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Luke 4:14-32

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I want you to observe from this portion that My Son faced both popularity and hostility almost from the beginning of His ministry.  And you see that in the midst of the popularity He was willing, in fact determined and dedicated, to declaring the truth to those who heard Him, even though he knew that by such declaration he would provoke rage, hostility and efforts to kill Him.  Is it not amazing to recognize that the appreciation and acceptance by those who heard Him was so quickly transformed into rage and even an attempt to kill?  What does this mean?  Surely you must understand that My Son was never seeking to be popular.  He was never motivated by the desire to be approved by men, and so He spoke the truth even when that declaration prompted hostility and rage and even an attempt at murder.  Notice from the words recorded that My Son brought no accusation.  I want you to understand that while He proclaimed that the truth sets men free, you can also see that when the truth is rejected that rejection produces greater darkness and greater bondage.  And in all of this recognize that My Son, as it declares here, was operating in the power of the Spirit.  Nothing that He declares in the synagogue or in any other place was calculated as an effort to please men.  Even when for a season the truth seemed to please them, My Son well knew that the whole truth that He would proclaim would have the effect of provoking rejection, hostility and the outpouring of wrath.  What does this mean to you?  What do I want to say to you through this?  I could say many things, but today I want to emphasize to you that you might desire with all your heart to be filled and empowered by My Spirit, not so as to gain popularity and the approval of men, but rather to be bold and uncompromising in speaking the truth, even at the cost of rejection, persecution and attempt to destroy you.  Will you determine in your hearts to be so faithful and so committed to the truth that you will reject the desire to please men, even to the point of displeasing and enraging them?  Will you do this because you are committed to pleasing Me; you are committed to being faithful to the truth?

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Bible Devotions From Deuteronomy 16

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Recall that when I spoke to you before from this portion I emphasized two words that are significant for you in relationship to the feasts which I ordained for My people.  Those words are “remember and rejoice”.  What are you to remember, and in what are you to rejoice?  Is it not that you are to remember My great deliverance of your fathers from their slavery in Egypt, My lifting them out of the bondage and the oppression in which they lived for so many years.  But also you are to remember My faithful provision, which not only was given in the desert by the miracles that I performed, but also when they came into the land and experienced the abundance of the harvest.  And you are also to remember My faithful guidance as well as My provision as they traveled through the wilderness, and also My protection from enemies and from the dangers and trials of the desert.  But in what are you to rejoice as you remember?  Is it not that I took you out of even a greater bondage and oppression than the slavery that your fathers knew in Egypt?  Is it not also that I have demonstrated My faithfulness throughout the generations and throughout your own lives?  And is it requiring too much of you, as I required of your fathers, that you bring offerings of praise and thanks to Me as a true sacrifice and expression of your thankfulness for My gracious provision?  And are you not also called to rejoice for My bountiful harvest which has always been sufficient for you?  But more than this that by dwelling in booths that are temporary you are reminded that your journey will not lead only to a land which you cannot live in forever, but rather to an eternal home from which you can never be uprooted.  When you walk down a highway or through a city, are there not memorials and statues to remind you of great events and great persons who were connected with those events?  Are you not called as a faithful citizen of the land and of the city to remember and to rejoice?  But if these things are so for what is only earthly and temporary, and for what is merely in the past, should they not even be more so for that which not only points to what has been done in the past, but to that which is significant both for time and for eternity?  And you see here that it also mentions the choosing of judges and officials who will uphold and execute justice.  Can you not also remember and rejoice in this provision knowing that I establish a right foundation for your lives even here on earth?  And if I am indeed a God of deliverance, of provision, of guidance, of justice, should your recognition of this be limited only to times and seasons as represented in the feasts, or should it not be a cause for remembrance and rejoicing every day and in every circumstance?  For all that is represented in the record of My mighty and faithful works speaks not only of times and seasons and of past events, but of who I am and what I do always, day by day throughout your years and for eternity.   

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Bible Devotions From Luke 10:1-24

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What is true for you that was also true for these seventy which My Son sent out into the cities before He visited them. Is it not true that like them you are sent upon a mission? And is it not true that you are to pray as He directed, because the harvest is truly great, the laborers are relatively few in comparison with the size of the task? And it is still the Lord of the harvest who must send them forth. And it is His harvest, which they are commended to gather in. Is it also not true that like the seventy, you are sent as lambs among wolves? And though you are not specifically commanded concerning the carrying of money and other provisions, are you not still dependent upon Me for your provision? And is it not also true that those who receive you are blessed and those who reject you do not reject only you, but they reject My Son, and thus also reject Me? And is it not also true that you are granted authority over all the power of the enemy, and therefore can look to Me, not only for your provision, but for your protection and your power to accomplish the task. And just as My Son declared to His disciples that He had been given all things, and that no one truly knew Him but those to whom I reveal Him, and that no one knows Me except the one to whom My Son reveals Him, therefore the burden of the results does not depend upon you but upon Me. You can be confident that as you fulfill your part to speak and to proclaim, that I will fulfill My part to reveal. These then among the things that are declared here are to be true of you, even though the other things that are mentioned were only true of those to whom they were originally declared. And then I want you also to recognize that just as My Son rejoiced in the hour when the seventy returned concerning the way that I had worked through them, then He also still rejoices in your faith and obedience and in the fruit that you will bear as a result.

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