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Bible Devotions From Romans 14

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The degree to which you love Me will determine the degree to which you will care for your brother and your sister, the stranger, or even your enemy.

And the degree to which you care for one another will determine the degree to which you will be willing to sacrifice even what you may consider legitimate for yourselves in order not to stumble anyone else. And the degree to which you will be able to walk in love and to sacrifice when necessary in order not to stumble or offend anyone, is the degree to which you will not only be able to help others, but also to open the way to grow close to them. And you see from this portion that My servant Paul closes with the question of faith. And you see that faith, genuine faith, is really that by which you are able to be both sustained and directed by Me.

So then as you grow stronger in faith, you will also grow stronger in love.

And as you grow stronger in love, you will also grow stronger in faith, for I have given you words before which assert how important it is that these two go together. And I have emphasized to you how important they are, not just to the bigger and seemingly more challenging and important matters, but how very important they are to what may seem to be the smaller, insignificant matters such as is mentioned here, matters of eating and drinking and the observance of certain days. And you must see again that everything that would be dealt with that is out of order, and everything that is in order and must be kept so, all of them depend upon the status of your relationship with Me. That is why My servant declares here that he who observes days, or does not observe days, must do so unto Me. Also, he who eats or does not eat, must do so unto Me. And since faith and love are indeed what keeps you clinging to Me, depending upon Me, looking to Me for counsel, for guidance, for correction, for confirmation, for reward, if your walk with Me and your relationship to Me is in good order, all of what is commended here and more, all that pertains to dealing with issues both great and small, both obvious and subtle will surely be accomplished to My glory, to your benefit, to the benefit of others. Do you count yourself weak or strong? Remember the words of My servant Paul, for he declared that when he was weak, that is when he recognized himself as weak, that he was also provoked not to try to become strong by his own effort, but to yield himself in his weakness unto Me. And by doing this he was convinced that then his weakness would become a channel by which My strength could be expressed. Let it be so with you.

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Bible Devotions From I Corinthians 8

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Of the matters mentioned here that are problematic: knowledge that puffs up, eating with a guilty conscience, putting ones personal liberty before the well being of another; in all of these that my servant Paul mentions, why is it that they are problematic and lead to sin against a brother or even against My Son? For knowledge in itself is not bad, nor eating, nor the personal liberty that one has in My Son. But you see that each of these becomes bad when it is not subordinated to love. My servant declares that if anyone loves Me I know that person. It means that the attitude in that person’s heart is lined up with a desire to put Me first in all things, to please Me far above pleasing self. Now if this is the case, it doesn’t mean that such a person cannot err or cannot sin. But it does mean that genuine love in his heart for Me will enable him to receive correction and to be teachable and to receive conviction for sin and to become repentant. In this case, such an attitude allows for one to lay aside that, which has liberty in My Son, allows for the sake of not stumbling his brother or sister. And in this case, the knowledge that what he is doing in his liberty is subordinated to love, and therefore he can surrender what is his right gladly because his care for his brother transcends his desire to maintain his rights. I would tell you this, that to obey My word in this matter is not just a matter of storing up the knowledge of My word and intellectually giving assent to it that will be insufficient to enable you to fulfill what My word declares here. What then must you do to overcome the pride of knowledge and of holding unto your personal rights? This is what you must do. You must store up love in your hearts. And your love for Me, if it is truly genuine, will lead you to so love your brother and your sister, that you will not find it difficult to lay aside your rights when loving them requires it. And as you truly prize love in your heart, it will be My love that sensitizes you and instructs you concerning that which love truly requires. And if you should err even as you know this truth, love will also sensitize you and enable you to repent and to be corrected. And you will then be able with My servant Paul to declare from the heart that if food or any other thing in which you might have liberty will cause your brother to stumble, that you will out of love forgo your liberty. This is an attitude that is absolutely necessary in order to walk in love.

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Bible Devotions From Matthew 12:1-21

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A few days ago I spoke to you about the necessity of love being the goal and the foundation of the law. I pointed out to you at that time that if obedience to commands did not arise from a heart that was transformed by My love, then such obedience did not really represent that true obedience from the heart that was motivated by My love. Here you see in this portion the consequences of an obedience that is not rooted in love. Here you see not only the blindness, the spiritual darkness that results from cleaving to commandments and regulations without a heart of love. For not only were the Pharisees eager to condemn the disciples for plucking and eating the grain on the Sabbath, but they were determined to withhold mercy from the needy.

And they even were ready to kill because they perceived that My Son would not adhere to their rigid and unmerciful standards. Not only does My Son confront them with evidence from My Word to demonstrate the error of their interpretation and application of the law, but He also confronts them with how their own conduct in rescuing a sheep on the Sabbath indicates the contradiction and inconsistency of their standard. In truth, you must see that they did not even understand My purpose in giving the law. And they had so far separated the literal words and tied them to their own interpretations and elaborations, so that what they represented as My law truly no longer represented My heart. And you see by the quote from the words of My servant Isaiah that they paid little or no attention concerning what it declared about the character and the ministry of My servant the Messiah. So here I give you a very clear picture of what is the inevitable result of adhering to the law as merely a set of commandments and regulations that must be strictly obeyed. But this obedience is detached from My heart. And those who pursue it, do not really know Me, even though they may be deeply sincere about keeping the commandments as an act of obedience to Me. You see this sincerity and the extreme and fanatical zeal that it produced epitomized in My servant Paul before I apprehended him.

And it was only as he met Me through My Son and yielded to Me that his heart was changed, so that he no longer obeyed out of blind and fanatical zeal, but out of faith working through love. This is so vital an issue that must be settled in your heart, for without it thus being settled, be sure that your heart can wander into the way of outward obedience without love, even to the extreme point of fanatical zeal that is blindly hostile to My heart of love.

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