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Isaiah 62

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When you consider what you see and what you hear in these days about My city and My people, if you consider only what you can observe on a natural level, you can hardly sustain hope, much less faithfully continue to intercede on her behalf.  And yet have I not called you to do this very thing?  Are you not among the watchmen who are to take no rest until I make Jerusalem a praise in the earth?  What will you believe?  What will you keep in your hearts in order that you may fulfill My calling and My command, not only to be watchmen who will call out, but also preparers of the way.  Will you take these words not only of command, but of promise and of hope?  Will they be what determines your perspective?  Will they be what guides your heart?  I have given you these words today to refresh your vision and to encourage your hearts.  When you begin to be absorbed with what you see, what you feel, what you touch, it would cause you to despair.  Hold these words, hold unto them and be encouraged.

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Bible Devotions From Isaiah 42

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When you consider the circumstances that seem to prevail both here in the land and throughout the world, if you were to consider that they indicate what is to be, would you not become discouraged, would you not be disheartened? But consider the word that I gave to My servant Isaiah. I am calling you as I called My people through him long ago not to judge by the circumstances, not to focus upon the rebellion, the idolatry, the defiant enmity that seems to prevail. I am calling you as I called them to consider My chosen servant in whom I delight. He is to be your focus.

Notice that it declares He will not falter or be discouraged till He establishes justice on the earth. Consider that He is My servant. I have chosen Him, I delight in Him. I have put My Spirit upon Him, and as I declare that I have done this, I also declare that I will make Him a covenant for My people, and a light for the Gentiles. And you know My son and My daughter that though this was a promise for the future when I gave it through My servant Isaiah that it has been fulfilled, for I have sent Him. And by contrast with the leaders of the nations and the self- appointed and self-proclaimed prophets of the world you see that My servant is humble and gentle. And you see that not only in His character and in His conduct is He very different from the leaders and self-proclaimed prophets of this world, but He is very different from My people Israel, for are they not still blind and deaf? Do they not still pay no attention to hear not only with their natural ears, but with their hearts? And do they not still fail to learn not only from My goodness, but from My judgments?

But there is still the extension of My hand and My message is still being pronounced. And there is the question here, “Which of you will listen to this or pay close attention in time to come?” Since My servant has come as promised and laid the foundation for righteousness and justice to be established, and since He will not be discouraged or falter until He establishes justice on the earth, and since I have done this, if you will embrace in your heart the message given through My servant the prophet, you too will not falter, or be discouraged. And you will have complete and perfect confidence that all that I intended when I chose My servant and sent Him forth will be fulfilled in its due season.

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Bible Devotions From Judges 10:6-11:33

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When you consider all of the things that were out of order and contrary to both My covenant and My character that are recorded in this portion, might you not be amazed that I worked in such favor and faithfulness in behalf of My people Israel? Do you not hear those who say that I will not fight for Israel because they are in sin, rebellion and unbelief? Do you not hear those who say that I am actually finished with Israel and that they are no more My people, but instead I have raised up a new people, a new Israel?

And are there not those who say that I will not bless them at all until they return to faithfulness to My covenant? But here you see how I extended My favor to them, not on the basis of their full return to covenant faithfulness, but simply because they had acknowledged their sin and put away the worship of foreign gods. And you have been told before this how that even with that step their hearts did not fully return to Me, nor did anyone of them, including their chosen leader, enquire of Me, but nevertheless because I love them, I remained faithful to My covenant with their fathers. Consider how in these days I have rescued them from the furnace of great affliction and have brought many of them back to this land that I promised to their fathers. And yet you know that most of them have not acknowledged that I have done it, and very few have sought Me and have remembered My covenant. And you know that even as I have continued to show them mercy, even as I did in the days of Jephthah, for the most part they have not turned back to Me. And I have brought them into the place of trial so that their enemies harass and afflict them. But consider that though this has continued for so long, that they do not turn their hearts back to Me. But also consider that with all this, I have not allowed their enemies to fulfill the intention of their hearts to destroy them. And have I not raised up from time to time leaders who were granted wisdom and might to lead them to victory? And though some of these leaders gave Me lip service, yet some made no profession of knowing Me or believing at all in Me. And yet through them I blessed My unworthy, unbelieving and rebellious people and used them to defend and deliver them from their enemies. Can you not see from this portion that though in some details it may differ, that the pattern of My covenant faithfulness to an unbelieving and rebellious people continues. I give you these words not only to recognize this truth, but to take comfort and to be assured that in spite of all the unfaithfulness of My people, and in spite of all the efforts of their enemies, and in spite of the opinions and interpretations of those who declare that I am finished with Israel, that even as it was in the days of Jephthah, I continued to remain faithful to their covenant with their fathers. If I indeed am so faithful to a rebellious and unbelieving people because of My covenant, will I not also remain faithful to those who have truly trusted Me, and with their hearts have embraced the One whom I have sent to fulfill all that I have promised? Do not, do not let your hearts be moved from that trust even in the face of unbelief and rebellion by the many and the false and erring interpretations of many others.

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