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Philippians 2:1-18

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Working out your salvation is not an automatic.  It does not just depend upon the fact that I dwell within you. As you look closely at the words that My servant Paul wrote to the believers at Philippi, you will notice that all his admonitions are an appeal to the believers that requires a choice to do what they are called to do.  He tells them that the character of their walk in My Son that will be expressed by their encouragement from being united with Him, by the comfort of His love, the fellowship of My Spirit, by tenderness and compassion that flows through them as a result of being united with My Son.  This calls them to be like minded and possess the same love, unity of spirit, and purpose.  He then points out is that what they must avoid if they are indeed to express towards one another that true Life that flows from My Son.  Thus, they are to deal with selfish ambition and vain conceit, to act toward one another with humility, considering others better than themselves, placing the interests of others above their own.  And he shows that such a pattern is indeed the very one demonstrated by My Son.  Without such an attitude, without such expressions in your conduct, you will not work out your salvation.  You will be doing the very things which My servant Paul admonishes the believers not to do.  You will find it hard, if not impossible, to be like-minded and unified in spirit.  Selfish ambition, vain conceit, pride, complaining, arguing, will be manifested.  The light of your testimony will not be bright, but very dim.  The proclamation of My word will either not be of great concern to you, of else it will lack the power to convince and persuade; not because My word is weak and powerless, but rather because your lives do not really represent the life of My Son.  Do you see how very critical it is, how much depends upon your choice in working out your salvation?  Be sure of this, that if you so choose from the heart to do so, then you will be confident that I will meet your choice from the heart with My Grace, and My Power to so work within you, that the power and character of your life will conform to what My servant declares and admonishes in this portion.  Surely it is only My work within you that will produce such a pattern in your lives.  But it must be your choice to work out your salvation with godly fear, with a deep sense of awe of how critical it is and how good My purpose is.  In this way, you will indeed prove yourselves to be My children.  In this way, you will truly shine like stars, and hold out the Word of Life so that it may become life for others. 

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Bible Devotions From Psalm 13

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Why do you suppose that My servant David, as he declares in this Psalm, had to battle with his thoughts? Why do you suppose that it seemed to him that I had turned away from him, had forgotten him, and had left him to the attack of his enemies? Was it not because his circumstances seemed to contradict what he believed about Me? He supposed that the things that he was experiencing should not be happening unless I had turned from him, and so his thoughts were prompted by what seemed to be. And this led him not only into a place of doubt, but of desperation, for in his plight he anticipated that the outcome would mean death for him and boasting and rejoicing by his foes. Is this not often like your experience and the experience of many who name My name, and who find it easy to believe when their circumstances are going well? But you see here that as My servant Paul expressed it, there is a fight to maintain faith, especially when one’s circumstances become extreme and threatening. And so you see that David had to struggle in order to overcome the effects that his circumstances had upon him. And it surely is true of you as it was of David, that there is a genuine battle involved in walking in faith. But recall that My servant Paul declared that it is not just a desperate fight, but a good one. For you see here that David battled through his thoughts, his feelings, his dire anticipations to declare his trust in My unfailing love. He chose in spite of the circumstances to believe who I am and what I will do. Yes it is a choice to turn from what seems to be and their effects upon your thoughts and your feelings, and in turning to embrace not what seems to be, but who I am and what I have promised. And you see that out of this battling through to consider who I am and what I have promised that David declares to Me that he will trust, that he will rejoice, and that he will sing. And all of this is founded upon what? Is it merely wishful thinking? Is it some kind of fantasy that arises out of desperation? Look and see, for David declares here that he will sing to Me because I have been good to him. You see he has experienced My goodness in a multitude of ways, and in remembering that he is able to turn from his troubled thoughts and dreadful anticipations to trust and rejoice and sing to Me. Do not be amazed that again and again your thoughts, your feelings, your faith may be severely tried by your circumstances. And as long as you face them with only your natural thinking and striving, you too will succumb, as David did, to fearful impressions and troubled thoughts and feelings. And when you remember who I am, what I have promised and what I have done in your own experience, then you like David will surely press through to trust, to rejoice, and to sing.

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Bible Devotions From Ephesians 4:17-5:2

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Have I not said to you a number of times that before you came to know Me through My Son, you had no choice but to live by the old nature which is corrupted by sin. But now that you have received the new nature, which is after the pattern of My Son, you do have a choice. You have a choice to live either by the old nature or the new one. When My servant Paul was writing this letter to the believers at Ephesus, he was aware that coming out of the pattern of life that they once had, which was dominated by the old corrupt nature, that they needed to understand clearly that they now had the choice to live differently, by the new nature, according to the pattern of My Son. And you see that he emphasizes that their choice to turn away from that old pattern of conduct produced a significant change, which they would be able to recognize, and that change involved first of all a transformation of their mind, which in turn enabled them to recognize the difference between the old corrupt and deceitful and lustful ways, and the way of righteousness and holiness. And you see from his words, in explaining the difference that should characterize their way in true righteousness and holiness that the total range of their conduct was to be affected in its difference from the old way. Instead of lying, truth would be spoken; instead of corrupt words, good and edifying words would impart grace to those who heard. Evil speaking would be put away. Instead of stealing, the new man would work and give to the needy. Emotions would be transformed; anger would be controlled. Ill-will towards others would be transformed into kindness and tender heartedness. There would be a motivation not to hold enmity but to extend forgiveness. All of these which are commended to be practiced in the place of the old man are characteristic of the new man. And there is the witness of My Spirit to indicate to you whether or not you are living by the one which is old and corrupt, or by the new, which is according to true righteousness and holiness. For be assured that if you choose to follow the old way, you will indeed grieve My Spirit, and there shall be within you a witness that shall let you know that He is grieved. And there are other patterns of conduct that he continues to name, which the believer is warned to avoid and put aside. But let it be understood that the only way that you really can be imitators of Me and walk in love, is that your hearts are truly motivated by the desire to please Me. And this you will do if indeed you recognize that you are truly dear children whom I love and for whom I have given My Son, and to whom I have given My Holy Spirit. As your hearts are truly motivated by love, you will recognize how very dear you are to Me.

Such recognition will move you in the choice that you will make, either to walk by the old corrupt man or by the new righteous and holy man. And I tell you these things not because you are ignorant of them, but because even as My Word declares, in these last days the predominance of those who choose to walk by the old man, not only those who make no profession of My Son, but even those who do, will increase. And the temptation and the pressure to live by the old corrupt pattern will increase. Thus in an increasing measure the world that surrounds you will be like the world in which those to whom My servant Paul wrote, the world they had to live and contend with. And that is why it is necessary, even urgent, for you to consider and embrace the warnings and the admonitions which My servant Paul writes about here.

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