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Bible Devotions From Mark 12:28-34

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Why do you think that My Son declared to the scribe, after He had responded to his question and the scribe affirmed his answer, with the words, “You are not far from the Kingdom of God”? First of all you see that this man had observed how My Son met the hypocritical inquiries of the Pharisees, Herodians and Sadducees. And he had perceived that what was being declared by My Son was the truth and was open to hear more truth, and so he was attracted; drawn by the truth and open to hear more truth. And so you see that in contrast to the others, he approached My Son with a sincere question. When My Son gave the answer, he was able to affirm heartily that answer. And you see that in his estimation love and truth were inextricably connected and exceeded all other obligations such as burnt offerings and sacrifices. Since knowing the truth, loving the truth and receiving the truth is fundamental to entering My Kingdom, this man was very near and open heartedness and love of the truth promotes sincere inquiry. While outwardly this man by his association with the scribes might have been regarded as just another opponent, My Son recognized that his heart was genuinely open to the truth and therefore He dealt with him in the same straightforward manner as the scribe dealt with Him. I want you to understand from this that though the majority may seem to reject and to be opposed to My Son and to care little for the truth, that there are those, even those who might on the surface seem to be opponents, whose hearts are after the truth. You cannot judge and you cannot disqualify those who may seem to be identified with those who oppose. But you must discern the degree to which their hearts are open to seek the truth. Though the opponents asked questions, and this man also asked questions, the motivations of the hearts of each were different, and that you must keep in mind and trust Me to grant you discernment so that you may be able to distinguish between those who are false and those who sincerely seek the truth. As you trust Me, I assure you that you will be able to discern that difference and therefore be able to respond to the sincere seeker in a helpful way.

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Bible Devotions From Proverbs 17

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This book begins with a word, which is the foundation of all the words presented in it. That word is “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. You know that when it speaks of the fear of Me it is not talking about that kind of fear that causes you to cower and seek to fulfill My word out of the dread of consequences. But rather this fear involves the recognition of who I am and the awe and the reverence that stirs one to live fully in the light of the revelation of who I am. It is this attitude of heart that truly enables one to receive wisdom. And it is that wisdom which enables one to find in the instruction that is contained here the guide to both attitude and behavior that truly brings glory to My name and blessing to the one who walks in it. As you read the words in this portion, you have acknowledged that there are things stated that you do not understand. But even though some of the language does not clearly communicate it’s meaning to you, yet you recognize on the whole that these words are declaring what is good in the way of attitude and conduct, and the good results and blessings that come to the one who walks in the way that they prescribe. And you also see words that declare what is foolish and wicked and the consequences that follow such attitudes and conduct.

And you have seen that each of these Proverbs can stand as a truth in their own right. But you have been searching for some pattern, some thread that can tie them together, as I have shown you from other portions in this book. But in this portion you have been unable to find such a clear pattern. One of the reasons that you have been unable is because there really is not a special and obvious pattern as there is in some other portions. But also I would tell you that you have been seeking it by the exercise of your reason and your analysis rather than depending upon Me to show you by My Spirit. I instructed you to meditate, and in your meditation you could see some truths that registered in your hearts. And there is value for you in this. But what I want to declare to you and to reinforce in your mind and in your heart is that for each of these where there is approval and commendation, practice of those words truly results in walking in the fear of Me. Yes, even though it is not specifically declared here, that is what must be in the heart in order for you to walk in what truly blesses. But if you were careful to note those Proverbs, which warn and declare about that which was foolish and evil, you would see that there are quite a few here which are like that. And there are not a few which compare in contrast what is evil and foolish with that which is wise and good. But as much as it is My wisdom which enables one to walk in what is good, it is also My wisdom which enables one to recognize what is foolish and wicked. And you know that sometimes that which is foolish and wicked is so subtly disguised that it truly does require My wisdom to discern it. There is an opportunity that is available to everyone who desires to walk in the fear of Me to grow continually in the capacity to love what is good, which is truly the only way to walk in My fear, and also to grow in the ability to hate what is foolish and wicked, and to discern the difference between the two in ever greater measure. And even if now you feel yourselves somewhat limited in the capacity to discern clearly that which is good and that which is foolish and wicked, I assure you that as you grow in your fear of Me, that the wisdom necessary for such discernment will also become greater within you.

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Bible Devotions From Proverbs 14

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If you will examine the contrast in this portion between the wise and the foolish, between the upright who fear Me and those who give themselves over to their own devices, you will see in each case the actions, the decisions, the attitudes and the values are matters of the heart. It speaks here again and again of how influential the condition of the heart is, and therefore you must understand, even as My Son declared, that the issues of life flow from it. And in some cases you see that what things look like from the outside are not what they really are on the inside. For example, it declares here that even in laughter the heart may sorrow and the end of mirth may be grief. It also says, “the heart knows its own bitterness and a stranger does not share its joy”. Even though in this portion certain acts and certain expressions are commended and others are condemned, I want you to understand that those things, which are commended, are achieved because the heart of those who practice them is towards Me. As it declares here, “He who walks in his uprightness fears the Lord.” But the attitude of those who walk in sin and folly is described as the perverse ways of those who despise Me. Why am I bringing these things to your attention?

Is it not for two important reasons? First of all that when you consider the actions and the words of people, that you recognize that they are not to be judged merely on the basis of what seems to be, but of what is truly in the heart. And you can more easily discern what is the true condition of the heart by recognizing the attitude of the person towards Me. For do you not find that there are those who do what is good in the eyes of men and are considered upright according to human standards, but when they are confronted with the issue of their attitude towards Me, they prove to be those who do not fear Me and seek to please Me. In this way you can surely discern the condition of the heart. And is it not important that you do so, in order that you may truly reflect My light to them? Secondly, it is important for you to understand this matter of what is behind the conduct of men because you not only need to discern the true character of their walk, but you also need to examine your own heart to determine which way it is inclined, whether towards Me or away from Me. And since it is shown here and in many other places in My Word that it is not what is shown outwardly that determines the true character of what is in the heart, but it is determined by what is inwardly, as it declares in another place that man looks upon the outward things, but I look upon the heart. And therefore do not be deceived to think that you can cover up the true character of your heart if it is not inclined towards Me, nor do you need to boast and promote what is in your heart if is inclined towards Me. As it declares here, “Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding, but what is in the heart of fools is made known”. And though the condition of the heart may not always manifest itself quickly, whether in wisdom or in folly, be assured that it will ultimately do so. But I want to give you one more very important caution about this matter. It is this: that the one who seeks to hide the condition of his heart and to deceive others into thinking that it is better than it really is, ends up only in deceiving himself. For as it declares here, “What is in the heart of fools is made known”. Consider carefully these two very important values of discerning the condition of the heart, both of others and of yourself.

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