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Bible Devotions From Malachi 2

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While it may seem that I address the priests and the people separately in this portion, and I hold each of them accountable for their transgression against the covenant, there is in fact a very strong link between the failure and sin of the priests and that of the people. But notice that when I rebuke the priests by declaring that they have departed from the way, I also declare that they have caused many to stumble at the law and they have corrupted the covenant that I made with Levi. Notice that the same indictment of covenant breaking is brought against the people, and this has resulted in transgression in the matter of marriage. It is important for you to understand that the sins and failures of leaders inevitably prove to be a means whereby the people also are lead into transgression, rather than by the faithful example and teaching of leaders, they are lead to be faithful to the covenant and the provisions of the covenant which calls them to holiness and righteousness in all their ways.

And you can see from the words of the prophet, that in the case of the people, the sins affected the following generations. And do you not see in this day how that sin has continued and multiplied, and that I am indeed wearied by the words which seek to justify evil as good, and even good as evil? That is priests and leaders cannot confine and limit the affects of their transgressions, for they will have a definite evil influence upon the people. And the people cannot limit the effect of their sin, for they will have an evil influence upon succeeding generations. And you see here that the effect strikes at the very order that I have ordained for the good of mankind, at marriage and the rearing of children, and even at the perception of what is good and what is evil in My sight. Consider then very carefully the importance of keeping faithful to the covenant, to your calling, and be warned of the consequences of taking this matter lightly and of the continuing effects that flow from such transgression.

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Bible Devotions From Romans 14-15:13

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Would you be willing to refrain from eating something or drinking something or observing some particular day if you knew that it would cause your brother or your sister to stumble? Would you be willing not to discuss your differences of opinion about disputable matters if you knew that by discussing them you would draw your brother or your sister into a place of condemnation or doubt? Would you be willing to refrain from eating, drinking or doing anything about which you might have uncertainty whether it is pleasing to Me or not?

So now being faced with these things, are you not able to see what implications walking in faith and in love has for you? Do not consider that the things that you may be challenged to give up are merely those things that you find it easy to surrender. For if you are made aware of the fact that something you dearly love is what you are being called to surrender, will you then begin to reason and rationalize so that you can talk your way out of having to sacrifice these things? Will you consider that it is not only your right to continue to eat and drink and observe if you so choose and you are so convinced, but that it is also your right to affirm openly the legitimacy of these things for you? And when you take this course you have in essence denied both faith and love, for you have placed your own pleasure and your own rights above faith and love. You see that it is not merely a matter of ideals that you may hold privately in your heart, for as it declares here, none lives to himself or dies to himself. So then, when you are called to live by faith and by love it requires first of all that you deal with the motivation of your hearts, and then that you choose to enter into the disciplines that are absolutely necessary to live this way. My servant Paul declares in this portion that it requires that you make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. So then, out of the true motivation of heart to please Me and to love your brother, it requires first of all that you deal with yourself and that you discipline yourself to do everything possible that will lead to peace and to mutual edification. By peace it means not only tranquility within your own soul, but it also means a relationship with Me and with your brother that is conducted in such a way that peace rather than conflict is the fruit. And the practical results of that means that both you and your brother will be built up. So you see how very practical this matter really is and you see how that which may seem to be small, even insignificant, even something about which you think that you don’t need to apply yourself diligently, is in fact that which determines whether or not you really are living to please Me and to bless your brother. And, as it says here, you need to consider when you are faced with these issues that you will stand before My judgment seat concerning them. And this is said not to threaten you or to put you under condemnation, but rather to demonstrate how very important these matters are and how ultimately accountable you will be by how you deal with them.

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Bible Devotions From Galatians 2:11-3:5

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You see here that Paul rebukes Peter openly before the Jews and Gentiles who are believers at Antioch. You might think, why did he not take him aside and rebuke him privately rather than in front of the whole company?

You must understand that what Peter was doing was not just bad and inconsistent conduct. It declares here that when Peter separated himself from the Gentiles because of those who came from Jerusalem from James, he did so publicly. And it caused other Jews including even Barnabas to join him. Paul declares here that what he saw them do was not acting in line with the truth of the gospel. So it was that Peter’s conduct in this matter was a denial of the truth of the gospel. Because of his position as a leader, his conduct had a strong influence on many other Jewish believers. It was as if Peter by his actions was denying the message that one was justified not by observance of the law, but by faith in My Son.

And the reason that Paul calls this hypocrisy is first of all that Peter had formerly acted otherwise in such a manner as to indicate that both Jews and Gentiles having been justified in the same way were equal in both standing and in conduct before Me. Therefore he was now doing something that expressed the very opposite. He was preaching a gospel of grace and living a message of legal requirement and observance. And what I would have you understand from this that is so very important, is that when what you practice does not correspond with what you preach, that what you practice then contradicts and undermines the message. The truth of the gospel is not merely words proclaimed, but a life, a conduct that declares the same thing. And if you indeed contradict by your conduct what you proclaim with your lips, especially if you are a leader, you will lead others astray and cause others to stumble. Remember, as Peter failed to remember in this instance, that the truth of the gospel must never be compromised or contradicted by your conduct. It is a message that requires your example as well as your words. If you will be untrue to it in deed, you will contradict it and lead others astray. Therefore be mindful of the great responsibility that you have to uphold the truth of the gospel by a consistent conduct.

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