Bible Devotions From Philemon

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I want to speak to you from this portion about how the love of My Son greatly transforms the very character of your relationships. For you see that while coming to faith in My Son did not alter the social status of Onesimus because he was a slave by that standard, it completely altered the character of his relationship to his master Philemon. Here in this letter My servant Paul strongly emphasizes that change. As a true and faithful believer in My Son and one who is noted for his love for all the believers, Philemon is now obligated to recognize Onesimus as a brother and therefore to value him with the love that he is willing to extend to other brothers and sisters. And Paul’s witness to Philemon is that Onesimus’ faith in My Son has transformed him. Once he was a slave according to the standard of the world, but now he is a servant according to the love that flows from a changed heart. This love not only makes him a valuable support to Paul, but it motivates him to be willing to return to the master whom he has wronged. So you see how the power of a changed life transforms the very foundation of relationships among believers. But you notice how strongly Paul emphasizes this to Philemon in regard to Philemon’s obligation to Paul as a spiritual father. While these things are true and ought to be the observed pattern of relationship between believers, yet as you know they are not automatically practiced. And I bring this word to you for you to recognize the obligation of love as the guiding standard for your relationship to your brothers and sisters. I know that not all of those elements that were true of the relationship between Philemon and Onesimus are true of every relationship that you may have. I know that there are times when you have been and may yet be wronged by a brother or a sister. And I know that there are times when those who have wronged you take no responsibility or concern about it. Nevertheless I want you to consider as paramount in dealing with such wrongs the obligation of love. And this ought to be motivated, not by your own personal interest, but by the love of My Son. Remember that love has reached out and continues to reach out to you, and remember that it also through you can reach out to your brother or sister who has wronged you. And as this motivation possesses your heart, so will you be guided by love as to how you can handle those relationships in which you have been wronged. And be assured of this, that by so choosing to do, you will never lose out. And you may like Paul become an agent of reconciliation



Bible Devotions From Isaiah 66

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You have never seen such devastation as is coming upon the earth and as is foretold in this portion by My servant Isaiah. Recognize that My rebuke is for those who consider that they are doing great things for Me, that they are going to build a house for My glory. You may wonder why I should rebuke them so strongly when previously there was a command and a desire in the heart for My servants to build a house where My glory would dwell and My people would worship Me. But here you see that the rebuke comes because what is in the heart of those who desire to do this is far from honoring and glorifying Me. For it is established that what is in the heart and not what is done outwardly is what I consider. And here you see I declare that it is not to those who build houses in My name and offer up sacrifices and spiritual words that seem to glorify Me, but their deeds and words are truly empty and abominable to Me. But there are those whose hearts I consider, and when I declare that they are the ones I will esteem as those who make no pretenses to do great things, but who are truly humble and contrite and tremble at My Word. They tremble not because of dread, because of fear of judgment, but because they stand in awe, in godly fear before Me, and therefore their trembling comes out of a sincere appreciation and an embracing of My Word in their hearts. So then you have here the contrast between the outward expressions of those who profess to worship Me, but who in the secret of their hearts desire that which is abominable in My sight, and those who make no pretensions to do great things or to enter into worship that represents what is truly in their hearts, but rather walk before Me in humility, simplicity and godly fear. And you see that this very character, as it is manifested in those whom I truly esteem, is a cause for hatred and rejection on the part of those who walk contrary to My Word and My way. Do you not even now recognize the growing intensity of hatred, of expressions of disdain toward those who truly walk in humility and obedience? And I tell you this, that before My hand of judgment falls fully, these expressions of hatred and rejection shall not diminish, but rather increase until they come to that full measure when My judgment in its final form and intensity shall be poured out. But as I have told you before, as you walk in humility and obedience and in godly fear, then you have nothing to dread at My judgment. And you are to remember that judgment is making a way for that which is glorious. And with this in your heart you can walk in peace and have My comfort, even in the midst of that devastation which is to come. For if indeed you have a humble and contrite heart and tremble at My Word, then all that will be visited upon those who lack such a heart will not come upon you. Moreover, you will know that for which you long and to which you look forward is surely coming.



Bible Devotions From Psalm 108

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I have spoken to you concerning patient waiting. I have spoken to you concerning a trusting heart. Now I would speak to you concerning a steadfast heart. Notice that this expression by My servant David was the result of a decision. What was that decision? He declares that he will sing and make music with all of his soul, that he will praise Me among the nations. Notice that for which he praises Me; My love and My faithfulness.

And out of such a decision comes the exultation that I would be exalted even above the heavens and over all the earth. Consider that out of such a decision to praise comes the petition to save, and with it the confidence that I will indeed save and give victory over the enemies. Would you like David desire a steadfast heart? Would you in the face of daunting challenges choose to praise Me, not only in your secret place, but among the people? Would you like David exult in My love and faithfulness and long for and greatly desire My glory to be over all the earth? Indeed with such a heart will you not be confident as he was that I will surely save and deliver? Will you not hear Me in the sanctuary and be encouraged and comforted that I am over all the nations and sovereign over all that challenges, that seems to threaten you; that in spite of what may seem to be defeat and My abandonment, you will know that you can surely depend upon Me to give you help against the enemy and ultimate victory over all who come against you? Surely you know that, these are not just nice sounding words. Surely you know that they are a genuine expression of a steadfast heart. And if so then to have that heart is to experience the very expression of that heart that is manifested in these words. But more than the record of David’s confidence, you have the assurance that in My Son, who has given His heart to you, you have all that is declared here. Don’t forget to exercise that steadfast heart to the measure of what it is capable to bring great blessing, even in the most difficult of circumstances, and also glory to My name.

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