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Bible Devotions From Philippians 4:14-7

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In these words I give to you My response and My encouragement for the struggle through which you are now passing. You may not feel that you have someone in your life right now who can address you as Paul addressed the brethren in Philippi. But I tell you this first of all, that I can say to you, you are My beloved. And I long for you even more than Paul longed for the brethren at Philippi. And secondly, I assure you that there are those who love you very dearly, even though you may not hear words from them like those that Paul expresses in this portion. But even as he admonished the believers at Philippi to stand fast in Me and to rejoice always in Me, I admonish you to do the same. Resist feeling sorry for yourselves. If you will reflect on who I am and how I have faithfully manifested My love and My care to you, will you not find it possible to rejoice in Me, even though your present circumstances seem trying and difficult? And will you not also find such reflection on My love and such rejoicing in Me the strongest antidote to the poison of self-pity? You will indeed, I assure you! And this is truly a large part of what it means to stand fast in Me. And even though sometimes you experience buffeting, even from the brethren, and sometimes disappointment, even from those from whom you would normally expect expressions of love and appreciation, nevertheless practice what Paul admonishes the believers in this portion to do. He declares, “Let your gentleness be known to all men”. And by all men he means all kinds of people, not only those who are kind and easy to relate to, but even those who are difficult and contrary. I recognize that this is not easy and is indeed impossible for the flesh. But what you have to know is that I am near. It will seem in such circumstances that I am not near and that your emotions in the face of what treatment you may be receiving are overwhelming, but you, knowing in spite of how you may feel that I am near, allows you to make a choice to trust Me and to lean upon Me for the grace that will enable you to manifest a spirit of gentleness in the face of what may seem terribly trying and overwhelming. And there is no better way of facing and dealing with such challenges than this. And there is nothing that glorifies Me more or manifests My grace more than this. Was it not the way of My Son? Did He not manifest such a spirit to all men? And in addition to making such a choice that exhibits that you are standing fast in Me, My servant Paul admonishes you not to be anxious about anything.

Instead you are to pray and offer your supplication, your thanksgiving and your requests to Me. In doing this you will be fulfilling what I have admonished you to do, and that is to trust Me in everything and with everything. There will be times and times again when your circumstances will be trying and seemingly overwhelming. And these you will never be able to meet in the flesh. And often you may not receive comfort from anyone else, and it may seem that those who may try to comfort you will have little to give that is truly comforting. But if you are truly standing fast in Me, as My servant Paul directed and as I am here also directing you, you will find that what he declares here as being the result and the fruit will be yours. You will have My peace, and you know in your hearts that it truly does surpass all human understanding. It will indeed guard your hearts and your minds through My Son, even though your circumstances would seem to deny you any peace, any comfort, any stability.

And having this in spite of all that may seem against you, will you not be able to rejoice in Me, not just in the pleasant circumstances, but always.

And this is indeed My portion for you if you will receive it. And it is My blessing, My help, My encouragement for what you are now facing, and for every future possibility.

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Bible Devotions From Psalm 66

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In this portion I want to single out for you some things by which I want your lives to be characterized. They are not only activities and disciplines, but also an attitude of heart. Many think that in the days of old My people were encouraged to be centered upon themselves as the focus of My concern and My blessing. But here you see that the Psalmist does not confine his address to the people of Israel, for he enjoins all the earth to praise Me. And he declares his confidence that all the earth shall indeed worship and praise Me. So you see that in these words there is expressed the great expansiveness of My heart towards all the peoples of the earth. And even though he presents My works, My awesome acts, in reference to My dealings with My ancient people, notice that he declares that these works were towards the sons of men. And he encourages all the peoples to praise Me. But take note that when he considers how I have related to those whom I called to praise Me, that he recognizes My refining work through trials, through afflictions, through causing men to ride over their heads, through bringing them as it were through fire and water.

Understand this; that no one, whether Jew or Gentile, will come into the full experience of what it means to praise and worship Me and to recognize My mighty and awesome works without this proving and refining work. And the Psalmist recognizes that though these great trials came from My hand, that they had a very good result. For he declares that I brought them out of the trials into a place of abundance. And what does such a realization produce? First of all you see here the desire to offer sacrifices unto Me.

And you see the indication that these were the fulfillment of a promise or a vow made in the time of trouble. And that vow was not forgotten, but was fulfilled because the one who made it was truly grateful for My refining work, because he understood it’s good purpose, and also because out of the trial those whom I tested were brought into a place of abundance. Not only does this gratitude result in sacrifice unto Me, but it also results in a testimony. And you see the invitation of the Psalmist to come and hear his declaration of what I have done for his soul. Now consider what there is here for that pattern of your own conduct and the attitude which motivates it. Can you not with the Psalmist rejoice and give Me praise for My awesome works and for the greatness of My power? And if indeed you truly do this from the heart, will you not encourage others to do so as well?

And will you not as the Psalmist have great confidence that ultimately all the earth shall come and worship Me? Your appreciation for the extent of My mercy and My blessing will not be limited, but you like the Psalmist will rejoice in the hope of all the earth worshiping Me and singing praises to My name. And will you not also recognize the good purpose and good results of trial in your lives as you truly know Me and are able to worship Me for who I am and for all I have done. Will you not have confidence that every trial will bring you ultimately into a place of abundance? And though the sacrifices of animals are no longer required, because of that great sacrifice of My Son once for all, yet will you not desire as a result of My faithfulness to offer not only the sacrifices of praise, but of your willingness to have your lives be a living sacrifice unto Me? And will you also not be glad like the Psalmist to declare what I have done for your soul? My son and My daughter, though the Psalmist expresses these things in the light of the revelation that was given before the coming of My Son, can you not express them with even greater confidence and certainty because of what I have done for you and what I have revealed to you in My Son? For if the Psalmist could declare that I had not turned away his prayer nor My mercy from him, can you not also declare this with even greater and deeper appreciation of it’s certainty?

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Bible Devotions From I Peter 1:3-25

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There are many important truths presented in this portion and I have already spoken to you about some of them. But in these days you have been experiencing trials. And did I not tell you about them on a number of occasions; that they would come to pass in your lives? And did I not tell you that if in the midst of them you would turn to Me that I would give you grace to endure and that you would reap benefits and blessings which would come out of your endurance in the trials? But you have need of being reminded in the midst of your present circumstances that these trials are not merely accidental. By that I mean that you must recognize that I have a good purpose to work out in your lives as a result of these present trials. It declares here in this portion that a very important aspect of that purpose is to prove that your faith is genuine. You might say to Me, ” But Father, have we not walked sufficiently in faith to prove that our faith is genuine?” But I say to you that your faith must ever be refined and proved again and again. For you have not yet arrived at the place where your faith is absolutely pure. It declares here that you are to set your hope fully on the grace to be given to you when My Son is revealed.

When your faith is tried, have there not been times when you struggled to remain in hope, when the reward of what you are to receive when My Son is revealed becomes less important than relief from the present trials and some reward in the present which would bring comfort to the flesh? If indeed your faith were pure and perfect, you would not have such a struggle as you do have. And so I am showing you that these present trials are not accidental but necessary. And in the midst of them, I am giving you truth which will not only help you to endure in the trials, but will set you free to fulfill what is urged upon you here, that you may have sincere love for your brothers and your sisters, loving them deeply from the heart. In a previous word that I gave to you, I mentioned how that it is through the receiving of My Word deeply into your lives that you will be enabled to lay aside the pursuit of that which is perishable and to lay hold of that which is imperishable. And you know that this is accomplished by genuine faith.

As it is declared in another place, that faith comes by hearing the Word of Christ. So it is by the Word that faith is strengthened so that you can have sincere, deep love for your brothers and sisters. And it is through those present trials that you are now experiencing that refine your faith that you are also brought to a place where this love can be perfected in you. And you know the struggles that you are having within your own hearts to embrace and express this sincere love. And thus I am calling you to appreciate the value of the trials of your faith, knowing that as they refine that faith, that they will also strengthen you in love to overcome what would hinder love.

Though you have had the supreme example of this being expressed in My Son, it is necessary through His life within you that it also be expressed in you. You have been told that the greatest of those things that abide is love. You have been told that when you love one another as I have loved you, that I am glorified; that I who am invisible, am made visible, in a sense, through your love. For you see that love which is being perfected in you is indeed the love of My Son.

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