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Bible Devotions From Esther 4-5:9

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You see how those events brought Mordecai and Esther into a crisis that they had not anticipated. Mordecai could have reckoned that Haman was a dangerous man who had antipathy for the Jews. But it was only as this antipathy was worked out through Haman’s schemes that could be affected by his high position in the court that those schemes and that antipathy could take on a threatening reality. But you see that Mordecai’s response was not only grief and mourning, fasting and the wearing of sack cloth, for he realized that Esther had been placed in her highly favored position not merely as an accident of circumstances, but as he declared, “for such a time as this”. And so he encouraged her to risk going to the king without being called for. And you notice that Esther not only responded to Mordechai’s challenge and request, but that she also, along with all the other Jews, fasted and her maids with her. You see that even though My name is not specifically mentioned, that there is fasting, the confidence expressed by Mordechai that if deliverance for the Jews did not come through Esther, it would come through another source. And Esther’s willingness to risk the displeasure of the king with even the possibility of death, all these demonstrate not just desperation but faith, but faith in whom or in what? I say to you that even though My people were in captivity, exiled from their own land, there is evidence in these actions that in the midst of their extremity, they were turning to Me. Their wailing and bitter crying demonstrated their emotional state, their awareness that their situation was indeed very grim. But you see that their fasting and their wearing of sack cloth and their confidence that deliverance would come in spite of the fact that the circumstances seemed to indicate otherwise, all indicate that they were looking beyond the circumstances and beyond their emotions. But to whom could they look to deliver them but to Me? And yet you see that I did not work through the miraculous. I did not send lightening and strike Haman dead. I did not give a revealing dream to the king that would turn his heart to rescind the edict. Rather I gave Mordechai the determination to call Esther to take action. And I gave Esther courage to approach the king and then wisdom to use his favor to entrap Haman. And I stirred the king from his sleep to review his records through which he found out about Mordechai’s deed in exposing his would-be assassins and thus to bring Mordechai to a place of honor and favor with the king. And I used Haman’s hatred and his pride to entrap him and even to cause him to erect the gallows which he purposed for Mordechai, but upon which he himself would be hanged. And I say to you that I am both able and willing to work in all of the circumstances of the lives of those who will turn to Me. And though it may please Me to use the miraculous, the supernatural, the extraordinary, as you see here, I can use what might be considered very natural and ordinary circumstances to fulfill My purposes and to protect and deliver My people. What matters is not so much the methods that I use or the ways in which I work through circumstances. What really matters is the willingness of My people to turn to Me, to give themselves, even in desperation, to trust Me and to exercise such faith not only in fasting, in deeds of wisdom and courage, but to be confident that I will surely work in behalf of those that put their trust in Me, whether they can see any hope in circumstances or no hope at all in them. And I would say to you that you, who have much more revelation than did Mordechai or Esther, can fully expect that I am faithful on your behalf as much as I was on behalf of Mordechai and Esther and all the Jews that were threatened by the king’s edict. Even though you do not have access to high places as Esther did, you have access to Me. And as you see here, there are no barriers over which I cannot go and there are no circumstances which I cannot overrule.

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Bible Devotions From Psalm 28

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Notice with what a cry of utter desperation the Psalmist addresses Me. I have already spoken to you that he is not approaching Me as a court of last resort. For you know from the many Psalms that he wrote how steadfastly he looked to Me in all of the circumstances of his life. And you see in these words of desperation how emphatically he expresses himself as one who regards his absolute need of Me, his absolute dependence upon Me. He dreads the thought that he would cry out and it would seem to him that I would remain silent as though I had not heard. Yes there are times when it might seem that I have remained silent, when I have not listened. And when you are in a seemingly desperate situation, does not your heart dread the thought that I would not hear and answer? But you see that in the heart of My servant David he is fully convinced that I am the only source of his help. If I do not help him he considers that he would be as good as dead, as he declares, “Like one who has gone down to the pit”. But you see that he is petitioning Me for that deliverance that he regards as only coming from Me. He describes here his predicament. It is the threat of those who do evil coming against him. But you see to what great extent he is depending upon Me, for he is not turning to his own devices to protect himself. He appeals to Me to be delivered from the portion of the wicked.

He looks to Me to repay them and he expresses confidence that I will extend My judgment to them because they are those who have no regard for My works.

So then, out of his desperation he not only looks to Me, but has complete confidence that I am the one who will deliver him. Therefore he declares My praise. He declares his confidence that I have heard his cry. He declares that I indeed am his strength, his shield and indeed the strength and salvation of all of My people. Here is a pattern for you of faith, of confidence, of deliverance and protection. The kind of desperation expressed here is not offensive to Me, but pleases Me greatly, because it arises out of faith and not merely out of fear. And it reflects genuine trust in who I really am and it brings the heart to praise Me, to trust Me, to have confidence that what I do for him I will do for all of My people.

This is not merely the desperate cry of one who is concerned only about his own deliverance. This is the cry of one who truly knows who I am and he has regard not only for his own well being but for that of all of My people. Remember this pattern in the time of your own extremity and desperation and you will be assured as David was that I have heard your cry, that I am your strength and your shield, that as your heart trusts you are helped and it will leap for joy and give thanks even as did the heart of David.

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Bible Devotions From Psalm 7

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I want you to notice that as David appeals to Me for deliverance from his enemies that he examines his own heart. He declares that if he is guilty himself of evil, if he has treated the innocent as his enemy seeks to treat him, then he would have Me allow his enemy to overtake him and to trample him down. You see here that my servant David would not have Me protect him if he was guilty himself of wrongdoing. While he expresses his confidence in My justice, in the sureness of My judgment on those who do evil, he is also concerned that his own heart should be right before Me. You see that David when he declares, “I take refuge in you,” is not just thinking of protection against his enemy, but he is concerned about the rightness of his relationship with Me. He expresses confidence in My ruler ship and My judgment of the peoples and he places himself under that judgment. He says that I am the righteous God who searches minds and hearts. As such he is confident that I will both bring to an end the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure. I would put these words before you so that you might remember when you ask Me to be your refuge, to protect you from enemies and to rescue you, that like My servant David you will not only call out for My judgment against the wicked, but that you will also desire your own heart to be right before Me. You will not be so taken up with your own deliverance that you will forget that your security does not just rest in being rescued from those who may attack you, but indeed it rests with a heart that is confident before Me that you who trust in My deliverance are also concerned about My righteousness as it pertains to your own heart. So then as you consider the threat of enemies and seek refuge in Me, like David I call you to examine your own heart before Me and to find your security not just in escape from danger, but in the establishment of your own hearts in righteousness. This is your true refuge, your real security.

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