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Bible Devotions From Luke 10:1-24

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As it was at the beginning so it remains today and shall be until the end, that when the gospel is proclaimed there is cause for rejoicing and there is cause for sobriety and weeping. There is cause for great care as well because there are steps to take which on a natural level seem to involve risk and potential danger, and there are pitfalls to avoid. For as you see here in the words of My Son in His directions to those He sent out, and in the reports of what took place in the experience of those who were sent, that they were warned about the possibilities of rejection, opposition and even persecution. In the face of these things there would be the need to anticipate them and to recognize that with the challenge and the threat of them there would also be given authority and faith to deal with them. For My Son declared that though He was sending them as sheep among wolves, He was also giving them the authority to tread upon all the forces of darkness, and for those who were being sent out there was the assurance that nothing could harm them. But you know that at other times the messengers of My good news were not only attacked and persecuted, but some were slain. Though they were characterized as sheep among wolves, seemingly weak and defenseless, there was the power of My authority to deal with the attack even if they would become like sacrifices in the laying down of their lives. But there is with the promise of authority the assurance that as they represent My Son they also represent Me. Thus, if they are accepted, those who proclaim the good news, they are to recognize that in that acceptance I am accepted, and if they are rejected that I am also truly being rejected. And those who proclaim must also recognize that when there is acceptance that it is because My Son has revealed Me to those who are hearing. And if there are manifestations of My power in overcoming the works of the enemy, they are not to rejoice supremely in this, but to rejoice in that by My grace they have been enabled to believe, so that their names are written in heaven. In this way all boasting and self- congratulation are excluded, and in this way they will always be giving Me the glory for the results. And finally there was the assurance that there would not only be blessing for those who received, but great and severe judgment for those who having experienced the manifestation of My power and having heard the message of My great grace and deliverance rejected the message, and My servants who proclaimed it. And there also must be within the hearts of those who are given the privilege of believing and proclaiming the message the recognition and the awe that they are privileged to see and to hear what many prophets and kings in former days longed to see and to hear. So you see what a great and awesome privilege it is both to believe and to proclaim the good news. Let your own hearts be both instructed and inspired by these words.

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Bible Devotions From Philippians 3:8-16

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What fills your mind is what fills your heart. If you make room in your thoughts to dwell upon that which is contrary to the Spirit, My Spirit, then I assure you that you can know that those are the things that are dear to your heart. You see here how that my servant Paul describes how his own heart was transformed so that the things that he once prized as very valuable he came to count as rubbish. They were accounted such by him because he came to see the supreme value of what had been given to him in My Son. Realizing this, he was able to declare that he could count the loss of all those things that he once prized as no real loss when compared with what he recognized as his gain in Christ. But this he saw was not something that he had already attained, but a great and wonderful goal, which he termed “the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”.

And he declared that it was not something already achieved, but that towards which he reached to possess it. And in order to do this, he saw that he had to let go of things, which would be in the way of pursing that great goal. And he declares that it was indeed a state of mind, an attitude, a stance of life, that he took in the face of all that might compete and seek to hinder him in reaching towards that goal of the prize of My upward call in My Son. And because this involved that state of mind, he declares that there are disciplines of the thought life that are necessary to follow if one is truly to maintain that same state of mind.

And so recognize without qualification, without equivocation, that what you put within your mind is going to determine what you store in your heart.

If the things that you store there are, as My servant Paul admonishes, things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy, then you will indeed be able to pursue this great goal.

But if they are things contrary to these good things that are mentioned here, be certain that you shall in no wise value what My servant Paul valued. And you shall in no wise be enabled to press towards that goal of the prize of My upward call in My Son. And therefore be assured that you will soon find that you are not reaching for this goal. And not only will you stumble yourselves if you pursue such a path, and not only will you prove to be the double minded person who is unstable in all his ways, but you will surely never be able to say to others, as My servant Paul declared, “The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in Me, these do, and the God of peace of will be with you”. No, instead of being such an example, if you turn away from the heart and the disciplines that are enjoined here, you can be sure that you will be more a cause for stumbling others than you will be an example for them to follow. And you can also be assured that if you pursue that way, that My peace will never be with you. Therefore it is a very serious call that I am placing before you this day, one that you cannot take lightly, for you see how much of your own blessing and the blessing of others and the glory of the fulfillment of My high calling to you depends upon it.

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Bible Devotions From Judges 15,16

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Consider what Samson had received. Recall how I had sent My angel to declare unto his parents that I had chosen him from the womb to be My servant, that I had opened the dead womb of his mother, and consider that I had commanded that he be set apart as a Nazirite from birth to deliver My people Israel from the hands of the Philistines. And consider that I had sent My angel a second time to help them understand how to raise the boy as one set apart for My purpose. Now in addition, when he grew, I made him extraordinarily strong in order to fulfill his task. But consider that though Samson had received much from Me, what he gave in return. For the record indicates that though he slew many of the Philistines, that he constantly insisted upon having his own desires fulfilled. This he showed when he insisted upon taking a Philistine woman for his wife, in spite of the pleading of his parents to choose a wife from his people. And you see that the fruit of this turned out to be very bad. And he even sought to make his triumph over the lion and the subsequent yielding of the honeybees within its carcass as a personal advantage over the Philistines, to get a reward if they could not solve his riddle. And were not most of the mighty acts that he performed, as they are recorded here, motivated by revenge?

And you see that there was in his character a persistent pattern of seeking to satisfy his own fleshly desires. And you are amazed at his apparent stupidity and blindness when Delilah consistently attempted to find the secret of his strength, and each time betrayed him. But I tell you this, that selfishness and sin truly blinds, so that actually the blindness that overcame Samson was that of his understanding and discernment much before his natural eyes were blinded. Did Samson fulfill his calling to deliver My people Israel from the hands of the Philistines? Do you not see that his own selfishness, his insistence upon fulfilling his own desires, completely hindered him from fulfilling My calling. And though he received much in the way of engiftment and power to fulfill his task, because of his selfishness he was never able truly to commit himself to that which would have enabled him to fulfill his calling. Is not My Word clear in showing that I chose men and endowed them with anointing and power to fulfill My calling, but they failed because they insisted upon their own way? Samson is only one example among others. Think of King Saul; think of King Asa; think of Joash; all who were endowed with gifts and privileges and who started out well, but due to giving themselves over to their own ways, in the end failed to fulfill their calling and to glorify Me. I want you to take seriously the lessons that are revealed here. First of all, so that you may be warned not to take lightly anything given to you from Me; that you may use it to fulfill your own desires rather than by it to glorify Me.

And secondly, that you may be warned and cautioned not to be impressed with those who seem to be greatly anointed and who exercise supernatural gifts and powers. But consider carefully their character and how those gifts are used and who receives the glory from their use? Have you not in days past been impressed with those so gifted, but in the end recognized that you had been deceived in your judgment about who they really were and who received the glory from what they had done. This is the lesson that I would have you gain from this portion, both as a warning and a direction for how you conduct yourselves, and also for a warning as to how you consider others who may seem to be greatly favored by My gifts.

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