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Luke 4:14-32

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I want you to observe from this portion that My Son faced both popularity and hostility almost from the beginning of His ministry.  And you see that in the midst of the popularity He was willing, in fact determined and dedicated, to declaring the truth to those who heard Him, even though he knew that by such declaration he would provoke rage, hostility and efforts to kill Him.  Is it not amazing to recognize that the appreciation and acceptance by those who heard Him was so quickly transformed into rage and even an attempt to kill?  What does this mean?  Surely you must understand that My Son was never seeking to be popular.  He was never motivated by the desire to be approved by men, and so He spoke the truth even when that declaration prompted hostility and rage and even an attempt at murder.  Notice from the words recorded that My Son brought no accusation.  I want you to understand that while He proclaimed that the truth sets men free, you can also see that when the truth is rejected that rejection produces greater darkness and greater bondage.  And in all of this recognize that My Son, as it declares here, was operating in the power of the Spirit.  Nothing that He declares in the synagogue or in any other place was calculated as an effort to please men.  Even when for a season the truth seemed to please them, My Son well knew that the whole truth that He would proclaim would have the effect of provoking rejection, hostility and the outpouring of wrath.  What does this mean to you?  What do I want to say to you through this?  I could say many things, but today I want to emphasize to you that you might desire with all your heart to be filled and empowered by My Spirit, not so as to gain popularity and the approval of men, but rather to be bold and uncompromising in speaking the truth, even at the cost of rejection, persecution and attempt to destroy you.  Will you determine in your hearts to be so faithful and so committed to the truth that you will reject the desire to please men, even to the point of displeasing and enraging them?  Will you do this because you are committed to pleasing Me; you are committed to being faithful to the truth?

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Bible Devotions From John 11

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Are you not amazed as you read the words of this portion that the leaders are so determined to destroy My Son that neither His compassion, His love, His healing power, and as you see in this portion, the power granted over death itself, would change their determination to do away with Him. And you have revealed here in their discussion following their report of raising Lazarus from the dead the true motivation of their hearts. For in their reckoning, in their darkened understanding, in their deep concern about what the Romans might do as a result of the popularity of My Son, they declared their first concern was to preserve their own places of leadership. And they being ignorant and blind of My purposes and of My declared Word could even think that my people could be destroyed as a nation. Do not be mistaken, clearly understand that when the heart is motivated to preserve self and position, that there is no place for the entrance of concern about what is My truth, what is My will. Rightly did My Son declare that the true father of these leaders was the devil, for they demonstrated more clearly in this instance that their hearts were filled with evil intent, with preference to believe a lie and to deny the truth, no matter how convincing the evidence to the contrary, and finally to harbor the intent to murder. And as you have observed, it goes on to declare that this intent to murder extended to Lazarus himself, not because he had done anything that was worthy of such condemnation, but because he was the living proof of all that they wished to deny and oppose regarding My Son. You may wonder why I want you to take note of this? It is because I want you, as did My Son, to have no expectation of favor or change from those who had set their hearts to do evil in spite of all the evidence that betrayed their position as one built upon lies. And also I want you, like My Son, to have no fear in the face of threats and plots to oppose you because you represent My Son. As He declared to His disciples, that those who walk in the day need have no fear of stumbling, neither need they have fear of those who walk in the night, because, however powerful and opposing they may seem, they will surely stumble. If you are as given over to My purposes as was My Son, be assured that you will not be understood even by those who may walk with you, but who do not see the light as you do. And also be assured that you will be opposed and even attacked by those who have purposed to walk in the night. But you need have no fear and no reservation about any of these things, for as I was with My Son to uphold Him, even though it seemed that I had abandoned Him to their intentions, in the same way I will be with you. Let this be the desire of your heart as it was His, to do My will, to glorify Me regardless of the opposition and the cost, and even as it was in the case of Lazarus, I will again glorify Him, as I glorify him through you.

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Bible Devotions From Acts 12:1-4,20-24

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As you read of these events and of the actions of Herod against My servants, is there anything mentioned here that gives you special joy? I do not expect you to rejoice particularly in the death of My servant James, although My Word declares that the death of My saints is precious in My sight. You might rejoice in My judgment upon Herod and his death. But remember that My word also declares that I do not delight in the judgment of the wicked. Even though I did not ask you to read the portion where My servant Peter was delivered from prison, yet you know about this and might rejoice in it. But there is something more and ultimately far greater that is mentioned here in which you should rejoice. Consider that it declares after all that is recorded about the harassment of My people, the death of James, the deliverance of Peter, the execution of his guards, and the judgment of Herod, that my word grew and multiplied. Recall how My servant Paul in a later portion declared how he rejoiced that even though he was in prison, the word of God was not bound, and that even through his imprisonment it increased, even reaching into the palace of the Emperor. I want you to see that this truth is not confined to the particular set of circumstances that are recorded here. I want you to recognize that the spirit of persecution and murder that operated in Herod and among the Jewish leaders and many of the people is not a spirit that was confined to those days and that particular set of people. And I want you to understand that that same spirit is abroad today and is still working in the hearts of leaders and many of My people who oppose My word and the name of My Son.

But I would encourage you that even though that spirit of opposition bears the same hostility as it did long ago, that My word bears the same power as it did then, to grow and to multiply. And whether your lot will be like those who were harassed, or those who were killed, or those who were delivered, does it make any difference to you, if in your hearts your greatest desire is like that of My servant Paul, that My word should grow and multiply?

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