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Bible Devotions From Isaiah 52:1-12

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The nations have their plans for Jerusalem. The leaders, the rulers, those of whom it says here who wail have their plans, but it is not the plans of the nations nor of those who now rule that shall prevail. That which men devise, though it may seem for a time to be, that which prevails, will not endure. Just as those oppressors of old who were swept away, so shall those who oppress today be swept away. It declares here that My name is constantly blasphemed and that because My people do not really know My name. They hear words, they can repeat what they have learned by rote, which their traditions have taught them, but they blaspheme because they do not really know My name. But you see here My promise that the day is coming that I have foretold when they will truly know My name, and that is the day when Jerusalem will truly become holy unto Me. Now is the day when these promises must be proclaimed, when those words which declare the real hope and the real peace must be held forth, for I indeed will bring it to pass and only those who believe because they embrace My promise for what their eyes do not see will be able, in these days, to proclaim it. And this is the word to which you must hold fast, even though what your eyes may see will seem to contradict it. And this is the proclamation, which you must proclaim even though it may seem that few if any want to hear it.

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Bible Devotions From I Chronicles 17

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When I spoke to you before from this portion, I comforted and encouraged you by it, for I said that it shall be with you in some measure as it was with David, for he desired out of his love for Me to build Me a house where the ark of My presence could be placed. It was not because I held his desire in little esteem that I denied him the fulfillment of his desire, but because I wanted to do something greater for him and through him. And so I said to you that it was not My will to permit you to do all that was in your heart within the congregation, because it is within My heart to give you the joy and the privilege of receiving something better and greater than what you had desired. But I want to point something out to you that is an issue of the heart that is most important from this portion.

David desired to build Me a house because he loved Me and he was jealous for My glory, but you know as you consider what was in your own heart in the days when you were in the congregation, that the desires that you had were mixed with your own personal ambition to be successful and fruitful.

Understand My son that I am not contemptuous towards this mixture, but rather because of My love for you and My desire to fulfill the purposes of My heart in and through you, that I am refining your heart so that you may be brought to that place to which the heart of My servant David was brought. For you see in his prayer and his praise to Me after I had announced My purposes to him not only an attitude of profound submission, but one of deep humility. For he recognizes that My promise concerning the purposes of My heart to build him a house was greater, far greater than what he had thought and purposed within his own heart; not only because they would establish his house and his throne forever, but supremely because they would glorify Me greatly and they would lead to the fulfillment of My purpose in choosing Israel as My people. And I tell you that even though David at that time only dimly understood the extent of My promise, yet because his heart desired My glory and the blessing of My people Israel, he could fully rejoice in it. And I say to you, that even though you may only dimly understand now the implications of My promise for you, that as your heart becomes fixed more and more upon that same desire that was in David’s heart, namely My glory and the fulfillment of My purposes for My people Israel, then shall your own heart be refined and the mixture shall be diminished, and you like David can live in the full hope and expectation that all that I have promised will be fulfilled and your satisfaction will not be for the fulfillment of personal ambition, but rather for My glory and for the blessing of My people. That My son is not only the heart of David, but the heart of the One I promised would sit on his throne forever. And that is the heart that I am purposing to give to you. It is through that heart that those promises, which I am giving to you, that are much greater than your former dreams, shall be fulfilled.

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Bible Devotions From Luke 10:1-20

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Song: Behold I send you forth before Me to prepare the way, before Me to prepare the way. Even as I sent seventy of old I am sending forth My messengers to prepare the way before Me, for I am coming soon to do all that I have been appointed to do by My Father. I have said many things to this point. And now I am calling you to prepare the way before Me. It is not an easy task upon which I send you. But you need to know that I am with you always, always with you. As you pray, as you proclaim, as you heal, as you give food, as you receive and are being received, I am with you. Remember I am with you. I will not leave nor forsake you. All will not hear and receive, but some will hear and receive. And this will be your work, your full work to prepare the way before Me.

Here My word declares that My Son sent His messengers into the cities two by two. Are you not two? And have I not sent you into this city? And have I not told you of my intention regarding this city? And have I not told you that I have given to you a part in the fulfillment of that intention? Though your circumstances have changed since I spoke to you those words, My intention has not changed, neither concerning this city nor the part that I have given you. And still there is more to unfold than you have seen or understood. But in all of the promises and the commands recorded in this portion that were given by My Son to those He sent out, none failed of fulfillment. And you observe that when the task was completed, both the disciples who returned rejoiced and so did My Son rejoice. And I would encourage you this day and say unto you that you are to walk faithfully in the things that I have told you to do and you are to remember as you walk My promises concerning your protection, your provision, your power and your fruit. And even as those who were sent out came back rejoicing, so shall you rejoice. But in your rejoicing, remember to do so above all other reasons for rejoicing as My Son admonished, because your names are written in heaven. And as you rejoice, so indeed will My Son rejoice and I with you. Remember, even as My Son declared, I have delivered all things into His hands. And He will reveal Me to those who will hear and receive. In this shall be your confidence.

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