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Bible Devotions From Genesis 14

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I want you to recognize from this portion something which is very important for those who would follow Me and walk by faith in this world, as your father Abraham did, for you see that due to no fault of his own or to any action or decision that he had made, he was swept up in the consequences of events that were taking place around him. And thus the battle and the aftermath of the conflict between the alliances of the various city kings came to the doorstep of Abraham when his nephew Lot and his family were taken prisoners and their possessions captured by the confederation of kings under Chedorlaomer. And so it was that when Abram received news of this that he immediately prepared his servants to fight in order to recapture Lot and his family. And he did this in league with his Amorite neighbors. And you see by the outcome that I not only blessed Abram with victory over those kings, and with success in rescuing Lot and his family, but I honored him because his motives were free of seeking personal gain as a result of his victory. And by this he bore a strong testimony to the king of Sodom who wanted to reward him with the spoils. You see also that when Melchizedek came to bless Abram that he did so in My name, and Abram recognized and honored him with the tithe. So in this you see that the heart of Abram was discerning between the intentions of the godly King of Salem and those of the King of Sodom, for though he was swept up in the consequences of the actions of unbelievers, Abram dealt with those consequences in faith and dependency upon Me. And in this way he was able to glorify Me and to bare a good testimony before the unbelievers, and also to maintain the standards of godliness in the midst of solicitations that were not godly. Is this not the challenge that you and all those who would live a godly life must face in the world? For you see in this portion as well as many others that those who are Mine do not remain untouched by the consequences of the actions of those around them that do not know Me.

Nevertheless, like Abraham your father, you can remain faithful and discerning in the midst of those consequences so long as your heart is towards Me and you fully face them with faith in Me as Abram did.

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Bible Devotions From Matthew 26:1-36

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I want to show you an amazing contrast that is revealed in this portion.

Consider the plans, the intentions and the motivations of the enemies of My Son. They knew what they wanted to do. They planned and they carried it out. Perhaps when Judas came to them and offered to betray My Son into their hands, they considered it a confirmation of the correctness of their intentions. Some of them even regarded Judas’ offer as a confirmation from Me. I have already told you that which Judas did was really the climax of what was in his heart all along. And in contrast, consider how that Peter actually professed that he wanted to do the very opposite of what he ended up doing. For it was not the evil intentions of his heart that were exposed at that time. It was rather his self-dependence that blinded him to the condition of his own heart which was at that time absorbed with self- interest. But it was not the same kind of self-interest that was rooted in personal ambition which motivated Judas. It was rather an insecurity that at the time of his strong profession lay hidden, covered up by his dependence upon self and his apparent zeal to remain true to My Son. But you see that My Son knew not only what I had planned for His earthly departure, but He also knew the motives of the hearts of those around Him.

He even could recognize in the act of anointing, which Mary performed, a heart of unreserved love, while the hearts of the disciples were blinded to this by more immediate utilitarian and earthly concerns. And you see by the words of My Son, that He knew that not only Peter, but all of the disciples would fall away and desert Him, though Peter was the one who would verbally deny Him. But I declared to you that there was a great contrast here. On the surface you may think it didn’t look so great; that it was just a matter of degree between outward betrayal and desertion and denial. But again the contrast lay in the true condition of the heart.

For those who plotted the death of My Son and the one who betrayed Him into their hands were all without repentance regarding their act. Their hearts were completely blinded as to who My Son was and also they did not take seriously the challenge of My Son that those who opposed Him opposed Me.

But in the case of Peter and the other disciples, though they did not truly understand at that time the condition of their own hearts and the potential that they had for falling away and disowning Me, yet their hearts were really towards Me. And as My Son told them, it was not flesh and blood that enabled them to recognize who My Son really was, but My revelation.

And because their hearts, though weak and at that time more dependent upon human zeal than upon Me, yet they were enabled to receive the gift of repentance. And later on when My Spirit came to them in fullness, they were able to change from following out of mere human zeal and self- dependence to following out of dependence upon Me. I want you to appreciate this contrast, because it clearly marks the distinction, not only between those who are clearly enemies of the gospel, but also those who though seemingly followers, fall away and those who though seemingly weak and fall away are actually in their hearts true followers. And you will see in the latter that they can receive the gift of repentance and turn back again and be strengthened to follow, not by self-determination and mere human zeal, but by dependence upon Me. And consider this both a caution and an encouragement for yourselves. For there will be tests for what is truly in your hearts, even as it was for those first disciples.

But those tests will serve not only to prove that your hearts are truly inclined towards Me, but that My love and My faithfulness to you are greater than the weaknesses of your own hearts. And if indeed you should fail and fall away, I will be faithful to draw you back, to grant you the gift of repentance and to restore you in My strength, even as I did to those first disciples

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Bible Devotions From Psalm 136

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You see here how the Psalmist encourages thanksgiving, first of all acknowledging who I am, that I am good, that I am God of gods and Lord of lords, that I alone do great wonders and that I am creator of all that is.

Then he goes on to urge thanks for what I have done in My great work of the redemption of My people, mentioning especially My redemption from slavery in Egypt and My faithfulness to them in the desert and in the battles to gain for them the land of promise. You see here how he repeats after every declaration the refrain, that My love endures forever. This is not merely a poetic device for singing this Psalm. It is a reminder, a continual reminder that the revelation of who I am endures because I do not change.

It is a reminder that My great work of redemption continues so that it is not limited to those recorded from the past, but remains throughout the generations to all who are truly Mine. My loves is not and never will be confined to the great and wondrous deeds of the past, because I am the same and do not change and My love endures forever. Can you not add to this list of wondrous acts done in behalf of My people, those good and wondrous things that I have done for you? Can you not proclaim that My love endures forever, that it has endured for you? Can you not for this reason give thanks to Me continually both for My faithfulness in the past and for the assurance that My goodness to you shall continue in the days ahead?

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