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Bible Devotions From Philippians 2:1-18

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Consider the consequences of true humility. For in appealing to the believers at Philippi, My servant Paul admonishes them to embrace the attitude of My Son as He humbled Himself and went from the glories of heaven to the degradation of earth. For you see that he calls them to unity, to lowliness of mind, to esteeming others better than themselves and putting the interests of others before their own. But he then declares that in order to do this they must embrace the attitude of My Son in humbling themselves. So then what are the consequences of that humbling?

Are they not the very things that Paul is calling the believers in Philippi to fulfill: love, unity, self-sacrifice, true obedience and harmony? And does he not in the final words declare that he, in order to fulfill these very things, is willingly being poured out in sacrifice in service like a libation, like a sacrificial offering? But I want you to recognize that none of these things to which he calls them as those who are to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of My Son, none of these things are truly accomplished without that humility which was so supremely manifested by My Son. So then if you would truly obey these admonitions, if you would truly desire to walk them out in your own lives, then you must with all your heart prize and embrace humility. And it is of no small importance that you do this, for have you not observed in your own conduct and in the conduct of other brothers and sisters the serious and lamentable consequences of the lack of humility? And do you not recognize that it is portrayed here as something that you cannot achieve merely by self-effort.

But when My servant Paul declares that the believers are to let the mind of My Son be in themselves, is he not implying that such an attitude is available to you if you will prize it, desire it, open your hearts to receive it, allow it to work its work in you so that like My Son you will be willing to embrace even the most painful consequences because you prize above and beyond them the glorious results that are to be obtained by such humbling. And since My servant Paul makes it plain that this is the working out of your salvation, you can see first of all that by adding the words “with fear and trembling”, that he emphasizes the importance of depending upon Me and not upon yourselves. And secondly he reminds you that while you embrace this great dependence I will be at work within you to accomplish that which is pleasing in My sight. This means that the assurance that there will be fruit and blessing is ultimately dependent upon both your choice to embrace humility, and also upon the assurance that as you do I will work within you to perform My good pleasure.



Bible Devotions From Psalm 149,150

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If you were considering the words of Psalm 149 in an absolutely literal sense, you are no doubt perplexed as to how the fulfillment of these words can be justified for those whom I have called in My Son. For when it speaks of having a two edged sword in the hands of the saints to execute vengeance upon the nations and punishment upon the people, you will readily remember the admonitions that come later in My word that declares that vengeance is mine, that I am the One who reserves the execution of judgment upon the nations for Myself. And that is not given to My Saints. But do these words not only declare this, but they also are addressed to My people. And it is that they are encouraged here to be joyful and to lift their high praises to Me. But there is a definite sense in which the high praises of My people are indeed a mighty weapon. And if those praises are genuine, and are as extensive as is encouraged in Psalm 150, then do they not become a means whereby not only am I glorified in My people, but their confidence and their delight in Me becomes a means whereby those nations which defy Me are humbled and judged. Recall those times when the circumstances that faced My people were so grave and overwhelming that there was no hope or power within themselves that they could triumph over their enemies. Was this not the case in the time of King Jehoshaphat? And yet were My people not directed simply to go out and face their enemies with My high praises in their mouths? And did not those praises become the means whereby their enemies were vanquished? Can you imagine that My people today would receive such direction and exercise themselves faithfully in it. But My word declares here that I will beautify the humble with salvation. And when true praise is in the mouths of My people, is it not often expressed by My word. So you see how important it is to understand the deeper significance of praise, not only as a formal act of worship but as the highest expression of genuine trust in Me; and as it declares here, that Israel should rejoice in their Maker and the children of Zion be joyful in their King. This means that the praise that is expressed here is truly coming from the heart. And because it is coming from the heart, I can truly take pleasure in My people and beautify them with My salvation. And part of My saving work will indeed be to execute judgment upon those who seek to destroy My people, for in doing so they oppose Me. So then, recognize both the expansiveness and the power of praise. And do so by singing songs, by rejoicing in Me, by taking every occasion, even when you are upon your beds, to give Me the praise that is due to Me.

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Bible Devotions From Philippians 2:1-11

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When you think about humility, what characteristics come to mind that reflect this virtue? Consider from this portion those characteristics that express the humility of My Son. Though He shares My very nature, He did not grasp after equality with Me. Did He not declare, “The Father is greater than I?” Think of how the evil one not only sought to grasp equality with Me, but rather to gain superiority over Me. For he declared that he would set his throne above Mine. And does not this same spirit possess so many who are under his influence, even those who name the name of My Son? But for My Son, humility involved not only a lack of grasping, but a willingness and an effort to take the lowest place, and in such a place to become a servant. But you see that it declares here this was not mere performance on His part. He was not merely acting like a servant, but it declares that He took upon Himself the very nature of a servant. So you see that in being a servant He was actively doing what the very nature that He had embraced in His humility would express. He who shared the divine nature was willing completely to identify with human likeness so that He could fulfill the purpose for which He came. Because you are not able to perceive fully what this meant, you find it difficult to appreciate in its fullness the wonder of His incarnation. Finally, you see the great extent of His humility in becoming obedient to death, not just any death, but the death of a criminal on the cruel cross. There is probably not a great deal of enthusiasm on your part or on the part of most who name the name of My Son for this kind of humility. And yet if you are in any wise motivated by the heart of My Son, your love for Him and your growth in Him will compel you to desire to be like Him. And this surely means embracing the attitude of His heart to humble Himself so as to fulfill My purposes and manifest My glory. For you see, without the working out of this very kind of humility within you, there can be no genuine expression of My glory within you, nor the reproduction of those virtues of encouragement, comfort, fellowship with My Spirit, tenderness and compassion that My servant Paul prizes and urges upon the believer as their expression of being united with My Son.


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