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Numbers 23:17-24

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Did I not promise My servant Abraham that in his seed all the nations would be blessed, but did I not also warn that those who blessed My people would be blessed and those that cursed them would be cursed?  Can you not see in these promises that though there is hope of blessing for the nations, there is also warning against opposition and hostility towards My people?  Yes even with the promise of blessing there is a test implied for the nations.  And you see in this portion the strong intention for the King of Moab and his people to curse and to defeat My people.  But I know that it puzzles you that I resolutely hindered that cursing.  Could I not have just allowed Balaam to go ahead and fulfill the request of Balak and then made that curse of no affect?  Do you wonder why I chose to hinder that curse in the way that is recorded here?  I had a special purpose that is much greater than is apparent in the situation.  For in causing Balaam to bless instead of cursing and to prophesy things which would come to pass even in far off days, I demonstrated not only to the nation of Moab, whose intentions were contrary to Mine concerning My people, but to all of the nations, both at that time and the years that followed, that I purpose to bless My people in a measure that was far greater than anyone could have dreamed.  For you see in this not just My sovereign hand moving against the enemies of My people to thwart their purposes, but you see with all of his religious efforts through sacrifice and through manifpulaion of Balaam, that there was something in the heart of Balak that was not only an expression of enmity towards My people, an enmity that was motivated by fear, but you see in his determined actions a defiance and a disregard of Me and of My Word.  And is this not the pattern that has been followed by the nations down through the ages until this very day.  Balak was neither the first nor the last of the leaders of the nations to represent this hostility towards My people and this defiance towards Me.  But I want you to see that in working through Balaam the way that I did I not only declared clearly My intentions concerning My people, but I also demonstrated My power over the nations.  And the wonderful mystery in this is that in blessing My people in spite of the hostility and the defiance of the nations, I will also ultimately through them bless the nations as well.  So then I want you to see in this not only what I did long ago.  I have declared in a very firm way my will which neither the sin and unworthiness of My people nor the enmity and the defiance of the nations can never undo.  As you see continuation of these same attitudes that are manifested in this portion worked out even today, remember, take comfort in and stand fast in that which I have purposed concerning My people and concerning the nations.  

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Isaiah 36,37

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What impresses you as you read My Word about the difference between the attitude and the challenge of the King of Assyria and his representatives and the attitude of My servant Hezekiah and his officials?  Was not the threat of the King of Assyria real and not empty?  Were not all of the reasons that the Rabshakeh gave to the three officials of Hezekiah valid; reasons that they knew were factual?  Was not the actual might of the Assyrians far greater than the power of the men of Judah to oppose?  Did not the appeal to submit to the Assyrians seem to be the most reasonable course to take?  Why then do you see the determined effort of the people of Jerusalem and King Hezekiah to resist?  Did not all that had happened and was happening indicate that this was a foolish and disastrous course to take?  But I want you to see from this portion the great contrast between what the Assyrians were depending upon and what Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem depended upon.  For you see that the Assyrians were trusting in their own power, which had been proven again and again against those whom they had conquered.  And their confidence in their own power led them not only to have assurance about their conquest of Jerusalem

, but to boast against and blaspheme My name.  In contrast you see the humility and the godly fear which was expressed by Hezekiah.  You see that he and his officials did not take lightly the threats of the Assyrians, but in the face of those threats they humbled themselves, they tore their garments and Hezekiah put on sackcloth and brought the letter of the King of Assyrian before Me.  Do you think that he did this only as a course of last resort?  I want you to recognize that his appeal to Me indicates that his trust in Me was not merely an act of desperation.  Consider that he first humbled himself and put on sackcloth and then he took the letter of the King of Assyria and spread it before Me in My House.  And then he sought My Word through My prophet.  Notice that he did not negotiate with the Assyrians, nor did he allow the men who were upon the wall of the city to respond to them.  And finally he believed the word that I gave to him that sealed his confidence in Me.  So you see that in all of his responses there is no indication of desperation, but rather humility and genuine faith.  And why am I bringing you to this portion at this time?  Have I not called you and appointed you to be intercessors for My city and My people?  And do you not see that those who threaten them are arrogant and have confidence in the arm of flesh and in false gods?  But do you see among the leaders of My people those who like Hezekiah walk in humility, in true faith, and in dependence upon Me?  Do you think that the heart of My people and their leaders need to be changed, or are they not much like those who threaten them in that they depend upon the arm of flesh and even worship false gods, though they are not like the idols of the Assyrians?  So then take to heart what you see here and consider your calling to pray.  And do you not think that if the hearts of My people were to turn away from their false dependency and turn whole-heartedly to Me that I would not act on their behalf as I did in the days of Hezekiah, and at other times when in like manner they turned back to Me? 

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Bible Devotions From Isaiah 14

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Just as the earth seemed to tremble and the kings of the earth and their peoples seemed impotent before the kings of Babylon and Assyria, and just as the Philistines constantly harassed and attacked My people Israel, does it not seem so today that though these ancient kingdoms have long since perished and that their spirit of conquest and brutal force abides in and motivates nations today? And you see how My servant the prophet was given to understand that behind them all worked and still works the power of him who rose up against Me and declared that he would be like the Most High and would ascend above the heights of the clouds and exalt his throne above My stars. But you see here that the prophet was given to see and to proclaim their downfall and their end. And you see also that declaration that I made that I will have mercy on Jacob and choose Israel. And even though at this time it does not appear that they will possess their former captors for servants and rule over their oppressors, yet did not these words come true in a limited respect in the past? And though the judgment of Lucifer has not been completely fulfilled, has not My Son’s victory over him sealed the assurance of its fulfillment? So that another portion of My word declares he will deceive the nations no more and he will indeed be brought, not only to be cast into the lowest depths of the pit from which he shall emerge after a while for a time, but he shall be cast into the lake of fire. Now if you will receive it in this portion, it is given to you the strongest encouragement that My purposes for Israel and for the nations will be completely fulfilled. And you are to recognize that though the nations now seem to have their way, even as they did in the days of Assyria and Babylon, and that another like Philistia has arisen to attack and harass My people, that it shall be with them as it was with those ancient nations. But this time there will be a great difference, for the one who inspires them in their conquest, in their oppression, in their enmity towards My people shall be utterly banished. And he will no longer have the power to deceive and lead astray. And then it shall indeed be fulfilled that those nations that have held My people Israel captive will themselves become captive and ruled over. But as you know, this will not be in the pattern of earthly power and conquest, for that for which My people will hold them captive will not be either retribution or earthly conquest, but instead that captivity will be to Me and to My will. For does not My word declare that the day will come when ten gentiles from all the nations will grab hold of him who is a Jew and say to him, “Let us go with you for we have heard that God is with you”. This is that captivity which My servant the prophet proclaims here. Will you not delight in and be comforted by these words, so that you may not tremble because of the roaring of the nations and the oppression of the enemy, for his day draws swiftly nearer.

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