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Romans 12:9-21

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As you consider these words you can recognize that they present attitudes and conduct that is surely not in conformity with those of the world.  As you consider closely, carefully, you can see that in most of them they are actually the opposite of the pattern and attitude of those who conform to the ways of the world.  But I want you to see more than just the contrast between these and the ways of the world.  First of all I want you to recognize that as My servant Paul admonishes the believers to offer their bodies as living sacrifices and to be transformed by the renewing of their mind that he urges them to do this because of the mercy that I have bestowed upon those who truly believe in My Son.  Recognize that when you consider what mercy has been bestowed upon you that you will be motivated to offer yourselves as living sacrifices, and you will desire to have your minds renewed so that you can be transformed, that is changed from the pattern of this world to the pattern of My Kingdom.  I want you to take note that the underlying motivation of your heart, of your life, then becomes the desire to please Me, to do My will.  And this desire is what enables you to follow the pattern and to embrace the attitudes that are presented here in this portion.  It is only when you regard yourself as a living sacrifice, and when you are being transformed by a renewed mind that you can live this way.  As you are challenged by the pressures that come from the old nature and from the world, it is the willingness to please Me above all other considerations that will enable you to do what is so different and so opposite from what the world does.  You see when it declares not to take revenge that the words are added “on the contrary”, and you will be able, willing, even determined and pleased to do what is contrary to what the world does.  The world seeks its reward in the satisfaction of personal interest, in the fulfillment of fleshly desires, of immediate satisfaction.  Those who desire to please Me, as it declares here, are joyful in hope even though what they hope for is not immediately fulfilled.  They are also patient in affliction because as living sacrifices they are willing to suffer what Paul declares in another place is a comparatively light and momentary affliction, in order that what glorifies Me may be accomplished.  And those who live in this way are faithful in prayer because they are truly dependent upon Me and not upon the world, and not upon their own human efforts and natural powers.  If your heart is truly moved by My mercy, the pattern presented here will prove to be the outworking of that motivation.



Bible Devotions From Psalm 66

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How does your heart respond to the declarations of the Psalmist made in this portion? Do you with him rejoice in the expectation that the entire world, all the nations and peoples will praise Me? Notice for what they are exhorted to praise. Is it not for My mighty works? For what else can they praise Me if they do not know Me in a more personal way? What can impress them, call them to attention, to consider who I am but those mighty works which they can observe and for which there is uncontested witness?

But notice the Psalmist addresses them in a way that is different than the way in which he addresses My people, for consider that he includes himself among My people. Consider that he declares “You have made men ride over our heads; you have brought us into prison; you have brought us through fire and water. You have brought us out into a place of abundance.” Not only does he include himself, but he recognizes that My dealings with My people, though at times severe, had an ultimate good purpose, a purpose to bless them richly. So there is not only the rejoicing over the ultimate blessing of My people who are joined to Me by covenant, but when the Psalmist considers himself as an individual in relationship to Me notice the manner of his expression. First of all his recognition of his responsibility and even his desire to worship through sacrifice, and this is framed in the context of those sacrifices which were offered in My holy temple. Does this mean then that sacrifices are only something of the past, that there is no necessity of expressing worship today in this way?

But consider that My Word declares there is a sacrifice which has been made once and for all in behalf of those who truly will put their trust in Me, even the sacrifice of My Son who My Word declares has entered into the holiest place with the offering which is His body and blood. Is there then no place for a continual sacrifice as the Psalmist offered? Again what does My Word declare? Is it not that because you have received the sacrifice of My Son to secure your standing before Me that you can now become a living sacrifice. And there is indeed one other declaration which defines the character of your relationship with Me as an individual, for he speaks of the condition upon which I hear and answer prayer. And the condition is one of purity, of refraining from iniquity, yes even refraining from its regard in the heart. So then recognize that all that is mentioned here for the nations, for the wonderful hope concerning My people and the nature and the purpose of My dealings with them, and for the individual who trusts in Me; that all of these, from the broadest to the narrowest, from the nations to My covenant people to you as an individual, are pertinent to you and are a part of the hope that you are to embrace in your hearts.



Bible Devotions From Romans 12:9-21

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When you consider all of the admonitions in this portion, you no doubt are impressed with how difficult if not impossible they are to fulfill. And indeed they are impossible for the flesh, for the natural man. But I would remind you, as I have said to you before, that these represent the pattern of life of one who is truly a living sacrifice, whose mind is being transformed, renewed in such a way that fulfilling My will is the greatest passion of such a person. So then recognize that the one great decision you have to make and to live by in order to fulfill these admonitions is to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice and to resist being conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. It is only by doing this that you would consider all that is urged upon you here to be first of all truly valuable and secondly truly possible. And it is as your mind is being renewed that you will be able to clearly see in every circumstance where such conduct is required, that it is the way that truly pleases Me. That it is the way of true life. Unless such a decision has been made from the heart, there is no way in which you can fulfill these admonitions in your own life. Consider that you have been given the choice, and if that choice is sincere, truly from the heart, you will discover that the power to live this way has also been granted to you to live this way. And rather than finding these things burdensome, you will find that they bring a joy beyond comparison, for in truth as you express these things in your life, you will be able to express the life of My Son.

And you will know the reality of what He promised when He said, ” My joy will be in you and your joy will be complete.”

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