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Bible Devotions From Isaiah 40

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Do you think it strange that the one who is commanded to cry out in preparation for the coming of My glory is directed to cry out first of all concerning the frailty and transitory nature of man’s life? But you must see that if man does not consider and seriously deal with how fleeting his life on earth really is, then he is not prepared to recognize his great need to know Me. If he remains captured in his heart by the fleeting things of earth without considering his own end, he will never be ready, either to take heed to who I am, or to his great need to know Me and to receive that life which transcends the fleeting nature of his earthly existence. Here you see in the message that addresses him in terms of that need the declaration that though his life on earth is as fragile and fleeting as the grass and the flowers, that My word stands forever. So then, the message must begin by calling the hearer away from that which is passing away to that which endures forever. And the very next command is to those who bring good tidings, to lift up their voices without fear and to proclaim, “Behold your God!”. For when man is ready to consider his own need, it is necessary for him also to consider who I am and what I am offering in the face of his need. And you see that the message here declares that I shall come to rule and to reward. This is both a message of hope and of warning. It is a hope because it promises order and blessing, but it is a warning because this message establishes that ultimately I will hold all flesh accountable to Me. But in addition there is the promise of loving and tender care. For though I am portrayed as a Mighty Ruler who shall invincibly establish My order and My work, I am also portrayed as a gentle and loving Shepherd. And is this not a word of hope and comfort to the weary, the down trodden and the oppressed? And then there are those questions that are posed concerning My work and My knowledge as manifested in My creation, so that as men are challenged to behold who I am, they can consider My great power, My wisdom and understanding. And then the message declares to those who may be impressed by the might and the glory of the nations, how very little and insignificant they are in comparison to Me. Therefore man’s effort to substitute for Me gods of his own making are seen to be utterly foolish.

They are in effect ultimately an expression of the exaltation of man against Me. For men are portrayed in comparison as like grasshoppers, and the most noble and exalted of men like stubble that the wind takes away.

And men are called upon to consider how great is My power and My wisdom by what is manifested in the heavens, that all their hosts were created by Me and are known by Me according to what I have named them. And you see that though the nations may disregard Me and exalt themselves before Me, that also My people Israel contend with Me and complain against Me, that I have either in weariness or indifference to their plight abandoned them. But My word in the face of this complaint is that I am not weary and I have not abandoned those who truly wait upon Me. I give power and strength to them, while those who depend upon themselves grow weak and fall down. In all that is elaborated here concerning the condition and need of both the nations and My people Israel, you see that the message given is that they are to recognize that I alone who created them and who extend My love and saving mercy to them am able to meet their need. But without seeing that true nature of their need, they cannot come to really appreciate who I am and to receive Me into their lives. So, My son and My daughter, these considerations must be established in the hearts of man before they can know My comfort, before their warfare is ended, and their iniquity is pardoned. And therefore this is why the tidings that are to be proclaimed concerning Me and My work are truly good tidings.

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Bible Devotions From Habakkuk 3

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As My servant the prophet receives the vision of My judgment, of the awesomeness, of the dread when I come to judge the nations and bring My ultimate salvation to My people, you see how he trembles. He trembles and quakes and he cries that I would make known My work; that it would not just seem like catastrophe, like utter destruction; that My well deserved wrath might be tempered with mercy, for everything quakes and totters. In order for My true praise and My glory to be established, all that is familiar and seemed so stable, so lasting was utterly shattered. And did I not tell you when I spoke from another portion some time ago, that the very staff of life would be stricken and removed? And what is the place of safety and stability for the one who believes, for the prophet who recognizes My hand in all these things? For he truly sees what enables him to rejoice in the midst of it all. And how can he rejoice? In what can he find joy? Look and see, for he declares that he rejoices in Me. He sees his portion, not in the things that are shattered and removed, which would seem to natural understanding to be the source and the staff of life. No, instead he rejoices in Me. He declares that I am his strength and that I will make his feet to stand secure in even the most precipitous of places. And is this not your hope as well? And if it is not, then what will you have when all these things are removed?

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Bible Devotions From Revelation 10

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You will notice that the little book which My angel brought and held in his hand was not for reading, even though it declares here that in it were the things that pertained to the completion of all that I had declared through My servants the prophets. Instead it was for My servant to take and eat with the direction that he must prophesy. You may wonder why it declares here that it tasted sweet in his mouth, but felt bitter in his stomach?

Have I not declared to you that those things which pertain to the culmination of My work and the fulfillment of all that I have promised shall be attended with days of awesome devastation? And yet shall they not make way for that which is indeed sweet and glorious? Yes the proclamation is sweet for those who cherish My Word and put their hope in the fulfillment of My promises. But shall it not also be very bitter for those who dwell upon the earth without embracing that sweet hope? You may ponder and be puzzled that the fulfillment of My Word spoken by My servants can be experienced by them as both sweet and bitter. But understand this, that just as the prophets of old declared things both sweet and bitter, that their hearts could rejoice in the sweetness of the proclamation of what I had promised, but that their souls shared the bitterness of those who experienced the full measure of judgment for their rebellion and unbelief.

And so will it be for My servants in the days of consummation when all that I have proclaimed, as it says here, will be brought to its completion. And why do I tell you these things? Of what significance are they to you? Is it not to enable you to recognize that which is attendant to the fulfillment of what is sweet to you will be bitter to those for whom it is not that to which they look and hope in expectation. Are these not the days in which you must recognize this truth that all that pertains to what I have ordained is indeed coming to pass, and that you are not left without understanding and instruction in regard to it? And that this is the day for the contents of that little book to be eaten and to be sweet in the mouth of My servants and bitter in their stomachs.

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