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Philippians 4

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When My servant Paul wrote to the Philippians that I would supply every need of theirs by My riches in glory in My Son, he was considering how they had been used generously as a channel through which his own needs had been supplied.  But he was not only concerned to express his gratitude to them for their generosity, but he was concerned to point them back to Me as the source not only of his supply, but of theirs.  And you will notice that he does not limit that supply, but declares that I will supply all of their needs.  You see how consistent My servant’s focus is upon Me.  Not only does he recognize that I am the source for meeting all of his needs, but he is supremely confident that I am the source for meeting all of the needs of every one of My children who trusts in Me.  But you notice that they are encouraged to ask, to present in prayer their supplications, their requests.  And there is the promise first of all that their hearts and minds will be guarded by My peace.  These two promises of peace and provision are the foundation upon which your hearts can rest in every circumstance.  I have told you before, that the contentment that My servant experienced, both in situations of great need and of ample supply, was learned.  He did not come by his state of contentment without going through a process of trial.  And it was in the trial that he learned so to depend upon Me that he could be content in every circumstance.  Do you know what was at the foundation of that secret of contentment which he had learned?  The secret was indeed that he had come to know Me so well, so intimately, that nothing that he experienced shook his confidence in My love and My faithfulness.  Do you think that I wanted Paul to be the exclusive possessor of such confidence?  You see here in his words and in the words that I have just given to you that I want every one of My children to possess that same confidence in My faithfulness.  And this means that you can be as certain of My peace and My provision as Paul was.  For it is not only My peace and My provision that is yours, but I am yours, even as My servant Paul declared that as you live out what you have learned, received and heard, that I the God of peace shall be with you.  I am with you.  I am near.  My peace and My provision are yours.  Do you need more than this?

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Bible Devotions From Deuteronomy 15

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Behind these commands there is a greater purpose for the one fulfilling them than is apparant from the command itself. Of course I was requiring of My people the expression of generosity and of kindness and of course I was giving them the opportunity to be the channel of blessing to others, especially to those in need and to those who had been bound over to servitude. I was also teaching them through the command to set apart for Me the first born of the flocks that they should acknowledge in all with which they were blessed that it came from My hand and that I deserved to receive back the first and the best of all that they possessed. And these commandments such as they are, are most worth of obedience and fulfillment, just because they encourage and promote these very important lessons. But behind them all there is one even more important. And though the details of these particular commands may not apply to you in this day, yet this lesson does apply for that day and for all the days that you will walk upon this earth. For each one of these commandments: the freeing of the debts, the freeing of the servants and the offering of the first born, all require that those who possess any blessing or benefit acknowledge that it belongs first of all to Me. And in acknowledging that right and surrendering all that you have to steward it as I require, demands that the person who obeys fully trusts Me, I say fully trusts Me to provide everything that he needs.

Not only this, but that obedience comes out of a trust that is grounded in a heart of love towards Me. And for such a one, with such a heart, obedience is not a difficult thing. For though it may prove to be a test for the one who loves, the test is easily passed, because of the motive to please Me and also because of the great confidence that I will be faithful to provide everything that is needed. Therefore such a heart freely and gladly gives to the poor, cancels all debts, releases those obligated to serve and sacrifices the first and the best of all that he has. My son and My daughter, do not look upon these commands as merely an obligation or a burden. Rather consider them a great privilege in as much as fulfilling them from the heart; you are doing it unto Me. Did not My Son declare to those who showed such kindness to prisoners and strangers, “Indeed as much as you have done it unto the least of these My brethren, you have done it unto Me”. I will give to you the opportunity and the privilege of fulfilling these commands from the heart. In doing so you will experience more fully than you have heretofore the joy of blessing others in My name.

Not because they are necessarily worthy or thankful, but because you delight in representing Me in this way. And you will also discover that when you do this not out of your abundance, but out of your need, that you will have the joy of seeing how faithful I am to provide for you, even as I have shown My faithfulness to others by providing through you.

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Bible Devotions From II Kings 4:1-37

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In both of these circumstances, you see My hand working in extraordinary ways. But I want you to see that what is common to both of them and it is for your instruction and your encouragement that I show you this. It has already been mentioned that in both situations it was a woman who was in great need and whose need was met. I want to remind you that during the days of My servant Elisha, there was not great faith in Israel. You see a contrast between these two women. One was poor and in great need, but she had the comfort of two sons. The other was wealthy, so much so that she had wherewith to bless My servant, but she had no son, no offspring and her husband was old. In both cases however, there was great need. And you will notice that both women, recognizing the desperate condition of their circumstances, came to the man of God. The one because her husband had been among the prophets; the other because I had used My servant to bless her greatly. However, in both cases you can see that they were looking to the man of God to help them. And in this, since they recognized him as the man of God, they were looking to Me. So you see that each of them had a measure of faith in the face of circumstances that seemed impossible. And in both cases you can see that they took heed to the word that I gave to them through My servant. And in both cases their faith was greatly rewarded. Now what would I have you receive from this? First of all, that in the time of little faith and great need, I had among the people of Israel those who trusted in Me. In circumstances which were naturally impossible, they sought the help of My servant and they believed My word.

I was pleased in both cases to honor their faith and to bless them beyond all that natural expectation could conceive. You are living in days when it seems that faith is diminishing, even among many who profess My name.

But I have a remnant of those who will believe Me, who will trust Me, even in circumstances which seem impossible. It has not come to the place where those small numbers of those who will trust Me in this way have vanished from the earth. And even though they are relatively obscure, as these women were, yet they shall know My mighty power, My faithfulness, My provision, no matter how extreme are their circumstances. And you will see that a little faith brought to Me with obedience to My word will be rewarded in the same way as it was with these two women. And if you will possess in your hearts such trust, such faith in Me, such obedience to My Word, then you also will be among that remnant that shall be so blessed and rewarded for that little faith and that obedience.

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