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Bible Devotions From Galatians 5

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As you can see from what My servant Paul declares in this portion, the walk in the Spirit is not a walk without conflict, it is not a walk that is unopposed, for he declares here that the flesh is in a struggle against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh. As long as you seek to depend upon the flesh in any way to accomplish what you may think is pleasing to Me, you are not only deceived, but you will truly be hindered, both from really knowing what is pleasing to Me and also from doing what is pleasing to Me. As long as there remains in your hearts any desire to accomplish through the flesh that which only the Spirit can accomplish, you will be inclined to operate by the works of the flesh, and you will be hindered from bearing the fruit of the Spirit. So while the power to fulfill that which is pleasing to Me and to bear the fruit of the Spirit demands that you depend completely upon the Spirit, yet, because the flesh has continually to be dealt with, yours will always be the choice as to whether you will completely, wholeheartedly depend upon My Spirit or whether in some measure you will choose to lean upon the flesh. Yes, the choice is truly yours. I do not make the choice for you, but you must always remember that the power to walk out that choice is by completely relying upon the Spirit. And I will have more to say to you about this matter, for it is very necessary that you not only understand this, but that you are able to recognize for yourselves whether or not you are truly walking in the Spirit.

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Bible Devotions From Galatians 6

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It would be tragic for you to regard these admonitions merely as a list of regulations for conduct in the church. For I want to remind you that they follow My servant’s strong presentation of what it means to walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh. And he affirms that the fruit of the Spirit is going to be manifest by the conduct of the one who is walking in the Spirit. So then, you are to regard these admonitions as that kind of conduct, which believers shall manifest in their relationships with one another as they walk in the Spirit. It is evident that My servant Paul was very realistic when he considered the matter of what it practically meant to walk in the Spirit, for you see that he recognizes the possibility of bad conduct, of trespasses occurring. But the spiritual man was called to deal with such, yet always with a spirit of gentleness and humility. You can see right away from this, how very different is the attitude of one who is correcting another out of duty, out of some legalistic regulation. For in the latter there is almost always the absence of gentleness and humility and certainly of love. And you see how that in the admonition to bear one another’s burden, there is the foundation of the law of Christ, and also of the necessity of considering one’s self and examining one’s own heart motives. This again is not the attitude that is encouraged by mere legalistic regulations. And the admonition to share in all good things with the one who teaches, clearly demonstrates gratitude and a valuing of what the teaching has contributed to the life. And there is the reminder of the spiritual law of sowing and reaping which has inevitable fruit: from the flesh corruption, from the Spirit everlasting life and inevitable reward and reaping in due season.

But you see how the man of the Spirit must find joy and blessing in sowing to the Spirit, even if the reaping seems delayed. Because the man of the Spirit is motivated by faith and love, he seeks to do good, not out of a desire for immediate reward, but out of a desire to sow to the Spirit with the confidence that the harvest of everlasting life is assured. When My servant Paul characterizes the motivation of those who urged circumcision as an avoidance of suffering persecution for the cross of Christ, he pinpoints the greatest contrast between the true man of the Spirit and the one who is merely religious. He portrays the circumstances as those who desire to glory in the flesh. But he emphatically declares that by the cross he has been crucified to this worldly standard, and he recognizes that neither circumcision nor uncircumcision is the issue, but the new creation that has been brought about by the death and the resurrection of My Son. So then, recognize that none of these admonitions, none of them, can be truly fulfilled by hearts that have not been crucified to the world and it’s ways, and that in fact each of them is an expression of the fruit of the Spirit in some specific aspect in the life of a believer. And as you are walking in the Spirit, you will find that you are prompted by Him to act in these ways in these kinds of circumstances. And in that way the life of the Spirit will be manifested.


Here you see in this portion that My servant Paul is urging and encouraging the believers in the church at Thessalonica, that they must build their lives in My Son upon three important pillars. The first is holiness. He declares to them that My will for them is their sanctification. This means that they are constantly to regard themselves as set apart from the world and its ways in order to please Me. And he is especially emphasizing sanctification in respect to sexual purity. Now the key to walking this way as he declares here is not some complicated observance of rules and not some secret formula. He tells them that he is exhorting them this way so that they may know how to walk in a manner, which pleases Me. They are surrounded with many who do not know Me, and therefore have no desire to please Me. But if it is indeed a desire of the believers to please Me, there is a discipline that must be followed to turn from that which is impure and to possess their bodies in holiness and honor. But remember the motivation for doing this is always to please Me, because I have called those who are truly Mine by faith to holiness, to being different, to being set apart for My purposes. The second pillar, as he declares here, is brotherly love. You see that he commends them, for they have already exercised their love to one another, but in the matter of love, it is necessary, as he declares here, to increase more and more. And you see that he expresses how this love can be manifested by how those who believe will live in a responsible and quiet way, with a willingness not to involve themselves in the business of others without My having so directed and with a willingness to work. And you know from other portions that when there is a willingness to work, it not only keeps people out of trouble, but it is a means not only of providing their necessities, but of having something with which to bless others in their need. This is really the practical expression of love. And finally he declares that the testimony of love requires a proper walk before unbelievers. For you know that there is nothing that is so much a stumbling block before unbelievers and a misrepresenting of My Son as to walk improperly, and by that stumble those who are outside of the faith. And the final pillar is the hope that believers have in the coming of My Son. In this there is great encouragement that the faithfulness in which you have walked will find its consummation in the ultimate fulfillment of its purpose. Then too, there is the great comfort concerning those who have believed and have died and have gone before into My presence. If indeed your lives are built upon these three pillars, they shall not only stand the testings that may come, but they will fulfill with joy the purposes of My calling.

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