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Bible Devotions From Revelation 10

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In this portion My servant John declares a vision, an awesome vision. And I have spoken to you before about some of the meaning and significance of it. But I want you to see something also that is very important about what is declared here. For this is a vision that proclaims a very special preparation for the culmination of all that I proclaimed through My servant the prophets that I would do. And you see here that which is called the sounding of the seventh angel is a sounding of the completion of the mystery of God. And you must take note that the coming of this angel and his sounding is to prepare for the culmination of what I have proclaimed.

What does this mean for you? It means that all those events, all of the shakings that are going on in the earth that you now see are increasing in number and in intensity, are not just random events that just happen to be occurring. And even though there is much turmoil and confusion surrounding them, that none of this denies the order and the certainty of the completion of what I have promised. And you see that the angel lifts his hand to heaven to swear that what he proclaims and reveals surely comes from Me, and that it involves and affects all that I have created: heaven, the earth and the sea and all that is within them. And the sounding of the angel is not only all that is proclaimed, for My servant is given the little book and he is to take it into himself. And I have already explained to you what that little book really is and why it is sweet to the taste and bitter to the stomach. But take note that once that little book is ingested, My servant is commanded to prophesy about many peoples, nations, tongues and kings. So then, in the preparation for the culmination of My work there will not only be angelic heavenly activity, even signs and wonders in the heavens and upon the earth, but there will be the mighty proclamation of My Word, the release of the prophetic spirit so that what I am doing, though it is called a mystery will be revealed to those who have ears to hear and a heart to receive. And I am telling you this and emphasizing this to you not only to comfort you and encourage you concerning what is the end of that which is unfolding upon the earth, but also because you have received My Son and His message which is the Spirit of prophecy. I say this to you so that you may know that you also have a part in the preparation, in the unfolding of the mystery, in the culmination of what I am doing on the earth. And you will not be overtaken with perplexity and confusion because it has been made known to you what are My purposes and what is truly behind all the shaking and what shall be the end of it. Even though you have not seen the angel or yet heard his sound, it is given here to you to know the purpose for which he comes so that you may find rest and confidence in the midst of My working out of that purpose.

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Bible Devotions From Acts 21:15-22:29

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When I spoke to you before from this portion, I emphasized how that the things which occur here to My servant Paul demonstrate the truth of what he affirms concerning himself in another place. For there he declares that he did not count his own life dear, so that he might do everything that he could to proclaim the gospel. And you know how that when he was prophetically warned that bonds awaited him in Jerusalem, that he declared that he was not only willing to be bound, but to die at Jerusalem for the name of My Son. And so as I have pointed out to you before, you see him doing nothing to protect himself against what had been spoken about him.

But I want you to see something else. I want you to see in these circumstances how my hand was moving to bring him into situations which, though seemingly life threatening, were also ways in which I was working in the life of My servant to bring him into the fulfillment of all that I had in My heart for him and all that I had placed in his heart to accomplish.

For you will recall that even at the first I had declared that he would proclaim My name before governors and kings and also among the Gentiles.

And I had assured him that nothing and no one would in any wise harm him.

And you will recall also that he had declared that it was in his heart to proclaim the good news in Rome also. So you see here that in following the counsel of the leaders of the church at Jerusalem that he is brought into the place of false accusation and of violence. And yet see how My hand moves in the midst of those circumstances to deliver him and how, as I pointed out to you before, he took advantage of the very situation to proclaim his testimony to his own people. And you see how that even their violent rejection ultimately resulted in his being able to testify to the Jewish leaders, and from there to be sent before the governor. Now I would say to you that from this, take encouragement that no matter how grave and unpromising your circumstances may seem, even as those of My servant Paul seemed so grave and unpromising, that as long as you walk in faithfulness and obedience to those things that I have placed within your hearts, that you need not fear nor seek to protect yourself. For you can be sure that as you do walk in faithfulness and obedience, that my hand will be in all of your circumstances to move you towards the fulfillment of what is in My heart for you. This is what I would have you see from this portion, even though your circumstances might differ greatly from those of My servant Paul. For My hand is no less extended in behalf of any of My servants who seek to walk faithfully in My will and calling than it was extended in the circumstances of My servant Paul.

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Bible Devotions From Zechariah 2

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I want you to know that these words that were given to My servant the prophet concerning My restoration of Jerusalem and her glory were not given in the midst of promising and comforting circumstances. Instead it was the very opposite of what was promising and comforting. There are those who dismiss these words as the idealistic hopes of those who were clinging to the now faded idea and dream regarding the future of Jerusalem. To them that is all that these words represent. But you see that these are not merely poetic dreams, for they clearly declare things that shall yet be concerning both Judah and Jerusalem, as well as the nations. For you see here how these words express that the future glory and restoration of Zion is linked with the glory that will rest upon all people. For he says that in that day, many nations shall be joined to Me and shall become My people.

And so here you have the city being restored and the people being re- gathered from their scattering among the nations. And the good of both is that I will dwell in their midst. I will take possession of Judah as Mine inheritance and will again choose Jerusalem. And this blessing shall extend from My city to come to the ends of the earth, so that all people shall know Me. And you have wondered who the one that is mentioned here as the one I have sent really is. But you know from the fullness of what I have revealed that it is not the prophet. It is not the nation of Israel.

It is not some other from among the nations. Who is it then that will bring My glory to the nations? And who have I sent to restore Zion so that I may dwell in her midst? You know that it is my Son. And why have I brought you to consider this portion, which again speaks of the restoration of Jerusalem and the consequent blessing of all the nations? Is it not to reaffirm in the midst of the present circumstances, what seems so unpromising and uncomforting, that My purposes concerning my city and My land and indeed all the nations have not changed. And that part which is yours, in which I have purposed, though it may seem now to you unclear and even distant and hard to believe, has not changed. And you are called and encouraged to stand firm in your confidence regarding what I have declared, for that word will be tested and tried many times over before it’s complete fulfillment comes about. But surely as you stand firm, you will rejoice to know in your hearts that not that which you see before your eyes is what indicates My purpose, but what I have spoken unto you, and what has taken root in your hearts. In this is you true comfort and assurance. And in this shall be the unfolding of My true purpose in which you have a part.

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