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Bible Devotions From Luke 10:21-24

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Does it seem wise and prudent to sit at the feet of My Son and just listen when there is much work to be done? Would it not be the judgment of many that this would not be wise and prudent? Those who think this way would have been sympathetic with Martha’s plea to My Son. But I want you to understand that His rebuke to Martha and His commendation of Mary agrees with the words that He spoke to Me when He rejoiced and praised Me declaring, “You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babes”. “And you observe that He declared that I had delivered all things unto Him and that He alone was the one to reveal Me to men. Yes it was He who truly opened the eyes and the ears of those who sat at His feet to see and hear what only He could reveal. And so it was that though there was much work to be done, that Mary understood that which had priority, that which My Son declared was the good part that would not be taken from her. And those who choose this way seem like immature babes who do not reckon with life realistically to the wise and the prudent. But if indeed your eyes and your ears are open as Mary’s were to what was in truth the better part, you will eagerly choose that part over what may be valued by the wise and the prudent. And if it is in your heart to do so, you will have given to you the good things, the true riches that I have given to My Son to impart. And as a result you will not avoid the discipline of work, but you will rather be more fitted to do it as unto Me and for My glory.

And therefore even as I have spoken to you before to press in and to pursue the true riches, which My Son will reveal, to you as you wait upon Him. I urge you once again do not be like Martha who was distracted with much serving and worried and troubled about many things. Instead be like Mary who chose that one thing which is truly needed. And you too will have the blessed treasures that can only come to you in this way.

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You have known in your own walk those who benefited from the blessings that flow from the life of My Son, even as your fathers that are mentioned here benefited from all the blessings connected with My bringing them out of Egypt. And you have known that some of these, in spite of having received those blessings, turned away and followed after the desires of their own hearts for the things of this world. And have you not at times so lusted and so been tempted? And have you not, especially in trying times, craved the solace and the comfort of the pleasures of this world? And did this not at times lure you into sin or provoke you to grumbling and complaining?

Yes, you know that this is really true of your experience. And yet have you not also experienced My faithfulness, not only to forgive you when you repented, but to strengthen you when you turned to Me as you were faced with temptation? And so you know how truly valid these words are that were given to My servant Paul for the believers at Corinth. And you see that they are just as valid for you and for all of My people down through the ages.

What would I especially’ have you focus on and store up in your hearts?

Have I not over and over spoken to you about guarding your hearts? And you see here that it speaks a warning, for it says that these things that were mentioned about your fathers were given as examples to keep you from setting your hearts on evil things as they did. But it is not enough to turn your heart away from evil things, for I recognize that it is the nature or the heart to desire. But I have given you that which will truly satisfy the heart that is set upon what is good. My servant Paul, in assuring the believers that I will help them to bear up under temptation and to provide a way out of it, declares that I am faithful. If indeed your hearts are truly established in My faithfulness and they desire only what I choose to give and nothing outside of that, yes, I say nothing outside of that, then will your heart not be guarded against the desire for evil things? And in this way will you not be helped and strengthened to turn away from them when you are tempted? And I would add one more encouragement that is not specifically mentioned in this portion, but it is revealed in other portions. And that is that as you set your hearts upon that which I have stored up for you, then more and more the power of temptation in those things which are evil and which are passing away will weaken. They will not be so attractive to you because you will have found the satisfaction and the joy of savoring those things which are imperishable. Is this not what My servant meant when he wrote to the believers in Colossi, ”Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things” and when he declared also that the things of earth are passing away, but the things of My kingdom are eternal. I assure you that the more your hearts desire those eternal things, the more you will be strengthened to resist the temptations of this world.

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Bible Devotions From Mark 10:17-31

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Look and see with what great patience My Son deals with this young man.

Look and see with what great patience He also deals with His disciples. In each case there were matters of the heart that needed to be exposed. There were deceptions and confusions at work about what was involved in receiving eternal life and what was involved in entering and possessing My Kingdom.

I want you to see that My Son was not only patient, but He was loving even in the face of the young man’s self deception and even in the face of the confusion of His own disciples about the true nature of My work and of My Kingdom. Though I have already spoken to you a number of times from this portion, I want to emphasize to you today how patient, how loving, how deeply discerning is My work to bring your hearts to that place where you are not hindered by what is in them from entering more fully into My Kingdom. I am willing just as My Son was willing, patiently to deal with your blind nesses, your confusion, your misunderstandings, just as My Son was willing to deal with the young man and with His disciples as they were hindered in the same way. Do not be afraid to have the issues of your heart exposed. And if you would be willing to face what I reveal, yours will not be like the young man who was hindered and turned away. And you will not, like the disciples be limited and confused in understanding what I can do to transform the human heart so that you would be willing not to cling to the things of this world as if your life depended upon them.

Rather as My Son promised and He said, this is the truth, you could leave everything and even endure persecution, because what is involved in eternal life and in My Kingdom is more real and more precious to you than anything or anyone on earth to which or whom you might otherwise cling. And this includes not only things and people, but all earthly honors and recognitions. And if this is real to your hearts, it will bring you to the place of willingly trusting Me for everything that pertains to life. And if your hearts possess such a trust, whatever you might lose in terms of this earth will be as nothing to you in comparison to that which you know in your heart you shall surely gain.

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