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Bible Devotions From Colossians 1:1-23

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When I urge you concerning the possibilities even for those that you do not personally know, you might question and wonder how you can pray for them when you’re not aware of their specific needs or circumstances. Now it is true that My servant Paul had been informed by Epaphrus about the believers in Colosse, so that he knew something about their circumstances. But you see here that he began praying for them as soon as he heard about them, and that certain petitions in their behalf characterized his prayer. I want you to consider what he declares about the way he prayed for the believers at Colosse as a model of the kinds of petitions that you can pray for those whom you may have heard about, but do not know personally and are not acquainted with details of their circumstances. Consider the character of those petitions that Paul mentioned here. He prayed that the believers would be filled with the knowledge of My will. And he characterized that knowledge with the words, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. So you see that the knowledge of My will had priority in his petition for them, but without true wisdom and spiritual understanding, that knowledge might prove to be just information. Did you not yourselves once know about matters that pertained to My will? You were informed about these by what you read in My word and by the words of teachers, preachers, and fellow believers. But was it not when wisdom and spiritual understanding came that you were able to put that knowledge into genuine practice. And thus Paul’s second petition for the believers concerns that putting of the knowledge of My will into practice, when he prays that they will have a walk that is truly worthy of Me, fully pleasing to Me. Surely you see in this that the knowledge of My will becomes actively expressed in their lives. And he declares that such a pleasing walk enables them to become fruitful in every good work. And as they do this, they will increase in the knowledge of Me. I want you to understand that this knowledge of Me is not merely information or intellectual musings about Me, but it is truly knowing in increasing measure who I am, what I am like, what truly pleases Me, and what it really means to have a living and ever deepening relationship with Me. And when Paul prayed in the third petition that the believers might be strengthened with all might according to My glorious power, he had in mind the inevitable challenges and hardships that they would face, those trials of their faith that would call for patience and long suffering. But you will notice that he adds with joy, thus indicating that My glorious power would not only enable them to endure trials, but like My Son, to see beyond and to rejoice in the glorious things that those trials would accomplish as they faced them with faith in Me. And the final petition involves the giving of thanks to Me constantly recognizing what I have done to make them partakers of the inheritance of the Saints in light, that is their eternal hope and destiny. While he goes on to elaborate on the character of My redeeming work and on the exalted nature and position of My Son, these petitions embrace essentially their being able to understand with spiritual understanding and with all wisdom the deep truths and mystery of My Son and their life in Him. I want you to consider how very positive and affirming these prayers are and how they embrace the desire both of My heart and that of My servant Paul for the blessings that I would extend to these for whom he prays. While there were problems of a severe and threatening nature at Colosse, even as there are inevitably problems in every congregation of My people, these petitions truly in a general way cover those contingencies that my be involved in the problems that arise. For you do not need to be so pre-occupied praying against problems and difficulties. Rather take the example given here by My servant Paul. For indeed though there were serious problems arising in Colosse, My servant pre-occupies himself with both praying positively for the believers and presenting positively the truths that are in My Son which would counteract the serious dangers that they might face, both from false teachings, and from other circumstances which came to try them. As I have encouraged you to pray, even for those whom you may not know personally, and whose circumstances you may not know in detail, I assure you that if you pray in this manner that I have set before you, that it will be effective and blessed prayer.

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Bible Devotions From Colossians 1:1-23

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I want to emphasize to you from this portion, how My servant Paul expressed his deep regard and love for the believers to whom he wrote. I want to remind you that he only knew about them through the testimony of Epaphrus.

He had never met them personally. So you see that his regard was not based upon personal acquaintance, but rather upon his common relationship with them in My Son. I am emphasizing this to you both to place before you a model of how My true servant cared in his heart for My people and also to demonstrate to you the basis upon which that care can transcend natural limitations. You will notice that in his salutation, he addressed them as Saints and faithful brethren in Christ. He is able to do this, not only because of the things related to him by Epaphrus, but simply because he knows who they are because they are in Christ. But consider that he not only knows about them and is able to address them with appreciation, but he also gives thank to Me for them and informs them that he prays always for them, and later he declares that since he heard about their faith in My Son and their love for all the Saints, he declares that he does not cease to pray for them. You might think how can My servant Paul, busy and active as he was, find time and strength to pray unceasingly for those whom he had never personally met. A little later on in this letter, he admonishes the believers to be devoted to prayer. When prayer arises out of a genuine love for Me and for My people, it is not limited by the demands of heavy responsibilities, busy activities, or such natural limitations as not knowing personally the one’s for whom you pray. Paul was himself a model of one who was devoted to prayer. And you know that the believers in Colosse were among many for whom he prayed. And he could do this with all the demands upon him and all the natural limitations that were involved because first of all he carried My love and My burden for My people in his heart. And secondly because he was convinced that his greatest service to them depended upon faithfulness in prayer for them. You will recall that a number of his letters were written while he was in prison. In those years he had no direct contact with those to whom he wrote and he had no opportunity outside of his letters to serve them through teaching or preaching. And yet he continued to carry them in his heart and to minister to them through his prayers. You cannot imagine how powerful and effective that ministry through prayer was. You will never know this side of glory how much I worked through them. But I want you to take into your hearts what I am emphasizing to you today, because with all the present limitations that you may have in ministering to My people, none of them are to be compared with those limitations that My servant Paul faced. And yet if you carry in your hearts the same love for Me and for My people, out of that love through your prayers, you can transcend all of your limitations in ministering to My people. I want you to know that if you wait on Me and receive the burden of My heart for them, you will be capacitated by My Spirit to pray unceasingly and effectively for them. And I will speak to you more from this portion about this matter, for it is not to be minimized and it is not to be just words that you hear, but that which is become more and more an integral part of the very fabric of your life.



Bible Devotions From Psalm 67

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When My servant John declared that I so loved the world that I gave My Son, you can recognize as you read this portion, that My love for the whole world was not a totally new thought or revelation, even though the declaration that that love was the motivation for the giving of My Son, was a new revelation. And here you see in this portion that the Psalmist also recognizes that there is a necessary connection between My blessing for My people Israel and My blessing for the whole world. But I want you to see something else. I want you to consider that the cry of the Psalmist that all the people of the earth should praise Me and that My way and My salvation should be known among them, does not arise from a natural love, either in the heart of the Psalmist, or in the hearts of My people Israel whom he represents here in his petitions to Me. Consider carefully the words that he declares, and you will see that he desires this blessing so that I might be praised in the earth among all the peoples. He is then quite sure that when all the nations are under My government that there will be blessing for the whole earth. So you see, this concern for the blessing and salvation of the nations arises from the heart of the Psalmist out of love for me, and out of the desire that My will and My ultimate purposes for the earth shall be fulfilled. This is the attitude that I would plant in your hearts. Right now are you not quite angry at the nations? Are you not provoked at their ways and at their declarations, especially those concerning My people Israel and My land? Are you not inclined to desire for them the strongest judgment? And yet are you not in this way controlled by human emotions, by natural desires, by the will of the flesh, which is prompted to react to circumstances? In this condition you are prone to forget about My love for the world and My desire that they should be saved. So I encourage you to receive into your hearts the attitude of the Psalmist as expressed here. I encourage you to remember that I desire to be merciful, and even though I will have to judge the nations and judge My people Israel, even at times with severity, yet I do so to redeem, to cleanse and transform so that ultimately the blessing that I want to establish in the whole earth may come about. Keep remembering that I am the judge! Have the confidence of the Psalmist that I will judge the people righteously. Do not allow yourselves to sit in the seat of judgment. And remember that the blessing of My people Israel and the blessing of all the nations are inextricably linked according to My purpose. If you would maintain the attitude of heart and the faith expressed here by the Psalmist, then you would regard the nations differently than you have been, and by doing so in the way that is expressed by the Psalmist, you would have the attitude that is in My heart and that is controlled by My love.

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