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Bible Devotions From Revelation 10

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In this portion My servant John declares a vision, an awesome vision. And I have spoken to you before about some of the meaning and significance of it. But I want you to see something also that is very important about what is declared here. For this is a vision that proclaims a very special preparation for the culmination of all that I proclaimed through My servant the prophets that I would do. And you see here that which is called the sounding of the seventh angel is a sounding of the completion of the mystery of God. And you must take note that the coming of this angel and his sounding is to prepare for the culmination of what I have proclaimed.

What does this mean for you? It means that all those events, all of the shakings that are going on in the earth that you now see are increasing in number and in intensity, are not just random events that just happen to be occurring. And even though there is much turmoil and confusion surrounding them, that none of this denies the order and the certainty of the completion of what I have promised. And you see that the angel lifts his hand to heaven to swear that what he proclaims and reveals surely comes from Me, and that it involves and affects all that I have created: heaven, the earth and the sea and all that is within them. And the sounding of the angel is not only all that is proclaimed, for My servant is given the little book and he is to take it into himself. And I have already explained to you what that little book really is and why it is sweet to the taste and bitter to the stomach. But take note that once that little book is ingested, My servant is commanded to prophesy about many peoples, nations, tongues and kings. So then, in the preparation for the culmination of My work there will not only be angelic heavenly activity, even signs and wonders in the heavens and upon the earth, but there will be the mighty proclamation of My Word, the release of the prophetic spirit so that what I am doing, though it is called a mystery will be revealed to those who have ears to hear and a heart to receive. And I am telling you this and emphasizing this to you not only to comfort you and encourage you concerning what is the end of that which is unfolding upon the earth, but also because you have received My Son and His message which is the Spirit of prophecy. I say this to you so that you may know that you also have a part in the preparation, in the unfolding of the mystery, in the culmination of what I am doing on the earth. And you will not be overtaken with perplexity and confusion because it has been made known to you what are My purposes and what is truly behind all the shaking and what shall be the end of it. Even though you have not seen the angel or yet heard his sound, it is given here to you to know the purpose for which he comes so that you may find rest and confidence in the midst of My working out of that purpose.

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Bible Devotions From Isaiah 27

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Do you not often wonder as you see the precarious situation of My people in this land and throughout the earth? Does it seem that the promises that you read about here and in other places are seemingly impossible of fulfillment in light of what you observe is happening? For does it not seem that the vineyard that I have planted is unfruitful and that rather than being guarded so that no one may harm it, it is being attacked and threatened as if any protecting wall has been broken down, and those who want to trample it and tear it up have descended upon it. Far from taking root, it seems that the whole world is determined to uproot Jacob. Far from bearing bud and blossom, it seems that the vine is withered at the root and that no more than bitter fruit and faded blossoms are upon it.

But understand that this very thing, as strange as it may seem to you, is intended for her salvation, and along with it, as you see here in this portion, the judgment and the destruction of her enemies. For see that it says that her enemies who struck her have been struck down, and those who killed her have been killed. And though I have used the nations and continue to use them as a rod of discipline upon My people, as it declares here, that by warfare and exile I contend with her. Yet this very pattern of events that causes you to wonder if My promises are being or ever will be fulfilled, is serving My purpose. First of all, as it declares here, to punish those who’ve come against her, and secondly, through them to deal with her, to remove sin, to sweep away all the remnants and expressions of idolatry, and to show them My salvation and to extend to them My compassion. For though it may look like I show them no compassion and no favor, as it declares here, these strong and painful dealings are ultimately My way of salvation. And ultimately, as it declares here, they will be gathered not just to be held away from their enemies and relieved of punishment, but to be brought to worship Me on My holy mountain. And see that it says that in all these dealings, the great serpent will be slain. Though these are mysterious words, you understand in the light of My fuller revelation, that it is not only the nations that shall be judged, but this awesome one who lies behind their rebellion and their hatred against My people. Why do I give you these words? Why do I bring you this portion? Is it not to show you, beyond what you are seeing and understanding about that which is taking place in these days, what My real and everlasting purposes are that are being worked out, even through these awesome events. For you see, if you understand them in the light of what is declared here, they really do not contradict any of My promises. Nor do they in any way annul the purposes of My heart. Let it be settled in your own hearts, that the day is fast approaching when I will finish this great work that I have purposed to do, and the great trumpet will sound and all of My people who have been scattered will be gathered to worship Me in Spirit and in truth. And those nations that will not serve Me and that will remain captive to the serpent will be destroyed. And those from among the nations who will submit to Me, will also be gathered to My holy mountain in Jerusalem. Will you believe this, and hold fast to what I have declared, rather than draw your conclusions from what you observe around you?

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Bible Devotions From Matthew 24:1-35

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You have seen in recent days how that something constructed by the hands of men and that looked solid and permanent, and was even in a sense venerated, was quickly brought to destruction, so that it might be said, even as My Son said of the temple, that not one stone would be left upon another.

This had not yet happened as My Son declared, but the disciples believed Him and were prompted to ask Him when it would happen and what would be the sign of His coming and the end of the age. You see that My Son did not exactly specify when the temple would be destroyed, but He declared the nature and character of those times that would precede His coming and the end of the age. And do you not see that in almost all of those events, that He foretells that there is great turmoil, both in the natural order of the heavens and the earth and in the social order of men and in the sphere of religion. And there are with these warnings to those who believe, for was not the purpose of these declarations to warn and to prepare those who believe? For in other places the coming of My Son and the end of the age are characterized as coming like a thief in the night. So then, those who do not believe would be over taken suddenly and will be unprepared. But the intention of My Son in giving these words, as I have told you before, was not to elaborate some specific time schedule, but rather to warn and prepare those who believe. But there are in the midst of His awesome declarations also words of comfort. For He declares that those awesome events that came at the beginning are like birth pains. And you know, as terrible as birth pains may be, they precede something good and wonderful, that is the coming forth of new life. And surely this is indeed what in the end will be the result of all these terrible things. Also, My Son speaks of those who will stand firm to the end and be saved. This means that though the love of many will grow cold and that many will turn from the faith and betray and hate and follow false prophets, yet there will be those who will stand firm to the end. Also, the gospel of the Kingdom will ultimately be preached to the whole world before the end will come. And though there will be awesome and trying days, almost impossible to bear, My Son declares that they will be cut short for the sake of the elect. And He further declares that the nations of earth, upon seeing the sign of His coming in the sky, will mourn and the angels will gather all of His elect.

And finally, that though heaven and earth will pass away, the words of truth that He proclaimed will never pass away. Can you not see that in the midst of all these awesome events, there is not only warning and preparation, but great comfort and encouragement for all who believe? And as you have seen how suddenly destruction can overtake when people are not prepared, be encouraged in your own hearts to be prepared and to find comfort in the certainty that you are established upon what cannot be shaken or pass away. Receive then not only the warning and the preparation, but also the comfort.

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