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Bible Devotions From Numbers 12

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You must understand as you consider this portion that what Moses experienced in the way of rebellion against his leadership, against his position as My chosen leader, was not unique. You must understand that inevitably a leader, even if he is chosen by Me, must face opposition and rebellion. Recall that this was only one of several occasions when Moses was faced with rebellion, even from the ranks of his own people. In fact in the case of Korah and those who followed him and Nadav and Avihu that rebellion arose from his own tribe. But in every case in which Moses had to face rebellion, as it was in this case, even from his own sister and brother, Moses did not seek to defend himself. And you see that in every case in which he faced rebellion, his vindication came from Me. Do you not understand how painful it was for My servant Moses to experience rebellion from his own sister and brother? Can you not consider how his soul would have been exceedingly grieved? But consider how he responded when I severely judged Miriam; for he did not identify with Me as he might have.

He did not consider the judgment as something that he would support, as that which was due. No, instead he cried out to Me for mercy and for healing for Miriam when she was smitten with leprosy. He was not moved to be angry and to say in his heart “Miriam is receiving what she deserves”.

Rather he prayed and cried out to Me, “Please heal her, O God!” Consider this when you will face the inevitable rebellion and opposition; even when it may come from someone close to you. No matter what may be the motivation of the opposers, no matter what may be the extent of the rebellion, if you will remember that you are called and chosen by Me to be in the position you hold, then is it not up to Me to maintain, protect, and vindicate you in that position? Moses knew that he had not sought that position. Remember that when I called him to it, he tried to excuse himself from it, and so he walked in humility because he had thoroughly relinquished his initial ambition and had become thoroughly dependent upon Me to sustain him in the place to which I had called him. Recall that it was only the one time in which he took the position of identifying with Me in anger against the people that he was severely judged for that anger and that false identification. But as he became the leader that I had wanted him to be, he consistently identified with the people. And when they sinned grievously, so much so that I declared I would destroy them and begin again with Moses to form a people for Myself, Moses interceded for the people and prevailed upon Me not to destroy them lest My name be held in contempt among the Gentiles. So I hold this before you as the standard that I want to prevail in your hearts when you face rebellion and opposition against the position to which I have called you. And I want you to recognize that, as it was with Moses, when you choose to trust Me in the face of the opposition and to extend the cry for mercy in the face of My vindicating judgment upon those who may oppose you, then you will see that not only will I establish you, but I will hear the cry of your heart, and through you and through your prayers extend the mercy for which you cry.

Was this not only the way of Moses, but the way of My Son, even as He suffered on the cross? And so would I have it be with all of those who are truly called of Me to a position of leadership.

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Bible Devotions From Malachi 2

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While it may seem that I address the priests and the people separately in this portion, and I hold each of them accountable for their transgression against the covenant, there is in fact a very strong link between the failure and sin of the priests and that of the people. But notice that when I rebuke the priests by declaring that they have departed from the way, I also declare that they have caused many to stumble at the law and they have corrupted the covenant that I made with Levi. Notice that the same indictment of covenant breaking is brought against the people, and this has resulted in transgression in the matter of marriage. It is important for you to understand that the sins and failures of leaders inevitably prove to be a means whereby the people also are lead into transgression, rather than by the faithful example and teaching of leaders, they are lead to be faithful to the covenant and the provisions of the covenant which calls them to holiness and righteousness in all their ways.

And you can see from the words of the prophet, that in the case of the people, the sins affected the following generations. And do you not see in this day how that sin has continued and multiplied, and that I am indeed wearied by the words which seek to justify evil as good, and even good as evil? That is priests and leaders cannot confine and limit the affects of their transgressions, for they will have a definite evil influence upon the people. And the people cannot limit the effect of their sin, for they will have an evil influence upon succeeding generations. And you see here that the effect strikes at the very order that I have ordained for the good of mankind, at marriage and the rearing of children, and even at the perception of what is good and what is evil in My sight. Consider then very carefully the importance of keeping faithful to the covenant, to your calling, and be warned of the consequences of taking this matter lightly and of the continuing effects that flow from such transgression.

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Bible Devotions From Judges 12

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If a record of your life and accomplishments were left behind, what would be the outstanding features of that record? What would characterize the testimony of your life for posterity? You can observe how that Jephthah was, as My Word declares, a mighty warrior. And the record of Jephthah’s life portrays this. And the other judges have very little of note that followed them. Ibzan had many sons and daughters and broke with tradition by marrying them all outside of his clan. Could not one infer from this, the possibility that Ibzban did not think highly of the members of his clan? But according to the record, there was nothing else of note for which he was remembered. Elon the Zebulonite was merely remembered for the ten years that he led Israel. Nothing else of note is declared about him.

Abdon son of Hillel was remembered only because he had many sons and grandsons, each of which rode his own donkey. And he led Israel for eight years. But is there in these records of these lives any testimony that any of these who led Israel were men of note because of their godliness? Even though a great deal more is declared about Jephthah than about the others, none of what is declared singles him out as a particularly godly man. You may wonder as you read these accounts, why I should have chosen to record them in My Word? I will tell you. They are there so that you can have revealed to you the consequences of the lives of people of note who, though they have done exploits that are important in the eyes of men, have hearts that are not toward Me and whose exploits do not really glorify Me. Though Jephthah speaks of My giving him the victory over the Ammonites, yet you see that in reality this is merely lip service, for in his life, though there are mighty exploits, you do not see him seeking My will or My face.

Though you may be impressed by the reports of the exploits of leaders and of people of note in this day, consider as you measure the importance of these people whether or not their hearts are towards Me. And even though some may give Me lip service, you will be able to discern that which is a genuine expression of a godly heart and that which is merely outward form.

And though I do not in this record comment and interpret upon the lives of those recorded here, yet do they not speak for themselves when observed and weighed in the light of what I have revealed in the rest of My Word? And it is very necessary for you to take into consideration the importance of what I have revealed in the rest of My Word? And it is very necessary for you to take into consideration the importance of what I have revealed through the lives of those in the period of the judges. For does it not declare by what is missing and what is out of order, how vital and important it is to have leaders and people of note whose hearts are after Me? For if that is not the case, then are not the consequences for the whole of the society very grave? And were they not so for the majority of the people in that day? And I would urge you to recognize that it is similarly so in this day. So as you consider the reasons for people of note to be celebrated and followed, consider what I have told you from this portion and its importance for you and for the lives of My people, and weigh the lives of those of note in the light of these things.

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