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Bible Devotions From Isaiah 52:1-12

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The nations have their plans for Jerusalem. The leaders, the rulers, those of whom it says here who wail have their plans, but it is not the plans of the nations nor of those who now rule that shall prevail. That which men devise, though it may seem for a time to be, that which prevails, will not endure. Just as those oppressors of old who were swept away, so shall those who oppress today be swept away. It declares here that My name is constantly blasphemed and that because My people do not really know My name. They hear words, they can repeat what they have learned by rote, which their traditions have taught them, but they blaspheme because they do not really know My name. But you see here My promise that the day is coming that I have foretold when they will truly know My name, and that is the day when Jerusalem will truly become holy unto Me. Now is the day when these promises must be proclaimed, when those words which declare the real hope and the real peace must be held forth, for I indeed will bring it to pass and only those who believe because they embrace My promise for what their eyes do not see will be able, in these days, to proclaim it. And this is the word to which you must hold fast, even though what your eyes may see will seem to contradict it. And this is the proclamation, which you must proclaim even though it may seem that few if any want to hear it.

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Bible Devotions From Luke 20

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When the chief priests, the elders and the teachers of the law came and challenged My Son concerning by what authority He had done His miracles, My Son certainly knew immediately of their hypocrisy and their false intentions. For had He not declared on a number of occasions that He had been sent from Me and that the works that He did were by My authority and power, and even that they were indeed My works? And you will recall that He also said that if they refused to believe His teaching, they should believe because of the works, not only because they were miraculous, but because they bore the stamp of My character in extending mercy, healing and deliverance to those who were needy and who were bound in darkness. So you see that having made these things plain in what He had declared before this, He knew that behind their inquiry was an effort to ensnare and discredit Him. And so you see in His initial question regarding the baptism of John, that His main objective is to expose their hypocrisy and thus discount the sincerity of their intentions and to resist submitting to their demand for an answer to their challenging question. And you see in the inquiries that follow the continuation of this evil and hypocritical attempt on the part of those who questioned Him, namely the spies who pretended to be honest and the Sadducees who asked a question that involved a concern for what would be in the resurrection when they did not believe in the resurrection. And you see that in the parable My Son clearly not only exposed their evil intent, but showed that their rejection actually, according to My Word, confirmed that they were in effect, by rejecting Him, both proving that He indeed was My Son and that they were opposing Me. And not only this, but there awaited for them certain judgment because of their rejection and opposition. You see that the declaration of this truth and the warning of the consequences of their attitude and actions did not change them, but actually made them more determined to do away with My Son.

And you see in two of these instances, that is in the question about John’s baptism and in their reaction to His parable, they were clearly exposed as men pleasers rather than God pleasers. In the end, when My Son asked them a question, you see that they have no genuine response because His question put before them again the truth of My Word. And their actions and their motivations were not directed by My Word. Once again My Son warns of their judgment, but this time the warning is to His disciples.

You may ask, “Why, Father, are you bringing these things to our attention in this special way at this time?” The reason that I am bringing this to your attention is that the spirit which motivated those who were opposed to My Son and who sought to entrap Him, to discredit Him, and ultimately to do away with Him, is the spirit that still inspires and motivates those who today are opposed to My Son and to His gospel. Therefore, it is this same spirit that you will encounter if you will faithfully represent My Son.

You need to know that the truth which is in Him and which He manifested as He faced and dealt with their opposition is also that by which you are armed by My Spirit, who is in you to deal with such opposition. But I would not have you think that no matter how much you may expose and counter the lies that this will change the hearts and quell the opposition of those who come against you. For as it was with My Son in the occasions that are portrayed here, exposure of the truth will not in most cases overcome the opposition and the hatred. But remember that you are, as you depend upon My Spirit, armed with all that you need to fulfill My purposes and to glorify Me, regardless of what others may do. And also, as you see in this passage and in others, there were those who were listening and observing.

That which glorifies Me is not limited to the apparent reactions and responses of those who oppose. It is rather the faithful proclamation and adherence to My testimony concerning My Son, regardless of what may be the reactions of those who hear and oppose, that truly glorifies Me.

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Bible Devotions From Luke 10:1-24

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As it was at the beginning so it remains today and shall be until the end, that when the gospel is proclaimed there is cause for rejoicing and there is cause for sobriety and weeping. There is cause for great care as well because there are steps to take which on a natural level seem to involve risk and potential danger, and there are pitfalls to avoid. For as you see here in the words of My Son in His directions to those He sent out, and in the reports of what took place in the experience of those who were sent, that they were warned about the possibilities of rejection, opposition and even persecution. In the face of these things there would be the need to anticipate them and to recognize that with the challenge and the threat of them there would also be given authority and faith to deal with them. For My Son declared that though He was sending them as sheep among wolves, He was also giving them the authority to tread upon all the forces of darkness, and for those who were being sent out there was the assurance that nothing could harm them. But you know that at other times the messengers of My good news were not only attacked and persecuted, but some were slain. Though they were characterized as sheep among wolves, seemingly weak and defenseless, there was the power of My authority to deal with the attack even if they would become like sacrifices in the laying down of their lives. But there is with the promise of authority the assurance that as they represent My Son they also represent Me. Thus, if they are accepted, those who proclaim the good news, they are to recognize that in that acceptance I am accepted, and if they are rejected that I am also truly being rejected. And those who proclaim must also recognize that when there is acceptance that it is because My Son has revealed Me to those who are hearing. And if there are manifestations of My power in overcoming the works of the enemy, they are not to rejoice supremely in this, but to rejoice in that by My grace they have been enabled to believe, so that their names are written in heaven. In this way all boasting and self- congratulation are excluded, and in this way they will always be giving Me the glory for the results. And finally there was the assurance that there would not only be blessing for those who received, but great and severe judgment for those who having experienced the manifestation of My power and having heard the message of My great grace and deliverance rejected the message, and My servants who proclaimed it. And there also must be within the hearts of those who are given the privilege of believing and proclaiming the message the recognition and the awe that they are privileged to see and to hear what many prophets and kings in former days longed to see and to hear. So you see what a great and awesome privilege it is both to believe and to proclaim the good news. Let your own hearts be both instructed and inspired by these words.

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