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Bible Devotions From Mark 15:1-26

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You will recall that it is written in My Word that I make the wrath of men to praise Me. Here in the suffering, in the death of My Son, you see an extraordinary outpouring of the wrath of men. According to human reckoning, it cannot be seen as to how this extreme expression of the wrath of men could possibly work for My praise. But you know that in fact, it really did. Yes the awful suffering, the terrible rejection and finally the death of My Son was used by Me to open the door of salvation and the gate to My eternal Kingdom for sinful and rebellious mankind, and ultimately for the redemption of all My creation that had been stained and affected by sin. If indeed as you know, this awesome, awful deed was turned about from the intentions of the perpetrators and the evil one who inspired them so that infinite good could come out of such evil, should not then your hearts be established in confidence and in peace that I am continuing to overrule and to make the wrath of men to praise Me. You cannot see it with your natural eyes or understand it with your natural understanding, no more than you could accept the death of My Son as My triumph on behalf of your salvation. But having received the gift of eternal life through My Son, you now believe, accept and appreciate how that all the awesome events that you read about here were made to serve My glorious purposes and to give Me praise and glory. So then by that same understanding that enlightened you that has come through faith, also understand that I am working out even through the awesome events that you see and hear about, My glorious purposes that shall result in My praise.

For you see that all that flows from the suffering and crucifixion of My Son is like a mighty and irresistible stream that overflows it’s banks and floods all that surrounds it. And this shall be the outcome for all the nations and for My people Israel, that the spirit of hatred, of murder that is expressed in the hearts of those Jews and Gentiles as recorded here and as has continued down through the ages, shall be completely reversed. And as it is written, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He who they despised, rejected and sought to kill is both Lord and Messiah. And this shall be to My glory. The cross may have looked to the natural eye a tragic defeat, but in truth as you know, it was the greatest, the most supreme of all victories.

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Bible Devotions From John 17:6-26

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You wonder why I have brought you to this portion and what particularly I have to tell you from it other than what I have told you before, since in this portion you see My Son addressing Me concerning His disciples that were then and those who would come after as a result of their testimony.

But I want you to look closely and consider that though My Son declares that He prays for them and not for the world, that you do not find a lot of specific petitions on their behalf. For His words are mostly filled with declaration about the relationship of the disciples to My Son and to Me.

And My Son affirms that the basis of His confidence that His petitions shall be granted lies especially in the fact of that relationship; in the fact that, as He declares here, His work in the world has been completed.

And since His presence would no longer be a testimony to the truth in the world, He is praying that the glory that He had with Me and what He had given to them would maintain that testimony after He had returned. But consider the specific petitions! First, that those who believe would have My Son’s joy fulfilled in themselves. Secondly, that even though they would be hated by the world because they are not of the world, My Son prayed that they would not be taken out of the world, but rather preserved within it from the Evil One. The third petition is that I would sanctify those who are My Son’s by My truth. And this means that My Word would be the means of their being set apart unto Me. The next petition is that all those who believe in the message through the testimony of the original disciples would be made one in My Son. And through the manifestation of that unity, there would be a strong testimony that I have indeed sent My Son into the world. For what is accomplished in that unity manifestly cannot be accomplished in any other way. This unity, My Son declared in His prayer, is truly the manifestation of the glory that He had with Me before He came to the world. And it is truly the strongest testimony that I have sent Him and We are one. And the final petition of My Son concerning all the disciples who would come to believe, was that He desired they would be with Him to behold His glory, which manifests the love that I had for Him before the foundation of the world. As you are called to intercede, there are many needs for which you can pray. But be mindful that none of them have a greater priority in My heart nor in the heart of My Son than these which are mentioned here: that I would sanctify those who believe by My Word; that in a world that is greatly hostile to My Son and to Me, I would manifest through the love and unity of those who believe that I have truly sent My Son; that in the midst of this hostile world they would be preserved from the certain attacks of the Evil One. But by the consistent testimony of their love for one another, based upon their relationship to My Son, there would be released great power to affect the lives of men and women, and that the ultimate hope and joy of all those who are so united with My Son is to behold Him in His glory, even as He prayed they would. These are the things that must be very real to you as you intercede, for they ultimately will be that which is established firmly for all eternity.

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Bible Devotions From Psalm 48

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In this time of great trouble, even as the rulers of the earth once again as so many times in the past, reach out to grasp My city and to claim it as their own, I want to encourage and strengthen you once again concerning My ultimate purposes for My city. The Psalmist here does not glory in this city for any less reason, then for the fact that it is My city, the place where I have set My name, the place where My glory is to be revealed and where I am once again to be greatly praised. You will recall as you have before, that when I spoke to you in response to your question as to why I had brought you to this city, that I then declared that I would indeed reveal My glory here as I had promised and that My purpose for bringing you here was to give you a part, a share in the establishing of My glory. You are probably wondering if this was merely exalted and unrealistic thinking on your part, rather than true words and promises from My mouth. But I declare to you that many who are not great in the eyes of men, many who may not even think of themselves as important, will be those whom I have chosen to share in the restoration of My glory. It was so in the vision of the Psalmist, that he wrote of those who thought upon My loving kindness in the midst of My temple and their thoughts concerned not only the establishing of My praise and My glory in this place, but of it’s extension to the ends of the earth. And it is necessary for you to remember that the blessing of Zion and the true reason for her being the joy of the whole earth is that first of all I dwell there. But beyond that, the glory revealed in her shall not be confined to her walls and gates, but shall spread to the ends of the earth. It may seem now to you that the fulfillment of that which I have ultimately promised for her is far off, many years yet in the future.

But I tell you that as swiftly as sudden judgment came upon her for her sins, just as swiftly shall glory come upon her because of righteousness being established within her. And even though you may think that you will not live to behold the fullness of that glory, yet I will say to you, that you will not be dissatisfied with the portion that I give to you, and you will know from the fulfillment of that portion, that all that I have promised concerning her will be fulfilled. So then, your rejoicing shall be both in what I give you of that portion of My glory, and also by faith in your confidence in the manifestation of its fullness. Yes indeed, I am your God forever and ever. And I will continue to guide you, even to the very end. And though you may not understand all that is involved in this promise concerning your relationship to My city, you will rest in the blessing of what you do understand of that which I have revealed to you.

And this will prove sufficient to satisfy your hearts.

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