoshaphat and others who might take heed from seeing the words of Micaiah coming to pass and thus turn their hearts to Me, that these words were uttered.  But you notice that even though Jehoshaphat requested to hear My Word, that when he heard it, it did not provoke his heart to change.  And thus I want you to see that when the heart of even a good man, one who on the whole sought to follow My ways, is compromised, that it is hard for such a person to turn back.  And you see that already before this battle at Ramoth-gilead that the heart of Jehoshaphat had been compromised.  For if this was not so would he not have removed the high places that allowed his people to continue in idolatrous practices?  Also would he not have avoided aligning himself with the wicked Ahab, declaring that he was as Ahab, his people as Ahab’s people, his horses as those of Ahab?  Once his heart had been compromised, Jehoshaphat’s had also become dull and unresponsive to the affects of My Word, even though he had requested to hear it;  yes, even though he recognized the difference between the words of the false prophet and My true prophet.  In all of this that you see recorded here there is only one man who remained steadfast and faithful to Me and to My Word.  Yes, even though it caused him to be opposed by the king, even though it caused him to be ridiculed and abused by the false prophet, even though it resulted in his imprisonment and being placed on only bread and water, Micaiah stood faithful in the face of all these things.  But even so it was not just to Ahab and to Jehoshaphat that he testified to the truth, for consider that he added, “Mark my words all you people”.   It was not just so that his words were proven true in the case of Ahab and the outcome of the battle, but also that they might bring conviction and repentance to My people who had also strayed greatly from Me.  So you see that even in the midst of strong rebuke and great judgment, My mercy is extended to those who might consider from the fulfillment of My Word how they ought to respond and turn to Me.  And in addition to having you appreciate this very important work of mercy that continues even in the midst of great judgment, I would also have     you consider the terrible cost of a will unalterably set against Mine, and a heart, even of a good man, that has been compromised.   

In this portion you can observe the consequences of disregarding My Word and of making choices that seem expedient according to human reckoning.

And these things occurred not because My Word was hidden and unknown, but because having been proclaimed, it was disregarded. For had I not spoken through My servant the prophet to Jeroboam, declaring to him when he received the ten strips of the torn garment, that I would take away the ten tribes of the north from the kingdom of Judah as a judgment against Solomon’s sin and give them unto him? But you see that Jeroboam did not consider that having received his kingship from Me that he was accountable to me and needed to look to Me for guidance and counsel. You see that having understood by My Word that the sins of Solomon were being judged even though they came in the days of his son Rehoboam, that Jeroboam proceeded to fall into those same kinds of sin for which Solomon and his son were being judged. You see that not only did he proceed to build cities and to enhance his kingdom, but he sought the advice of those who would counsel him to do what was already within his heart to do. And in this way did he not sin in the same way that Rehoboam sinned, for he also received only the counsel which confirmed what he already in his heart wanted to do? And then you see that Jeroboam instead of turning to Me and trusting in Me to secure his kingdom, out of fear and unbelief, out of rebellion and disregard of My Word, established idols and caused the people to sin through worshipping them. And this rebellious attitude unfolded in a continual institution of priests who were not of the tribe of Levi, and feasts that were instituted contrary to My order. I want you to recognize that once the heart is set to disregard and disobey My Word that such a disobedient heart leads astray in an ever increasing measure. And in the end, it is only that which serves self-interest, no matter how abominable it may be in My eyes, that becomes established. And after proceeding in this manner, the consequences of such rebellion and unbelief are no longer seen and judged by what is truly pleasing to Me, but they are seen and judged by what is expedient and desired by the straying hearts of men. Do you not see in this day in an ever increasing measure the consequences of such disregard of My Word? For even though leaders do not outwardly encourage the people to worship that which is manifestly idolatrous, yet do they not encourage them to give their devotion to that which is utterly contrary to My will? And do you not see also that the unbelieving and rebellious decrees and practices of leaders are also affirmed and practiced by the people whom they lead as well? Does not My Word note that in the case of the kings who follow Jeroboam, that it declares that they caused the people to sin in the same way that Jeroboam caused them to sin? And could it not be said of the leaders today that they are the same? And you may ask since this is so obvious, why I give you this Word? Is it not only to guide you in prayer that you may discern how to stand in the gap, but also to recognize once again that when your hearts disregard My Word and stray from it, that the consequences of doing so result in ever increasing rebellion, unbelief, disorder, confusion, idolatry and ever increasing hardness of heart. And what indeed is the safeguard against this, but to trust Me wholly and to carefully take heed to My Word and to obey it in every circumstance.


Bible Devotions From I Kings 6

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I have already given to you in a former word that this building of My earthly temple has a parallel to the building of My temple today. And I have declared to you that the present temple is My people in whom I dwell by My Spirit. I have told you that in addition to being a place of sacrifice and of worship, a place where I would manifest My presence, my temple through its adornments and its implements, was also a place of instruction. In how it was built, in the way it was constructed, in the way that it was beautified and decorated, and in all of its appointments, it was intended that all of these should manifest truth, My truth for My people, and give instruction concerning who I am and My way for My people.

But I want you to take note from the words here that every facet of the way it was to be built, of the size and shape, of the adornments and appointments, and of the manner in which it was to be constructed was appointed and directed by Me. Nothing was left for the ingenuity and imagination of man. I want you to recognize that it is the same in the building of My temple today. Every aspect of that which depends upon what I have ordained and the implementation must be the work of My Spirit.

Nothing of the work of the flesh will accomplish My holy purposes. And I want you to notice something else. In this portion it declares that Solomon did the work, but you know that though he was the one appointed by Me to have the oversight and to give direction, yet there were many others who actually carried out the work. Though there may be certain leaders and ministers who are appointed and given oversight to direct the building of My temple today, there are many others who are not named who have a share and a contribution in that work. Was it not so with you? You can name this one and that one who contributed significantly or may continue to contribute. But are you not aware that there were many others who were not so prominent and yet who contributed to the building up of My holy work in you? In fact there are those who you may never have known personally or met, who prayed for you, who gave of their substance for your blessing, or who contributed some special teaching or word that was very important in the progress of My work within you. So it is important for you to understand this; first of all that you may recognize that even if you are never prominent or receive credit in the building up of My temple, nevertheless if you faithfully fulfill your appointed task, you will have a very important part in My work. And secondly you must recognize that no matter who is prominent or who may get the credit, that they are always dependent upon others, whom I work through to fulfill My appointed task.

And when it is all completed in the lives that are being fashioned into My holy temple today, there will be a dwelling place for my glory that is fully manifested in the earth. And I say to you that even in its entire splendor, that temple of Solomon is not greater by comparison, for this temple of flesh and blood will have a greater splendor.

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