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I Corinthians 10

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You see how My servant describes that all of Israel that came out of Egypt had an outward identification with Moses in the act of deliverance and the participation in My provision for My people.  But it declares that I was not well pleased with all of them.  In spite of their identification with My deliverer, in spite of their participation in My provision, many of them gave themselves over to idolatry and the evil practices connected with it.  My servant goes on to declare that this record is not just a historical account of what happened, but it is intended to instruct those who live at the end of the ages how to live so as to be well pleasing to Me, and how to avoid falling into the same pattern of sin as did your fathers.  For the consequences of such are just as sure judgment as the consequences that befell your fathers that embraced those evil ways even though the outward form of those consequences may differ.  You may ask, “Father are we in danger of going the evil way of our fathers who were judged in the wilderness?”  My reply to you is “Yes indeed you need to beware.”  Though you too have identified with My deliverer and you too have participated in My gracious provision, the enticements of the flesh, the seductions of the evil one, and the trials of faith are as present and as strong as they were in those days.  While you have much more light, much more revelation, it was not outward identification that made the difference for those who did not yield to evil.  It was rather an obedient heart that never took for granted the blessings and the wonders.  And that revelation of My Spirit given to you is that which will make the difference between compromise with what is evil and faithfulness in all your ways.  Do you not observe today that many who identify outwardly either fall away in the face of trials, or else compromise in following evil ways?  Thus these words are as important for you today as they were for those to whom they were originally addressed.  Never ever be satisfied with mere outward conformity.  Always, as My servant admonishes, seek in everything to do it to My glory.  In this way you shall surely avoid the evil ways of your fathers and the severe consequences that followed.

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Bible Devotions From John 12: 20-50

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In the midst of great popularity, of being hailed and celebrated, even though there was the opposition of the Pharisees and the unbelief of a significant number of the people, My Son kept His heart focused on the purpose for which He came into the world and the awesome means by which that purpose would be fulfilled. You must understand that it is not naturally easy for one who is popular and who is even sought out by foreigners, as He was sought out by the Greeks, to keep His heart resistant to the vain praises of men and to walk steadfastly towards suffering and death. But you see from the analogy of the seed falling into the earth and dying in order to bring forth abundant fruit that My Son well understood and thoroughly embraced the purpose for which I sent Him into the world.

But even though that purpose involved suffering and death, and as you see here prompted a struggle in His soul, He not only understood the redemptive purpose that would be accomplished by it, but He was motivated even more by the desire that through all of this I would be glorified. And that is why I spoke from heaven to confirm that what He had chosen was truly of Me.

And while all of this accomplished your redemption and you are part of that produce of many seeds, the truth that I would be glorified by all of this, even by the necessity of suffering and death to accomplish it, is the real manifestation of the heart of My Son as He chose suffering and death, not only to bring salvation, but to glorify Me. And surely it must be that if your hearts are truly motivated by that same purpose that was in His heart, though you are not called through suffering and death to atone for anyone’s sin, you surely are called by whatever may be the consequences of your full obedience to glorify Me. That is the fulfilling to the greatest extent of the purpose for which My Son came, that is the fullest extent of the fruit that results not only from the laying down of His life, but for the reproduction and the multiplication of it in you and in all who truly believe.